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Wake up call.

Elliot woke his twin sister Ellen up, shaking her shoulders, "Hey wake up sis" he said, "It's supper time"

"What?" Ellen asked groggily.

"Supper you know the evening meal mum made a roast. I think grandpa's coming over" Elliot said.

"Grandpa?!" Ellen asked? Sitting straight up she hadn't meat grandpa yet! She hadn't been told about any grandpa! "How do you know!"

"Mum only makes roast for grandpa, now get up I've already set the table"

"Wait if he's coming then why are you getting me up now"

"We sit in the living room and wait for him to show up" Elliot said opening the door, "Get dressed I'll meet you down stairs"

He left leaving his sister alone, Ellen wasn't a normal twin, she hadn't been alive for very long. Technically she was the byproduct of a magic crystal and Elliot when he was turned in to a woman. She had memories form a different universe and her sole was the same age as Elliot but her body, and her being was very young. She sighed and got dressed. Pulling on a pair of pants and a polo shirt, she combed her hair as butterfly's fluttered in her stomach.

"Grandpa" she said out loud, she knew her mothers parents were dead and her fathers parents were divorced in the other universe she had never met any of her grandparents. She hadn't heard any thing good about them.

-it doesn't matter- she thought –I'm here now and I might as well meet my grandpa!- with that she stood up and went down stairs.

"Ellen dear come here and set the table" Mum said spotting her.

"Ya sure" Ellen said.

"Set three extra places, Grandpa Auntie Lilly and you're cousin Ellen are coming over for supper" She said, "they exited to meet you"

"Cousin Ellen?" Ellen asked shocked?

"O yes the name thing could be a problem" Mum said, "But I think Lilly calls her Elly so it should work out, I haven't seen Lilly in for years. We' weren't exactly on good terms when she moved up to Canada. Don't fret, Elliot hasn't met them either. And Grandpa is eager to meet you sweetie. Don't worry" she kissed Ellen's head. "Now please set the table"

"Yes, yes" Ellen replied and set the table trying not to think about family.