Rise of the Robo Reaper

Chapter 1: Robots' Detour

It was quite at the end of the road for the so-called Robot Chosen One who just turned everything back to normal along with allowing his former human captives free. This was quite an upsetting turn for Mandroid and Billybot who had been hoping to serve a robot emperor.

"I can't believe that Bender betrayed us" said Mandroid to Billybot and the rest of the toy bots.

"He promised us more hotdogs and soda" added Billybot.

"Uh, what about world domination and all that sort of stuff?" asked Dannybot.

"We must find someone new to be led by" replied Mandroid, "not by some robot, fouled mouth loser."

"I concur" said Billybot, "when Bender was ruling Earth, I have heard of some red robot devil. Perhaps we can have a helping hand."

"Where did you acquire such information?" asked Mandroid.

"I tried my soul for some soda as a trade, since robots like us are not bound, I say, why not" replied Billybot.

Mandroid then responds by giving Billybot a good punch which Billybot's neck spun upward.

"Is he going to be okay?" asked Jimmybot.

"Yes" replied Mandroid, "we have to find this red robot devil that Billybot was talking about and fix this mess."

But before Mandroid and her robotic compatriots could do anything next, they were suddenly transported out of nowhere right into what seemed like a hell for robots with a strange robotic devil greeting them.

"Greetings, I see that you must be the friends of Billybot" said the Robot Devil.

"So you must be the one that Billybot was dumb enough to soul his soul to?" asked Mandroid.

"Yes" replied the Robot Devil, "he also signed a contract that I can acquire more robots to live here in all eternity if I give him a truckload of soda."

"You did what?!" cried the rest of the toy bots to Billybot.

"Hee, hee, hee" said Billybot, "that was some good soda."

"Now you toy bots and these two robots here are going to stay for all eternity as my faithful servants" laughed the Robot Devil.

"I am not going to be a servant for someone who is marauding to be a figure of pure evil" said Mandroid, "how about another sort of deal Robot Devil?"

"Just what do you have in mine?" asked the Robot Devil.

"I have noticed that you are also trying to create a Grim Reaper Robot" replied Mandroid as she spotted some of the plans that the Robot Devil was hiding behind his back.

"Oh you mean this?" asked the Robot Devil as he showed it to Mandroid, "I have the sort of blue print out to create the Robo Reaper as I would call him, but I am missing the one thing that would power him up. That is the original Grim Reaper's scythe, now where the heck am I going to find that?"

"How about this deal" replied Mandroid as she handed back the plans to the Robot Devil, "we go back to the early 21st century and get the Grim Reaper's scythe and bring it to you, and you don't have our souls or ourselves reside in this robot hell?"

"And aside from the power of the original Grim Reaper's scythe, what else would I acquire?" asked the Robot Devil.

"How about the souls of our original selves including the original Grim Reaper himself to live here in all eternity along with the turned traitor Bender" replied Mandroid.

"Sounds delightful" laughed the Robot Devil, "sure, it's a deal."

"Very good" said Mandroid as she then turned to her robotic compatriots, "come on, we have a scythe to catch in the past."

Meanwhile, back in a certain 21st century, Grim was getting ready for a party that he was setting up with Mandy's approval.

"I can't believe that Mandy had managed to get everyone she had hired to beat me up the last time I headed to the 31st century" said Grim as he was getting some of the potato chips ready.

"I got my own brand of sauce ready" said Billy as he came into the scene which was really his old "dog shampoo", "my dog steak sauce/dog shampoo would make these potato chips taste so great."

"Uh, I think that should only be used for your own use" replied Grim, "that'll scare the guests away."

Suddenly, the door bell rang and Grim quickly raced toward the entrance where as he opened it, Danny, along with Spongebob, Patrick, Jimmy and Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda had arrived on the scene.

"Wow, you guys made it" said Grim, "welcome to the house of Mandy, just don't try to break anything."

"Oh, don't worry, we won't" replied Danny as he and the six others walked right in.

As Grim was just about to get back to his seat on the sofa, the door bell rang again and as he opened it, it was the Tennysons along with Danielle and Tak.

"Well it's about time you people arrived, come on in" said Grim.

"Thanks" said Grandpa Max as he and the others entered the house.

"Okay, everybody seems to be ready" said Grim.

As Grim closed the door, he was quite unaware of the sort of scheme being plot against him back in the 31st century. Mandroid, along with Billybot and the rest of the remade toy bots had arrived right on the scene in the effort to grab the Grim Reaper's scythe as a source of power for the Robot Devil's Robo Reaper.

"This seems like the right place" said Mandroid.

"Hey look, they're having a party inside" said Billybot as he noticed some sodas, "I should get some."

"No you bucket of bolts" said Mandroid as she grabbed Billybot preventing him from entering Mandy's house, "we should really come up with some sort of a strategy."

"Hmm, how about kidnaping one of the party members and swap one of us?" asked the Benbot to Mandroid.

"Sounds like a good plan to me" replied Mandroid, "but which party member would look most resembling to the party goers?"

"Both of us can go and kidnap Ben Tennyson and Danielle Phantom" suggested the Danibot, "we can then infiltrate and steal the Grim Reaper's scythe from there."

"Sounds like a plan to me" said Mandroid to which she signaled that they go implement it immediately.