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Here is my Valentine to you. I don't hope that you'll like it - I hope that you'll love it.


Gellert wanders around the gigantic room, which reminds him of the grand ballrooms of castles he used to frequent. He catches his reflection in one of the many wide windows.

His hands are pink and unwrinkled, his hair is clean and curly and blonde again, and his lips and cheeks are flushed with health. He pinches his arms and legs and feels firm muscle. He wishes he could wear his old favourite robes again; they appear and fit him like gloves. He is young again.

But he is younger than he was when he madly chased his dreams of an Empire across Europe. He is as young as he was when he met…

There is a vision approaching him, a vision in violet, with red hair and blue eyes that clash loudly and flamboyantly and wonderfully. Albus appears exactly as Gellert always desperately wanted to remember him.

At first, no words pass between them as they circle each other, both struggling to keep their faces blank and unreadable.

But then their arms stretch out of their own accord, their hands meet and entwine, and their bodies melt together.

They will say it now, because they really mean it.

They do not declare it delusionally from the depths of dreams.

They do not wish to manipulate.

They do not use it as an excuse.

They do not utter it mindlessly.

They do not speak it out of self-preservation.

And neither do they turn those three little words over in their mind, guiltily, not having the courage to say it aloud.

Albus and Gellert, their lips next to each other's ears, whisper together in perfect concordance.

"I love you."

The End!

You must remember this:
Advice don't go amiss,
Whoever it's written by.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.
And if you read and review,
I'll write back and say, "I love you",
On that you can rely!
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Yay! It's a happy ending! I hope you guys are as happy as I am to see them together at last.

Gellert has heterochromia, a medical condition which means that his eyes are different colours. One is blue, and one is green. See Medlineplus for a very good example of this. It is obviously symbolic of a lot of things about him, and it's the way I write him in all my fics...

...And speaking of "all my fics", now that you've finished this (congratulations!) if you're looking for more, I highly recommend you graduate to the epic Tempus Amat Volare. It documents the lead-up to the Albus/Gellert meeting, and eventual showdown. You get an account of Albus' teenage years, from the points of views of his peers, and I also promise you'll see a bit of Gellert's childhood. There are also various ADGG one-shots flying around my account too.

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