Title: Sweet Poison

Anime: Bleach

Pairings: Ichimaru x Kira

Genre: Romance / Angst

Summary: When Kira first met his taichou, he knew he was falling into a death trap, but it wasn't something that he could control.

N: First bleach ficcy!! Wanted Hitsu x Gin but plot only half formed…I'll try to juggle D.GM and Bleach so don't worry!! Read and review?

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.


When he was in Shinigami Academy, he was always surrounded by the students due to his talents, but he never felt anything about it. His powers were enough for them, but not for him. He always wanted to be stronger, to fill in that hollow gap in his life. How he wished he could be like Abarai, or Hinamori. Then, he found him. It was on a night, the air thick with fear, surrounded by Hollows. He thought he was going to die, until a soft swishing sound and light footsteps reached his ears, fabric brushing past him. He turned to see silver hair gleaming in tranquil moonlight, shinigami robes fluttering in the wind, the fukutaichou badge of the third division firmly tied to his left arm for all to see.

'Ikorose, Shinso.'

That smile was etched into his memory forever.