A/N: I wrote this as a response for A'tuin's Caffeine Withdrawl challenge. Enjoy : D

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize, including the brief reference to toilet paper.

Donny stumbled into the kitchen, bleary eyed and weary, after a long night of research.

"Square root of the variable, divided by the sum of the two quotients gives you the" Yawn "gives you the numeric formula that – Where's that coffee?" He mumbled, peering into the cupboards for his favorite blend. It wasn't where he thought he normally kept it, but he was so tired, he could be in the wrong cupboard. Muttering something about 'sleep deprivation' under his breath, he looked in to the next cupboard. Still wasn't there. With just a hint of frantic exasperation, he moved to the next cupboard. And the next, until he could fully be described as 'frantic'. In one final act of desperation, he opened the fridge and freezer. It still wasn't there. Now totally awake, he ran to the living room where Mike and Raph were playing 'Universe invader'.

"Raph, have you seen my coffee?" he asked, popping in front of the television. Like a bear who'd just lost his charmin toilet paper, Raph growled.

"No Don. I ain't seen your coffee. Now can you MOVE." Donny was quick to move in front of Mikey.

"Mikey, what about you? Did you finish my coffee?" Mikey hit the pause button to Raph's annoyance.

"No Donny-o, I don't drink coffee. It stunts your growth, you know." His bright blue eyes moved over Donny's body "Come to think of it, you are looking a little smaller. Have you shrunk?" Donny shook his head and ran off to find Leo, who was in the dojo, practicing his katas.

"Leo?! Have you seen it?! Have you seen my coffee?!" He yelled, grasping Leo by the shoulders and shaking him "Have you?" Leo blinked at him.

"You finished it yesterday."

"I did? Oh, right. Silly me, I'll just go and get some more." He turned to grab his topside clothes, but Leo's hand stopped him. "What Leo, just let me out? I'll be back soon."

"Not happening, Donny. It's noon. No topside."

"But Leo…It's coffee. I need my coffee."

"Sorry Don, but no."

"Albert Einstein's hair looks so funny because he stuck his finger into an elic-elit-electric circuit when he was young. He shur-survived the shock, but his hair was poofy from that day on." Donny mumbled, rocking back and forth in the corner of his bedroom. The door opened, allowing light into the darkened room, silhouetting the figure in the door way.

"Donny?" April's voice floated into the darkness.

"Einstein's hair turned white per- pri-prematurely after he invented the nuclear bomb. He hated that – that he had created such a din-den-dangerous weapon that he jumped off a cliff. He survived the fall but –"

"Donny, Are you in here?" April said, stepping into the room and flicking on the switch.

"- His hair turned white as a result." Donny finished, looking up at April with eyes underlined by dark bags. "Hi April."

"Donny, Leo called me and told me you'd run out of coffee beans, so I've brought you some –" April didn't even end her sentence, for Donny had sprang upon her, hugging her fiercely.

"ThankyouThankyouThankyou!!" He exclaimed, giving her a quick peck on the cheek, before speeding out of the room.

April blinked as Splinter walked in "Leo called me only half an hour ago." She said, puzzled that Donny's caffeine withdrawl should reach this stage in such a short amount of time. Splinter nodded gravely.

"Be glad that it wasn't an hour ago." He advised calmly.