Author's Note: This takes place on Cybertron at the beginning of the war (well, it starts out that way), then kind of gravitates towards the present. OC warning. There'll be a few made up characters thrown in just for good measure (I can't say anything more than that or I'll give it away) And a few of my own fancharas are included, just for the heck of it. The cities of Lepton and Meson started out as two seperate cities, but when they grew, their borders became blurred until they were considered one city.

Summary: Lepton & Meson is a neutral city, in a time of peace between the Autobots and Decepticons. But someone is threatening that peace by hunting down and killing Decepticons and Decepticon supporters. Why? and who is he? The media has give the serial killer the nickname "tag" because of a message he sends to his victims, saying "Tag, you're it." and if they don't leave town within the next 24 hours, they allways wind up dead.

With the Decepticon army advancing, someone is afraid the 'cons might try and take Lepton & Meson, do that person, Tag, is trying to stop them by getting rid of the Decepticons that are allready in town before the army reaches them and adds those Decepticons in Lepton&Meson to their numbers...

Here's the fic.


Cybertron, pre-Earth. Somewhere in the vicinity of Lepton & Meson (neutral cities considered one city)

The shadow crept stealthily down the darkened alley, keeping to the shadows atop a small overhang to one side. The mech he had been hunting staggered out of the back door of Macaddams oil house, completely unaware of his stalker. The blue and yellow car-type mech mumbled something to himself about bad prices and worse energon. The dark, dank alleyway smelled of spilled half-processed energon and other fluids, most likely from other patrons earlier on, and a turborat scurried away further on, making soft tapping sounds, like a tiptoing mech. The blue and yellow mech stopped momentarily, then continued on, realising what the sound was as the turborat let out a soft squeak.

The shadow leapt from the overhang, landing a blow neatly across the mech's shoulders, sending him sprawling. The blue and yellow mech sputtered "What the frag!?" And tried to get up. But his attacker had his full weight on top of the mech, pushing him facedown into the wet pavement. "Are you Spoke?" the mech asked, voice low.

"Who... who are you?" The mech underneath managed, struggling to get the smaller, but still heavier mech off of him.

"Answer me." The mech above him responded. He grabbed the Spoke's arm and twisted it painfully behind his back. "Yes.. yes I am." the mech finally eeped out.

"Thought so." The blue and orange Decepticon managed to catch a glimpse of black and silver armor, but his attacker's optics were masked by the dark blue visor he wore, making it almost impossible to make out the mech's face in the darkness.

A gunshot rang out.

The shadow-mech stood up, letting the lifeless mech's arm side to the ground beside him with a soft thump. He glanced around quickly, then soundlessly skirted back into the shadows...