Title: Ouch!

Rating: G

Author: MacGateFan

Disclaimer: Don't belong to me at all.

The first thing Brendan did when he got home was grab a beer from the fridge. As he loosened his tie and took a sip, he sank onto the couch. He gingerly touched the bruise that was forming on his cheek. He was never going to live that one down!

Brendan leaned back and closed his eyes as he thought back to that little adventure...

He had just finished a long drawn out meeting about Gazul and his whereabouts and he was exhausted from sitting for hours in a room with no windows and about 20 people.

Brendan was heading down to the office floor when he turned around the corner and slammed straight into an open door, falling to the floor.

He was dazed for a few minutes and when he came to his senses people were crowding around him. Some were only slightly concerned and more amused than anything by this turn of events.

He could only glared at them all as he stood up and grumbled all the way to the restroom. If he opened his mouth he would have said some things he'd only regret in the morning.

Brendan stood up again and made his way into the bedroom. Tomorrow was going to be a long day too with that observer coming in. The observer was probably some old, fat, and bald man.

With a sigh, Brendan laid down, half wishing he could read his boss' mind to know what was really going through the man's head with regard to an observer.