A/n: Hello everyone. So I have been writting for a while, mostly for Harry Potter and Life with Derek. But over the past year I have fallen in love with Veronica Mars. I love the show so I felt that I needed to write a story. So this is my frist Veronica Mars fanfic, so try not to be to harsh, but constructive critism is nice but so is wonderful 'good job' reviews. Well anyways I own nothing from the show, although it would be nice if I did. So here is the first chapter. ENJOY and REVIEW!!

Chapter One

I met Lilly and Duncan when I was five years old and I can remember it like it was yesturday. It was half way through the school year and I was in kindergarten. Our teacher walked in the morning with a boy standing at her side. I was sitting at a round table with Dick Casablancas, Meg Manning, Madison Sinclair and Eli Navarro. Dick poked me in the side and and I looked up from my coloring. He pointed to the front of the room and I noticed why he made me pay attention. He was new. Dick asked me where he was going to sit and I told him that it would be with us since we were the only ones who had an open seat.

The teacher introduced him as Duncan Kane. We all said our hello's and she told him to sit inbetween me and Madison. I gave Dick a 'I'm right' look before raising my hand with Madison to show were we were. Duncan sat down and our teacher had said he would be my new buddy since we now had an even number.

"Hi. I'm Veronica." I said and then pointed over my shoulder. "Dick likes to call me V." I waited for him to respond. Since it took him a while, I assumed he was shy.

"I'm Duncan. My parents and me and my sister just moved here." He said and I nodded. I didn't want to be rude and say that the teacher already told us that so I stuck with a nod.

"That's Dick." I said pointing to the boy next to me. Dick shot a look at Duncan.

"Yeah. Veronica is my wife so don't get any ideas." He said and Duncan nodded, slightly frightened...

Later that day, after my mom picked me up from school and brought me home I over heard my parents talking after I asked if they could bring me to my new friend's house.

"The Kane's are back in town." My mother had said to my father. He looked at her, not really believing what she said.

"As in Jake Kane. Wife Celeste Kane." He said seriously. I watched from my bedroom, waiting for them to take me to Duncan's house.

"Yeah. Veronica is friend's with their son." My mother responded once again. "She wants to go over there." She finished off.

"I don't think it would be wise to have you go. I'll take her." My father responded with, before walking to my room...

I never understood what the big deal was, nor what they meant about them being back. In time I had realised that they had lived here about six years ago, before they moved. I don't know why they moved or what my mother had to do with it.

My dad told me to hop in the backseat and he drove my over to the Casablancas house. He walked up to the house and I sat in the car waiting for him to return with Dick and Cassidy. Cassidy was Dick's younger brother. He was four at the time and a real pain to Dick and me. Once the three of us were buckled up in the backseat, my father drove us over to Duncan's house, which was as big as the Casablancas house. Thats the thing with childhood innocence. I lived across town in a regular house while most of my closest friends lived on the other side of town in huge houses. Nobody cared about money or status. Everything was easy.

"You must be Duncan's friends from school." A girl around our age said when she opened the door. She let us in and shut the door behind us. She skipped down the hall, leading the four of us to Duncan's mom.

"How nice for all of you to come over." His mom said, not really looking at my father. Once she did, she forced a smile. I may be five but I know a forced smile when I see one.

"Keith. It is nice to see you once again. I am sure you remember my daughter Lilly." She said, gesturing to the girl that had let us in the house. My father kneeled down by Lilly and smiled.

"Of course I do. You know, last time I saw you, you were just a baby." He said pinching her cheek like he did with me. She giggled like mad and then my father continued. "This is my daughter Veronica. She is five." He said pushing me forward. She smiled a wide smile before grabbing my hand.

"She's my new best friend!" She yelled before dragging me off to her room.

"I think that will be her first girl friend." I head my dad say just before I was out of hearing range. I heard another man reply, which I assumed was Duncan's dad.

We were best friends from that moment on. Even at the young age of six, Lilly was still her free-spirted self. Duncan was still a friend of mine, of course, but a couple years later I had been glad I became friends with Lilly. Once I was seven, it became hard for boys and girls to be friends. My friendship with both Duncan and Dick suffered greatly. I find it funny nowadays though. When Dick and I first met Duncan, Dick had felt threatened that Duncan would steal me away from him. Now Lilly and Meg were my best friends.

That had changed by the time I was eleven. By that time it was safe for boys and girls to associate with one another. That was also when Logan Echolls moved in. He was the son of Aaron Echolls, Famous movie star. Before I had become friends with Duncan and Dick again, Logan filled the hole that they left. He had become one of my other best friends. When I wasn't with Lilly, I was with Logan. This lasted for a few months. Then Duncan and Dick began coming around again. Sure we were all friends, but now the three guys had themselves and I was with Lilly and Meg.

High school was a different story though. The innocence of childhood had gone once we walked in the doors of Neptune high at the age of fourteen. The six of us were best friends still, but that would change in time. Dick and I started to fight more and half way through freshman year, I only knew him through association. By the end of the year real changes began to take toll. I began to date Duncan and Lilly was dating Logan, who soon was just my best friend's boyfriend. You gotta love high school.

Dick Casablances was the boy from my childhood, one I would never be able to save. It was a lost friendship. Maybe in time we would find it and be able to be the friends. It may not be the best of friends we use to be, but it could happen.

Duncan Kane went from the new boy to one of my closest friends, to my best friend brother in a month. As time went on, I lost touch with him, just like I had with Dick. However, Ducncan was different then Dick. Duncan and I were able to rekindle the friendship we had and were able to turn it into more. He's my first love and I am sure he will always have a special place.

Lilly Kane was definatly an interesting character. She was wild and free as some would say. She didn't let people tell her what to do and she was good at helping people. Since I became shy when I got closer to high school, that was what I needed in a best friend and she was what I needed. We are as different as peanut butter and jelly, but we go so well together and I am pretty sure nothing will change that. But then, school does bring new things.

Logan Echolls. All you had to do was say his name and people knew who you were talking about. He was that son of the movie star. That one would stay with him. When he first came he was the son of the movie star who was best friends with the sheriff's daughter. By high school he was the movie stars son and boyfriend of millionaire Jake Kane's daughter. In time he will make a name for himself, but I am sure he would rather be called the movie stars son then his newest name. The son of the ex movie star who slept with a sixteen year old then attempted to kill her.

But amazingly enough, it's not to late for any of us.