The Night before at Ted's house.

Dum Dum DUM! Some thing is afoot and it's not a shoe! Or a sock for that matter.

"Grace" Ted's father said as he went down in to the basement, "Ted I'm going to ask both of you to stay inside to day, and if any one asks about me tell them I don't live here understand"

"Why?" Ted asked?

"DGB" Ted's Father replied.

"What is some one after you?" Grace asked?

"Let's just say an old rival of mine is coming in to town, He's quite dangerous I'm going to be out tonight and tomorrow so stay inside. Ted you look enough like me for him to recognize" he paused, rubbed his moustache and said, "You can have you're friends over but do not go out"

"Why can't grace go out then?" Ted asked?

"He's the one that funded the project" Ted replied, "I am unsure how he would react to grace. If he would recognize her or not, but you should be safe if you stay inside. Good night" with that he left. Leaving Grace and Ted hanging.

"Why dose he keep doing that?" Grace asked?

"Doing what?" Ted replied?

"He tells us to do some thing and then leaves. He's not home very much is he?" Grace said "he comes home for supper and is here in the morning but he's out a lot"

"I think he's one of the higher ups in the government" Ted told her, "After mum left he worked a lot of over time and kept getting promoted, he' hasn't slowed down sins then." He sighed, grace hugged him. A timer went off.

"Pizza is ready" Ted said, and turned to go in to the kitchen, out of Graces hug.

They had pizza the played video games, then scrabble. Elliot called and came over they played scrabbled then the door bell rang.

"I'll change in to Claire form" Grace said and changed shape, she walked up to the door and opened it.

A woman who looked a lot like Ellen stood their, "hello dose Ted live here?" the woman asked?

"That depends who wants to know" Grace said.

"I've a letter form his mother" she said.

"What?" Ted asked? And walked in to the hallway.

"Here" She said, and handed it to him.

"Wait who are you?" Ted asked? "A friend" the woman called and walked in to the car and drove away leaving Ted to look at the unmarked envelope in his hands. It wasn't very fat. It was worn, around the edges and had been bent.

Grace closed the door, as Ted walked to the stairs and sat down he took off his glasses and turned the envelope over. In his hands. Grace sat beside him. He sighed then opened it.

He pulled a paper out, tow tickets form the Mopervill airport fell to the ground he picked them up. Mopervill to Winnipeg, MB Canada, leaving in three days.

"What dose the letter say?" grace asked?

He opened it, the message was short, in his mother neat handwriting. The page even smelt like her!


Come to me, now. Bring a friend if you wish.

You're mother Vivian. I forbid you to tell you're father.

"Why?" Ted asked? "Why now? What's going on?! She hasn't contacted us in years!"

"O Ted" grace said unsure of what to do, she had never known her mother, she knew her father and she had a grandfather and her brothers. But a mother? She had never really thought of that.

Oo suspenseful! Teds mother? Will he go? Will he stay will he freak out! I know but you don't! HA HA! And I'm not telling you until I update! Muhahaha HA!