The Luckiest

Chapter 1: Lover I Don't Have to Love

This will be a mistake.

That was all she could think. Something about the way the her sweater fit, the way she had tied her shoes, the small chip in her nail polish that made her think that this night was going to end badly. It was as if a small whisper called her from the next day saying to just stay in bed, to not leave her home.

Maxie Jones never took anyone's advice though, especially when it could benefit her.

Well, except for the advice that came from Georgie. Sometimes Maxie would listen to her, or at least keep it in mind.

But Georgie was dead now, wasn't she?

It was night, almost ten o'clock. When Maxie had laid down to sleep an hour ago she had been exhausted, but as soon as her eyelids closed she felt Georgie's presence everywhere. The person who ripped her sister coldly from the world was still out there, probably sleeping very well. It should have been me, Maxie thought to herself. He didn't kill me so he took the person that stopped him. Her sister's death hadn't hurt this much since the funeral. Nothing had changed since that time, either. No one seemed any closer to catching this monster.

So, that was why Maxie found herself throwing her clothes back on and heading out the door into the cold night. It was time that alternative action was taken to finding her sister's killer. At least that was the reason she told herself she was heading to the particular address in mind.

Maybe she just didn't want to be alone.


The penthouse was really quiet. Spinelli had the place to himself, much to his dismay. He didn't like being alone. The silence bothered him. Jason had left for the evening mysteriously and said he wouldn't be back until morning. He had been doing this more and more often, taking off for a secret destination, leaving Spinelli wondering where his friend was going but knowing better than to ask.

On such occasions as this, Spinelli found himself spending more time on the internet than usual. He was really trying to find something about Cooper Barrett that might indicate that he was the murderer that Georgie believed him to be. It was becoming exhausting though. He had originally been enthused about trying to find out who was ruining the lives of people he knew. That energy was drained with each passing thought about how the fair Georgie perhaps would have been alive if he hadn't been so blind to her affections for him.

He wasn't going to make that mistake again though. It was time to try and move on from his foolish crush on Lulu. The next time someone who wanted him came into his life, he wouldn't let her get away.

A knock at the door drug him from his thoughts. A little startled due to the late hour, Spinelli quietly snuck to the peep hole to get a look at the person who came calling at such a time. He had mixed reactions when he discovered that the person was Maxie Jones. True, she wasn't a threatening presence, but she wasn't his favorite person. Why would she be coming to see him?

"Evening, Bad Blonde One," Spinelli stated, using his most common nickname for Maxie out of habit more than hostility. She didn't look like she wanted to be messed with and Spinelli instantly regretted calling her that name. It was obvious that Georgie wasn't far from her mind either.

"Sorry I'll keep the nicknames to a minimum since The Jackal...I mean... I can see that you are upset," he apologized opening the door more so that she could come in. She glanced around the room as if she were looking for something. "Can I help you, Maxie?"

Maxie moved over to the couch, sitting her bag down heavily. "Is Jason here?"


"Good. I don't want you to get all Cold Stone distracted on me."

Spinelli decided not to correct her on the misuse of Jason's other name. "What do you want?"

He walked over to the couch and moved his laptop out of the way so that he could sit next to her. She stared at him for a minute with pursed lips. Spinelli thought for a second that she was trying to think of the right thing to say, but he was wrong. Maxie's jaw quivered and he saw that she was actually concentrating on not crying in front of him. A little taken aback by her sudden emotion, Spinelli tried to assure her that it was okay and he patted her knee gently. She wiped her eyes quickly and took a deep breath.

"Look, I've never been that nice to you, I know that...I'm trying though, I really am..." she rambled.

"Well...I mean...a lot of people aren't nice to me..." Spinelli tried to sound light hearted to keep the awkwardness of the situation down to a minimum.

Maxie laughed a little. "It's because you're so damned weird, Spin."

He laughed too. "I know..."

It was nice to sit there and talk to someone again. It was like when it was just he and Lulu, before Logan ruined it all, and it was like Georgie too. The fact that he was actually laughing with Maxie made it all the stranger. Something was different about her tonight though...Maybe this was the side that Georgie that had always swore existed.

"Well, as I was saying...I need your help." Maxie said, serious again. "I'm not patient enough for the police to figure out who killed my sister. I mean, Mac and the rest of the police are trying, but I'm not willing to ignore other ways...I have to do something. I thought maybe you would help me."

Spinelli shuffled a little. "You really didn't want to hear what I had to say a few days ago..." he trailed off.

Maxie sighed frustrated. "Because you are accusing Coop of being her killer! It's ridiculous."

"Would you at least let me explain my reasoning?"

Maxie considered for a moment. "What is it?"

Spinelli scrambled for his laptop, bringing up the files about the mysterious death of a woman by strangulation in the time that Cooper and Logan were in Iraq. He pushed the laptop closer to her so that she could get a good look. She read the story with wide eyes. Suddenly, she pushed the laptop away roughly.

"Nope. No, that's not important. I mean, it's a war. Things happen. It proves nothing."

Spinelli bowed his head and decided that informing Maxie of any other suspicions would fall on deaf ears. "If you don't want to consider all the options then --"

"No, I do," Maxie interrupted. "I'll consider all the options that won't waste my time. My sister's death isn't going to be for nothing. Now, what else can you come up with?"

Spinelli bit his tongue and tried to not stir up Maxie anymore. They were being pretty descent to one another for a change, and for an important cause. Nothing should have gotten in the way of that right now.

"Uhhm...Well...I guess we could try to brainstorm other things." Spinelli said calmly.

Maxie started to remove her heavy pea coat. "Yeah. Let's do that." Tossing her jacked on top of her bag, Maxie wasn't aware of the strange look that Spinelli was giving her.


"Yes?" Maxie inquired turning her attention back on Spinelli.

Spinelli pointed to the sweater she was wearing. It was pale blue and she had found it in hamper a few days ago, not remembering that she had ever bought it. Maxie scanned it over looking for a stain or an odd hole somewhere that would explain Spinelli's strange look.

"Isn't that Georgie's sweater?" He said, trying to sound casual, going back to typing on his laptop.

It was as if someone had slapped her across the face. She looked, horrified, at the fabric that covered her.


Tears welled up in her eyes, and Maxie pulled the pea coat back over her frame so that she couldn't see the pale blue screaming at her anymore. Burying her face in her hands, Maxie sobbed.

"She's everywhere, Spinelli." Spinelli watched the crumpling form, trying not to allow the burning in his eyes to take over. When Maxie flung herself into his chest, Spinelli gently pat her back.

"I know." He whispered.

Maxie voice was a little muffled but he could make out what she was saying. "I'm sorry I'm crying like this, you don't even like me."

Spinelli frowned. "I don't really know you Maxie."

"She had so much in such a small lifetime, Spinelli. I mean, she was going to go to school in Europe! I could never do that. I would be too afraid to leave everything behind. Not Georgie though," Maxie cried, shaking her head. Spinelli tilted his cheek down onto the top of Maxie's head, not feeling strange about this at all.

"She was a wise and loyal friend," he found himself saying, not really even knowing what that meant. Wise and loyal weren't even the appropriate words. They were too shallow.

"She was brave, too. Georgie lived like I wish I could. She didn't hurt people. I was jealous of her for years when I saw how happy Dillon made her. They were a force to watch. I'll never be happy like she was."

That saddened Spinelli more than he thought possible, and when his arms pulled Maxie towards his chest tighter he couldn't help but feel utterly alone. This was very weird, Maxie opening up to him, he feeling for her.

"And she...she never wanted anything but the best for me. She's the only one, too. Enough people called me a whore that I thought that's all I was, except when Georgie said that I was worth something more. I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry..." Spinelli didn't know if Maxie was even talking to him anymore.

"Maxie, shhh..." Spinelli kind of rocked her in his arms. Her crying became weaker and weaker, and she seemed to relax. Her arms actually pulled out of his hold and snaked around his neck, her new embrace allowing for a few tears to soak into his shirt. He could feel her eyelashes tickling his neck every time she blinked. Spinelli felt her shift a little as she turned her head a little to look up at him.

He glanced down at her but didn't keep eye contact, afraid. Of what, he didn't know. Something pulled his eyes into any direction but the way that led into her gaze. Her breath was hot on his throat, each exhale tickling him and sending a goose bumps down his arms. Maxie's hand was suddenly touching his cheek, and he felt a small bit of pressure on his neck. Spinelli realized shocked that she had just kissed him there.

"Maxie, what are you doing? I...thought we were going to brainstorm..." Spinelli tried to gently push Maxie off of him, but she just shook her head with a desperate look in her eyes.

Instead of being pushed away, she pressed another quick kiss into his neck before tilting his head and kissing him for real. Spinelli was paralyzed and didn't push her away. Breaking from him quickly, she readjusted herself on the couch, grabbing his face with both hands, forcing him to look right into her eyes.

"Don't think," She begged, shaking her head, kissing him quickly then breaking away again.. "Just, don't think."

When her lips met his again, they were much more forceful. He tried to say little things to her when he could about mistakes and stopping before they got carried away, but none of that seemed to make sense. None of it did. Then there was a moment when Spinelli did stop thinking. He didn't think when he kissed her back. He didn't think when she pulled him off the couch and towards the stairs. He didn't think when she asked which room was his.

He didn't think.

Maybe he just didn't want to be alone.


The sound of a familiar laugh woke her. Maxie's eyes flew open at the sound of Georgie's unmistakable chuckle. Glancing around the room, she expected to see her sister standing over her tickling her nose with a feather, getting the giggles at her own childish antics. Georgie wasn't there though. Maxie must have dreamed it.

Maxie stared at the glowing sunrise peaking through the window shades. She registered the arm around her bare waist and turned her head to see Spinelli lying there next to her quite peacefully. All of his hair was in his face. Her fingertips pushed some of it out of the way. When last night's small conversation had led into his bedroom, Maxie thought to herself for a split second how she would flip out in the morning. She was actually kind of shocked with how peaceful she felt.

Easing herself out of his bed slowly so as not to wake him, Maxie looked around for her clothes. She bumped into his dresser with a thud by accident. He awoke with a start and looked at her as if he was terribly confused. She gave him a small smile and apologized for the noise. Spinelli didn't seem to be paying much attention to what she said and instead looked as if he were putting together all the clues in his room that he could as to what was going on. Maxie tossed some clothes of his to him and he started to put them on slowly, completely silent. This seemed like some big mystery to him, waking up to a girl in his bedroom. Maybe it was, Maxie thought to herself.

He seemed to be having a struggle with his pants, and Maxie realized that she had grabbed his and put them on and now Spinelli was trying to figure out how to maneuver himself into her skinny jeans.

"Uh..I thought these were a little loose." Maxie said.

As they were trading pants, Spinelli spoke for the first time.


"Yeah." Maxie replied.


Maxie sighed. "I'm going to leave now."

Heading out the door and down into the living room, Maxie was shocked to see Jason coming in the door. She stopped, awkwardly.

Jason looked perplexed. "What are you doing here?"

"Maxie, wait!" Spinelli called from behind her.

Spinelli had just run down the stairs, apparently going after her. He wasn't wearing a shirt and Jason raised his eyebrows at the scene unfolding before him. He might have had brain damage, but Maxie knew he was doing some sort of math. Spotting her coat and purse, she grabbed both and headed out the door before Jason could get a chance to ask any more questions and before Spinelli could get out his explanation.

Stepping into the elevator outside of Jason's penthouse, Maxie thought about what her little voice had been saying the night before.

Yes, definitely a mistake.

But if getting too emotional and sleeping with a guy she barely knew was the thing that had made her hesitant about leaving her house so late last night, Maxie had to admit she was a little disappointed in her bad feelings. It could have been a lot worse with her track record.

So, that was something.


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