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.: How To Win A Guy In 10 Easy Steps :.

.: Step Four :.

.: Getting Ready :.

Dear Diary,

Ino has been busy fighting with Tema-chan lately over Shikamaru, so it's only been me and Sakura…

"Wait, wait, wait," Sakura said, shaking her head. "You mean to tell me that you don't even have a bathing suit to wear to a pool party? You have got to be kidding me."

My blush deepened, but she had a point. Even though I wore them in my fantasy, I really have never had a need for them. I can swim; I learned that when I was little. But I never really enjoyed swimming, per say, so I never really had the need for a swimsuit. "Well, maybe we can do that for step four. Buy myself a swimsuit."

Sakura heaved a dramatic sigh (she must have been compensating for the lack of Ino) and said "Fine. But I get to help pick it out."

I cringed slightly at the thought. While Sakura wasn't Ino (who could get pretty skimpy when she wanted) she wasn't the most conservative in the world. I'd probably end up with a bikini, regardless. Not exactly my type. "Fine. Let's go."

We went to a couple of stores, and I was right. Most of what we (by which I mean I) tried did turn out to be bikinis. We eventually compromised; I ended up with a short dark and light blue tankini top that still showed some midriff and a dark blue skirted bottom that had light blue ties on the side.

So, Dear Diary, The Trip is closer and closer… But I do have a plan… sort of.



10) Give a gift

9) Downsize other girls

8) Ignore him

7) Give him Valentines Chocolate

6) Hint at the kind of guy you want, naming his qualities

5) "Date" someone else

4) Change your look

3) Go on a trip

2) Smother him with attention

1) Strip and give him what he wants


.: How To Win A Guy In 10 Easy Steps :.

.: Step Three :.

.: Love in the Sand :.

Dear Diary,

Today, we had the pool party and we even played chicken. Choji told Ino about the party even with the threats from Tema-chan. But the real fun… well, that came later.

"I suggest a game," our host, Temari, announced as the girls changed in the female room. She had little dividers so no one had to watch others change, but we could still be in the same room. "A game involving the boys."

"Seven minutes in heaven, rigged I'm sure." Ino said with a scowl.

"That's so juvenile Ino-chan, to imply that I want to play such a game. No, my game involves more grown up themes."

"And what would that be, hm?"

The suna-nin smiled. "Fetch."

I giggled slightly as I imagined Naruto chasing after a stick while dressed as Akamaru, though I'm positive that's not what Temari meant.

"What you do is we split into pairs. What you have to do between the two of you is get as many of the guys as you can to give you their boxers…" ((AN: I kinda just made this up on the spot. It's supposed to seem stupid and immature.))

"Since there's an odd number of girls, I can sit out. I have been meaning to sit in the Jacuzzi since I got here," that and I really don't see myself asking guys for their boxers. Seriously? Right.

So while they talk I change back into my new suit and then go out to relax. I need to think anyway… I need to do something about this Naruto situation…

Speak of the devil. He's there in the Jacuzzi. Maybe if I sneak away real—

Or, I can fall flat on my face and make a lot of noise. Some ninja I am.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked, walking over to me. "Are you OK?"


"You come to the Jacuzzi too? Don't worry, I'll share."

I blushed slightly but nodded. Not what I had planned, but maybe I can use this to my advantage. We sit side by side and talk for a while about nothing in particular. I'm just using the time to build courage. I'm going to tell him. Going to tell him.

"Hinata?" he says mid-sentence, and I have to wonder if I drifted off. Before I can say that I'm sorry, he continues. "How much do you like me?"

I'm struck stupid by that. I did not expect that. At. All.

"Because…" he scooted a little closer. "Well, I kinda really like you."

"I-I well… that is… I do… a… lot…"

Naruto smiled in his goofy way at my answer, but he offered up nothing more. But I got all the answers I needed when he leaned in and kissed me. For a long time

So, in the end, dear diary, I may not have gotten to step one, but I got pretty close… and I'm not just talking about on the list. Tonight was amazing.




Ah, the end. No they did not have sex, but I'm going to leave everything up to imagination. Hope you liked this ending!

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