Short Chapter but I am being dragged away form the computer to go look at the stars. But Meh. It's a chapter.

Elliot, Ellen, Sarah, Suzan, Nanase, Justin and Grace we're all sitting around Ted's Dining room table. Nanase has an arm around Grace who looked as if she had been crying. Ted's father looked old.

"I don't know how I should put this" Ted's father said clearly light gleemen in his glasses "But you're all Ted's friend's and may be of help" he sighed. "Ted and I had a misunderstanding and he's run away. Do you know where he might have gone? Where he would head?"

"What was the argument about?" Ellen asked?

Ted's Father gave a sigh and sat down he looked very, very old for a moment. "His mother"

"What happened?" Elliot asked? "last time he just ran to my house"

"It's classified" He said, "Or at least it should be" he put his hands in his head.

"We'll go looking" Nanase said, standing up she rubbed Ted's father's shoulders, "We'll find him, Right guys?"

"Right" they all said.

Mean while.

Elly sat in the Front hall feeling uncomfortable. She did not like being in strangers houses. Even thought it happened quite often. This Ted guy's father had been very polite in asking her not to get involved. He sounded just like a government agent saying that she couldn't go in to foster care. That she couldn't go looking for her father. That she couldn't leave the country on her own!

He had been so fake but so real. Some thing was up, she didn't care what it was, and she just wished she didn't know. What goes up must fall down, and when someone falls they usually crash and burn. the door that the others had disappeared threw opened. Better to be kept in the ignorant, and not care or worry about the fall because it was just going to happen anyways.

"Elly I'm going to drive you home" A boy said coming out, "I'm Justin by the way"

"Justin you forgot you're jacket" A girl called walking out Elly blinked, her eyes grew wide the girl had brown skin, brown poofy hair and a large furry brown tail.

"Hello" Elly said shocked.

"O hello" the girl, squirrel person replied.

Justin smacked his head.

"I'm Elly" she looked up at Grace, "you're lucky to have a tail"

"Elly Grace, Grace Elly" Justin said obviously uncomfortable.

"Thank you" Grace said.

"Might as well take her along now as well" Ted's father called "or at least an explanation"

"I'll explain on the way home, My group can ride in my car and swing by my place" Elliot said standing up.