To all my readers:

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but I'm discontinuing TLAG. I've totally lost my inspiration for it...though I have some ideas of where I want it to go, I can't seem to get it there. My other S/J fic, I WILL BE continuing.


I'm offering it to a fan to continue writing it. If you would like to, please email me at morning (underscore) secret (at) yahoo (dot) com. Subject: TLAG CONTINUED. Tell me: your idea of how the plot should continue, how Sarah and Jareth's relationship will evolve and end, what happens to Linda, and how you think the battle between the light and dark will end. If I feel you are true to what I started, I will announce you as the continuing author and give you the story with all good will.

Thanks for reading, guys. It kills me to do this, b/c I've never given up on a story like this, but I've given it a lot of thought. I've tried to write for many months, and this is the one fic that will not cooperate. I've never had a fic give me this much trouble, no matter how stressed I am (and I have been, courtesy of family and medical drama). If this makes you not want to read my fics anymore, I understand. But in order to get this particular fic continued, it has to be given up, b/c I know I will not be able to do so myself.

Again, thanks to my reviewers, your words meant a lot to me! (hugs)