Hello there! Welcome to the first chapter of How To Win A Guy In 10 Easy Steps. It is nice to meet you, I'm the evil authoress. Before I start this story I want to explain a few things:

One: I never did, nor will I ever, own Naruto or its characters.

Two: While Sakura and Ino ARE vital to the plot, they only really interact with Hinata. I am making them get along (much to their displeasure)

Three: All except the ad-ons Will be in Hinata's POV; the rest is in third person. All italics are her diary entry; the rest is sort of a flashback type thing. you'll get this as you read the story.

Four: Considering I am not caught up with the series, I'm pretty much ignoring any and all couples and deaths, etc. that have happened. Besides, it IS my story. I can do what I like.

Five: WARNING much ooc-ness!!

And thus let the story begin!!


.: How To Win A Guy In 10 Easy Steps :.

.: Intro :.

.: Dear Diary :.

Dear Diary,

Today was a weird day... I was doing my usual morning routine when…

I take a deep breath to calm myself, but I guess it's no use... The second I see him sitting in the ramen shop my heart starts fluttering and I practically hyperventilate. Naruto has always done that to me... After slowing my breathing down a bit, I walk into the ramen shop with my usual meek smile. "H-hi Naruto-kun... Good morning"

"Heya Hinata-chan! Did you sleep well? Me, I slept like a log!" Naruto said with his big goofy smile. Well, there goes my breathing again, and I just KNOW I'm blushing.

"F-fine." FINE? That's all I can muster up? Not 'Yes, Naruto I slept great' or 'Pretty good, I dreamt about you, you know.' No, it was fine. I hate how timid I am sometimes. "Naruto-kun I--"

"Ohm gosh! Sorry Hinata-chan, I have a fight with Sasuke in a few days, and Kakashi promised to help me train since the pervy sage is out of town. I'll catch you later mm'k?"

I sigh and leave without ordering, deciding to head over to the park and swing for a while; there is a good chance no body will be there at this hour, all of the academy kids will be at school and they're pretty much the only others to come here. My favorite swing is open, as expected and I begin to daydream about a subject that seems so far out of my reach. Being naruto's girlfriend.

I liked today's daydream. It was like a damsel-in-distress kind of thing... I walk down the street late at night. I was just at a party with Tenten, but she left early with Neji. My weapons are at home, and I'm blissfully unaware of the danger surrounding me. Suddenly two thugs jump out of an alley and pull me in, away from the light. Their voices scare me as they tell me exactly what they have planned for me... One is touching me through the shirt, and you can tell he is hungry for more. They begin to rip at my clothes, a couple of them holding be down. Tears stream from my face and my eyes are clamped shut, expecting the worst. Suddenly I'm released from the hold, but I dare not look. Suddenly I feel two gentle arms around me, embracing me gently and His voice whispers "It's ok now." Naruto pulls back and stares back deep into my eyes, then begins to slowly inch foreword until--


Damnit! Right when it was getting good too.

Sakura and Ino were walking towards me; Ino was holding something in her hand, and they seemed to be getting along quite well. As they got closer, I noticed it was a piece of paper.

"Hey Hinata-chan! You look kind of sad..." Ino said a look of pity on her face. I HATED that look. I get it all the time, even from Naruto. As if I'm no good and they are just humoring me with this whole being-a-ninja thing. Ugh.

"I'm ok" I said, mustering up a lot more confidence than before.

"Naruto or Kiba?" Sakura asked bluntly. Was I that obvious?

"Naruto..." I said with a sigh. Honestly, I had no idea what Kiba-kun had to do with this, but I let it slide.

"We can help, you know!" Ino said, nudging Sakura in the side.

"Eh? You can? How?"

"The list" Sakura said

"How to win a guy in ten easy steps!" Ino added, brandishing the folded piece of paper.

"And did you two write it?" I asked, only slightly curious.

"Yep!" they said in unison.

I simply sighed. This DID NOT give me much confidence, considering neither of them had achieved what they both wanted: belonging entirely to Sasuke. But I must admit I was interested... Maybe it would work on Naruto...

"We can get started tomorrow!" Ino said happily, handing me the list.

As I read over the list, I began to blush. "I have to do all this?" I asked in surprise

"In order" Sakura said "although the last one is fool-proof"

"But sometimes it works sooner" Ino said.

"Do you have proof?" I asked skeptically. This didn't seem like it would work...

"Two words. Tenten, Neji" Ino said proudly.

Well, that did explain a few things. Like how suddenly they got together. One day Neji was oblivious of the fact Tenten was even a girl, the next he was practically begging to go out with her. I vaguely wondered how many steps it took Tenten... I had always attributed the sudden change to Neji's hormones kicking in late, but this made a world of sense.

"OK. I'll do it"

...and so begins my journey, dear Diary. Starting tomorrow, I begin with Number 10 on the list. Wish me luck.


10) Give a gift

9) Downsize other girls

8) Ignore him

7) Give him Valentines Chocolate

6) Hint at the kind of guy you want, naming his qualities

5) "Date" someone else

4) Change your look

3) Go on a trip

2) Smother him with attention

1) Strip and give him what he wants


And thus ends the first chapter! you like? This will be cute. I know two of the steps are similar, but when I was making this list I started to draw a blank when I had two steps left. So sorry!

To come: Step 10: the love charm.