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Chapter 19

They sat in silence a bit, Logan still didn't answer the question. Every minute that ticked by, killed Veronica. But as each minute passed, she was pretty sure she didn't even want to know. One or one-hundred, she didn't want to know. As long as he is faithful to her, thats all that matters right now anyway.

"Logan." She said quietly, causing him to look up at her. He opened his mouth to speak, but Veronica beat him to it. "I don't want to know. Its all in the past and I think its best that it stays in the past." She said and Logan smiled at her, pulling her closer to him. He laid down, pulling her with him, just holding her close.

"Lets just start from scratch. Everything that has happened is in the past." Logan said and Veronica nodded into his chest, feeling relaxed.

"I think its a deal." She said, ignoring the vibrating of her phone.

"I'm in love with you Veronica. I would never do anything to hurt you." He said, running his hands through her hair. She melted as he said that, but the vibrating of her phone had gotten extremly annoying now. She reached over to the table and Logan laughed as she grabbed her phone, obviously frustrated.

"Oh my god." Veronica whispered, making Logan sit up. "I have a voicemail. From the hospital." She said, immediatly putting the phone to her ear. Logan waited patiently, waiting to hear what they had to say.

"Good evening Ms. Mars. I am calling for two reasons. One is to let you know that Richard Mars has woken up. We have to do a few tests before he has any visitors, but while you wait, Meg Manning has asked for you to come by her room as soon as you can. Have a Merry Christmas." The nurse said, before the voicemail ended and Veronica was in complete awe. Logan was looking at her, waiting for her to tell him what happened.

"Dick woke up and Meg wants to see me." Veronica said, losing herself in though, before she finished up. "We have to go now." She said, pulling Logan out of her bed. Logan rolled his eyes as she dragged him out to his car.

Veronica walked down the halls of the hospital, this time heading to Meg's room. Everytime she came her, she had different feelings. When she came here for Lilly, she scared and confused. When she came for Dick, she wasn't sure how she would live without her older brother. Now she was nervous to see the girl who is the mother of what may be Dick's baby. Logan was talking to her, telling her that it would be okay and that she needed to do this before she went to see Dick. When they got to the room, Veronica froze.

"Go on. I will be right here the whole time. I'll wait for you and then we will go see Dick." Logan said and Veroncia nodded, slowly walking into the room. Meg was awake, her hands resting on her stomache.

"Oh thank you for coming. I wasn't sure if you would come." Meg said, sitting up a little bit more. She smiled at her friend, before sitting down next to the bed.

"The nurse called and said you wanted to see me." Veronica said, crossing her legs, trying to hid how bad her nerves were jumping.

"The baby is Dick's." Meg started out with and Veronica nodded, not sure what to say. "I know it is Dick's because I began to feel cramps from pregnancy the day after what happened between me and Duncan. I wouldn't have felt it that fast. The baby is Dick's." Meg said and Veronica felt some what relieved. Dick would be happy that the baby was his, but that also was a lot of responsibility.

"That's good to hear." Veronica managed to say and Meg nodded.

"I had my sister come in today with a lawyer. I made a will. God that feels werid to say." Meg said and Veronica raised an eyebrow.

"A will? Why would you do that?" Veronica asked, worried for one of her closest friends.

"The doctors say I have a ninty percent chance that I wont make it out of this. They are pretty sure the baby will, but that I won't. Everything I have that is worth any value is going to my baby. If I don't make it, I am making sure that my baby will go to Dick. Veronica you need to make sure he gets our child and no one else can." Meg said and Veronica nodded.

"I will, but you will be fine. You will make it out of this." Veronica said and Meg laughed a bit, enjoying the optimism.

Veronica and Logan sat in Dick's room as he slept. He talked to them for a bit, before he fell asleep. The doctors told them that he will be tired for a few days and that when he can stay awake on his own, they will release him.

Logan nudged Veronica, making her look at him. He pointed to the clock on the wall. 12:15 a.m. It was offically christmas morning.

"Merry Christmas." Logan said, kissing Veronica lightly. She smiled and whispered it back to him, kissing him once more. Things were going to change, starting now.

Meg gave birth to a baby girl. A girl she named Angela. She passed away barley an hour after naming her daughter. Her parents fought hard for custody of little Angela, but they failed in the end, after a long six month battle. Keith stepped in, boosting Dick's chance of keeping Angela. In the end they won. Little Angela thereafter became Angela Mars.

Dick was able to leave the hospital room a couple days after he woke up. Five days after christmas he was released and he was there for his daughter's birth, which did not make the Mannings very happy. He dated Mac and she was by his side through out the entire custody battle. They married two years after high school graduation, after Mac told Dick she was pregnant. They were married two months later and couldn't be happier.

Duncan apologized to Veronica and gave Logan his blessings. He felt horrible for what he did and he understood that he would never have Veronica back. Once he saw how happy she was with Logan, he let them be. He graduated high school and went off to see the world, donating money to places that he visited. He got his father's business after he past, but let Clarence run it. Duncan still made money off of it, but he used his money to donate to places that needed it. Last time he wrote to Veronica, he was in Austrailia.

Lilly finished her first year at school, before she found out she was pregnant. She told Weevil and he couldn't have been happier. He had just graduated high school and since his grandmother passed away, leaving him her house, he felt it had happened at the right time. Lilly moved in with him and they had an entirely faithful relationship. Duncan continues to send them money so that he can make sure that they make ends meet.

Madison become a pornstar. She signed a ten year contract that was terminated after six years when she fell into a pit of drugs. She is currently in and out of rehab.

Wallace was excepted to college on a basketball scholarship. He is currently a starter on the team and the coach is sure they he can make it big. Darell has taken after his older brother and started playing basketball in high school.

Logan and Veronica married after she got her Masters Degree. She became a teenage social worker, feeling that she could help teens with their problems. Logan become a psychologist, enjoying the idea of being able to get into people's minds. They dated through out all their years of college and now after a year of marriage they are expecting they first child. A daughter they plan to name Lynn Echolls after Logan's deceased mother.

It may not have been what they all pictured their life to be when they were in high school, but they definatly where all happy with how it turned out.