That evening at Ted's house.

Grace paced worriedly, she kept glancing at the phone, Ellen was watching her form the kitchen table as Grace went back and forth back and forth, changing form every few moments. "Ellen?" Grace asked? "What's it like to have a Mom?"

"What?" Ellen asked? "Mom? We'll it's nice I guess, Mom's nice and caring and I think she'd be really good to talk to when I'm in trouble. I know the other me had a very tight relationship with her mom. And my memories form Elliot we're of her putting Band-Aids on him, and making cookies with her, Valentines Day cards. Umm" she looked at grace, "It's like having some one always there to hug and protect you. Like a security blanket"

"Is that why Ted left?"

"I don't really know very much about what happened" Ellen said and stood up, "But Mom's are very important people to those who have them. A mom's the person you run to when you're hurt and who will always love you. Or a good mom at least. Not all mom's are good. Not all mom's that leave their kids are bad though. It's hard to explain" she hugged grace, "Ted will come back, he wont stay out too long I know"

"What if he leaves and never comes back?" grace asked? "What if he meets some one he likes better then me?"

"He wouldn't" Ellen said, as grace hugged back, "He's too in love with you"

"Then why did he go?" Grace asked?

"He loves his mother like any kid would" Ellen told her, "it's a different kind of love then the love you have for Ted but just as strong"

The door opened.

"Ted?" Grace asked and then a demonic duck waddled in to the kitchen.

"AH! A demonic duck!" Grace and Ellen shirked and jumped up in to each others arms and fell down.

The duck spat out a piece of paper "Aw grate you've seen me so many times why are you still shocked!" the demonic duck demanded, "I'm a messenger duck now! Take the note! And read it!