Ebony Abyss

Chapter 1

Today was not going to be good.

"Bye Dad!" I called back into the apartment. "Goodbye my sweet daughter!" He called back dramatically.

Sigh, and here is where my day starts.

[At School

I walk into the doors of the overly large wealthy school I've now known to call my own. You would think that after 6 months I would be used to the girls gaping at me, and squealing as I walk through the school. But no, I still seem to twitch in irritation at that god awful sound. So much for my quiet morning. I make my way to my locker as I do every morning, only to be ambushed by the Cheshire Twins I've come to call friends. "Haruhi!" They chorus together. My God, how that gets annoying after awhile. Sighing, I grad my books and look over to the troublesome two. "…Yes?"

"Don't know-"

"-Just figured we should bother our-"

"-Favorite Toy!-"

God, do they have to do that all the time?!

"Yeah well, I'm kind of busy. I have to prepare…"

"Prepare for what?" Kaoru asks.

"I have to inform the principle that my cousin is coming to stay, and wishes to come to this school…"


"A new toy."

"Oh, come on Masaki-san! It yellow! And big and…I'll look like a custard! I refuse to wear it!"

"Please, Uhito-sama. If you like I could talk to the principle about a different clothing choice, but it will not be today. So please, bare and grin, just for today at least." Masaki Narashma said, trying his hardest to stay calm. But, when his Mistress was in one of her fits…take cover.

"…Fine, but it better only be for today. Nothing can ruin my good mood. I mean, I'm seeing my only cousin today…after 7 long years."

Hello. My name is Taijira Uhito. I was born into wealth by my father, and my mother married into it. My parents are long gone, as of where, well, it's not something I like to talk about. No siblings…he left with my mother. So here I am. Living in a huge house, all alone except for my one butler, Masaki. Today I am starting at a new school. Ouran High School, for the wealthy. Apparently it has more qualifications then a normal high school, but I guess we'll just have to see. But what I'm really going for is to see my cousin again. Haruhi. She's my cousin through my mother, and her father. They're brother and sister. Figures. Their both a little odd.

"Have a good day, Uhito-sama"

"How many times have I told you to call me Tai! Damnit!"

"Please watch your language…Taijira-sama"

"Thank you for the drive"

Gasp This place it huuuuge. I start walking towards the giant door, and as I step up to open the door, and some freak steps in front of me. He was tall! Well, at least tall by my standards. Being 4"11…everyone seems like giants. He had golden locks that swayed dramatically back and forth as he walked. From what I saw, he had ocean blue eyes…definitely not full Japanese. And…he walks funny. Almost like every step it a ...dance move? What an odd ball. But wait. HE BUMPED INTO ME!!

"HEY! Blondie!"

He slowly turns around and looks at me. His eyes are absolutely alluring. He's kind of cute too.

"Watch where you're going!"

He all-of-a-sudden came bounded up to me.

"My dear princess! Was that your lushes' skin that was pressed up to mine? My deepest apologies for not being considerate of your pleasure!"

"EXCUSE ME! You pervert! Get away from me!"

He looked so shocked, and then looked like he was going to cry, then ran away. What a screwed up person.

Sighing, I continue on my way to the office to get my schedule. You see, I'm special. Even though I'm only 16…I'll be in the 3rd year advanced class. I'm very smart. The real reason for me to actually GO to the school, and not just to visit my cousin, was to see if the 'wealthy' learn more then someone who when to a public school. I've already graduated from public high school. And I've recently been accepted into To-U for psychology, and philosophy. I'm going to be starting classes in a few months. Kind of scary if you ask me.

FINALLY, the office!


"Oh, hello dear! How can I Help you today?"

Maybe this school wont be so bad.

"Oh, I just need my school schedule, if that's not to much to ask?"

"May I have your name?"

"Uhito Taijira"

"Yes, Yes! The smart one, right?"


"Here you are dear. Have a wonderful first day!"

"Thank you very much!"

Wow. Who would have thought that some one in the office could be so nice? At all my other school they were real bitches!

I wonder what This school has in store for me? We'll just have to wait and see I guess. That reminds me…WHERES HARUHI?!