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Why bother?!

Its was day break and everyone should be asleep but, unlike those kind of people, there are others who likes to party during nightfall.

"Oh w-why am I-I here? W-Why didn't I j-just s-stay home a-and s-sleep with t-the others," she mumbled to herself, not knowing that a person was already standing in front of her.

"Hello?" he said, looking at the mid-light blue hair woman, with her stylish clothing and fine shape of a body, appearing to be like a hot model but wasn't. In reality, she only came like this was because of her little, demanding sister told her to. To get out more and probably get laid, for once.

"I-I'm invited," she said quietly. So quiet that the teenage boy, who answered the door, holding his beverage, didn't even understand what she just said.

"Excuse me. What?" he asked, seemingly drunk from the beverage that this place serve for this special day.

Hinata started blushing and had doubt about entering this party, "Umm…… I'm invited," she spoke a bit louder, enough for the semi drunken boy to hear.

"Whatever," he said; taking another sip of his beer, letting Hinata in the party that she was invited in.

Once she got in, the music was loud; there were drinks serve, people dancing and talking, wild lights and a few people that she haven't seen for a long time.

"Hinata. Hyuuge," Hinata quickly turn to face at the person who called out her full name, "Wow! Is that really you?"

"K-Kiba!" she was surprised to see her old high school friend at this crazy party too.

Kiba wore his tight black lather jacket, along with his hard core black pants; "In the flash!" he walked up toward her with a grin on his face and than gave her a quick hug.

"I-If your h-here than t-that mean………"

"Wow Hinata, you sure have change a lot," said another familiar voice from the wild crowd. He was carrying a video camera staring at Hinata's surprise form.

"Akamaru?" she blushed even more, looking away from the tape recorder that was recording her every move. Especially, it's going to be save for someone to watch and she was too embarrass to let anyone stare at her.

"Hey bro. Stop shooting her with that camera. Damn, your going to run out the batters," Kiba glared at his young twin brother, who was grinning while turning off the video recorder and saving it for something more worth wild to catch.

"So anyways Hinata," Kiba looked back at his old high school friend with a happy smile on his face, "How you been? It's been awhile and man! You sure let yourself go since our high school days," he laughed a little while pointing out about Hinata's perfect body and appearance. Hinata blushed from the statement and felt flatter about her being good for once, since it was her sister who fixes her.

Meanwhile, there were other people who attended at the party with some people that they haven't seen for a long time also. Well, take Naruto Uzumaki for instant.

"Like I said, I could do anything, you know!" said the blond man, enjoying his time with the woman he had a huge crash on, since the day he first met her. Even on that day, he still tried to impress her with all his accomplishment, being a beginner actor and having the perfect abs that every man works hard to get. She listened to his words but she still wasn't impressed.

"Sakura are you even listening!" Naruto shouted, with the loud music disturbing him, his voice sounded less noticeable for Sakura to hear.

"Yes Naruto I heard you!" she too had to raise her voice, just to make him listen to her, but after telling him a thousand time, he still ignored her, "Now please leave me alone!" she got up from her seat and left away uncaring if she bump into people that blocked her way.

"No wait! Sakura!" Naruto got up from his seat and followed the woman of his dreams.

In other places, there was another man, who wasn't that impress of the party. In fact, he forgot his reason why he even came to this pathetic party. Girls were flirting around him and asking him to dance with them but they all were rejected the second they spoke to him, "Stupid party," he said to himself, taking bits of sip from his beverage. The only thing that he had been doing since he got here was, "Give me another one," he said to the bartender(A/N: Yes I put a bartender there for fun lol). Drink and drink, only to get a few brain damage from the alcohol chemical, but the man didn't care if he lost his brain, after all it was his own body to own and no one else.

"Sure," said the bartender, fetching another drink for the blue raven hair man. While the bartender got his customer the drink that he requested, the man got even bored than before, 'Damn! If I keep drinking like this, it's going to be hard for me to wake in the morning………-sigh- by the way. What am I doing tomorrow anyways' he thought while drinking his beer.


"Huh?" Sasuke thoughts was interrupted by a very unpleasant voice, that he regretted having ears. He looked away, trying to avoid the familiar voice, "Oh god, she better not," he mumbled to himself, holding his cup tightly as he senses her coming closer to him.

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" she shouted as she tightly hugged her first crush.

"Damn it Sakura! Get the fuck off!" he tried shoving his old fan girl, who could never get the message that he never wanted her because she was too crazy.

"Oh Sasuke! You came for me. I miss you, did you miss me?" she said it like a little girl, looking adorable for her picture day but even with those green hazel eyes of hers, it still didn't work on her.

"No Sakura!" he finally got her off, as he glared at her with anger in his eye.

"Sasuke! You jerk!"

"Oh no, not again," Sasuke didn't wanted to turn for the person who just disgraced him. So he slowly began walking away as the fight continue with the two idiots.

"Naruto! Stop calling Sasuke that, you idiot!" Sakura was glaring at the show off blond man, who just disrespected her love.

"But Sakura he just pushed you! At least he could say he was sorry," Naruto pity his lovely dream girl and will do anything for to be happy.

"Naruto just leave me alone!"

"But Sakura?"

"No Naruto! I don't freakin love you alright! Get that in your stupid blond head! I don' care your rich or a big shot. Your still the same retarded kid who can never leave me alone! Gezz!" Sakura took a very deep breath and finally calmed down. She had finally said what she should of have many years ago, and now everything was going to be alright for her.

Naruto couldn't say another word; she had finally broken his sparkling heart. His craving for her had been shot down right there and he wanted to hit something for his anger. He had success in life, and even changed himself for her but nothing worked to impress the lovely Sakura.

Naruto slowly turned around and left her to be with her love. Once Sakura saw Naruto leave, she felt relief and free but, when she turned to talk to her lovable Sasuke, he was gone, "Where did he go?"

Somewhere by another bar, Sasuke was seating down, watching the people dancing on the dance floor, "Damn, why am I hear again," he asked himself again, "How long has it been since I got here?" he stared at his watch and couldn't tell the time, because his eyes were a bit blurry to see the numbers on his watch.

So he called out the next person who walked by him to tell him the time, "Hey you!" but unfortunately all the peoples here, were almost pure girls, looking drunk from the served beers, so it wasn't wise to call anyone of them.

"I-I think I should leave," he said to himself, feeling a bit tired from the beer and loud music, but once he took a step out of his seat, he bumped into someone and than dropped his drink with the person that he bump to.

"Oh I'm sorry," she apologized, quickly picking up her cup and his. Sasuke on the other hand, observed the woman and got a kick on the back, for not recognizing her before.

"Hinata?" he remembered those white eyes anywhere and was surprise to see them again. It's been years since he last seen them except now. He could see them all over again.

"Y-Yes?" Hinata was confused, she got up and heard the man say her name, as if he met her before but she can't remember him.

Sasuke kept staring into her eyes and loved what he saw, her face was still the same but her body had changed. The last time he saw her it was their graduation and he still felt regretful for not telling her about how he felt about her. He badly wanted to tell her the truth but he couldn't. Now, has faith given him another chance?

"Yes," Hinata said again, with one of her eye brow up in weirdness. Who was this man? And how did he know her name so quick? One thing for sure, she had a bad feeling about him.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(A/N: I decided to skip time and get to the point lol)

The next day had approached and Hinata could feel herself aching in pain all over her body. The sun had shine right into her eyes and she wasn't in the mood for a happy morning from the servant. She took her pillow and laid it on top of her face, coving her eyes from the brightness of the sun.

She was tired and again, sore? 'Why does my body hurt' she wondered while sleeping for another minute or so. Without knowing the area around, she didn't felt as exactly the same as it should be at home. Something was different and out of place.

After another five minute, Hinata barely made a move to her right and felt something out of the ordinary.

"Huh?" she didn't bother to open her white eyes to check at the thing that was on her bed, instead, she continue to feel more of the 'thing'.

'Soft and……… skin' she slowly rubbed her finger tips on the object, than, when her mind became curious, she slowly opened her eyes and blinked once, than twice.

"What that?………" she got up from her deep sleep and saw another body resting by her, but he wasn't just there. He was there, NAKED!!

"Naruto?………… Oh god. Oh god. Oh god," she said softly, shoving herself away from his naked body, which she must admit, it was fine looking. But as soon as she got to her left, she stopped from another skin body contact and it felt as if he was awake. He growled from his disturbance. Hinata slowly turned and was surprise to see the man from the party that she just met, was naked too. Fuck! They both were fine and juicy looken but Hinata was in shock and speechless.

The man slowly woke up from his sleep and blinked from his slumber, "Ahhh," he moaned a little. He stretches but as soon as he reached to his limit, he felt sore, 'What happen,' he thought, looking around and found himself naked, than he soon felt a bit wrong between his inner thighs. But that wasn't the only thing he found wrong yet good, "H-Hinata?" than stared a little far to the end "………… What? Naruto?"

Hinata was covering herself with the only blanket that they had on. When Sasuke saw her, the intension was killing her. She didn't know what to do? Or how the heck she is going to get out?

Likely, a yawn from the fox man had broken Hinata and Sasuke's eye staring contact. He got up and rubbed his sky blue eyes while stretching comfortably. After the relaxing stretch, he rubbed his blue eyes for a better vision, once his vision was fully clear, he saw two half naked people staring at him, "What's going on?" he was the first one, who actually asked the right question, which all of them wanted to know..

Probably, one of them had the answer, considering the fact that all of them were in one bed, naked and have no total memories of what happen last night or how they even got here. But maybe, at least one had to remember something.

"Umm…… P-Please c-can you b-both c-change," Hinata was staring down, while avoiding the two sexy male, who later realized they both were exposed right beside her.

They both turned away from each other and got out of the bed, than tried to look for their own clothes. Hinata heard them moving, searching for their outfit and hopefully, hers also.

"Found mine!" Naruto said, grabbing his pants and shit, putting both of them on.

"Idiot," Sasuke whispered, looking for his clothes, as he heard Naruto annoying loud voice, Sasuke soon found his. He putted his on and finished at the same time as Naruto.

Once the two fixable males were done, they stared back at the bed and noticed Hinata was still in bed, bear skin. She was frozen, frighten, shock and embarrass. There were, not only one, but two. TWO! Two young, hot, yet confused men with her, in the same room, together. Was all naked! 'Damn Hanabi! Your going to get it! Go out you say, you'll be fine. Go wild. Fuck! I lost my freakin virginity for goodness sake. Lost it to my old high school crush and….. And to this other man that I have no idea who the hell he is' while she was lost in her thought, she didn't even noticed tears were sliding from her eyes.

Hinata was sobbing from the lost of her pureness and it was her insane sister fault. She suddenly rubbed her eyes than stared down at the tainted bed sheets. She noticed the filthy blood on the bed and between her legs. More tears came crawling down, the embarrassment was too much. Too much that she hide herself under the sheets of blankets, sobbing while hugging herself.

"Hinata," Naruto couldn't bear to see his old friend crying because she lost something important.

"Hinata, it's going to be alright. If it makes you feel better, I'll take good care of you, I'll never leave your side," Hinata stared up from her depression and saw that beautiful smile she long for, and stopped her cry.

Sasuke didn't enjoy the sight of Naruto saying those useless words to her. Why did she like Naruo more than him? After all these years, she still likes him and it really piss him off. He loved her more than that idiot ever did in his whole life.

"Hey!" both of them stared at Sasuke, "Here," it seemed he had found Hinata's clothes and handed them back to her.

"T-Thanks," she said, taking her stuff back but it took her awhile to get dress, since there were two men staring at her.

Right after she was done, the door was knocking and a lady in a cleaning uniform appeared in the entrance. She smiled at the three guess, "I hoped your stay was pleasant,"

"Pleasant? Hey lady,"

"Yes sir?" replied the maiden, looking at Naruto.

"Where are we? We kind lost side track from last night," he said, rubbing the back of his head with his right head, as he laughed a little for asking such a stupid question, but he desperately had to know.

"Oh, you are in the most elegant and best hotel in Las Vegas. See," she quickly walked directly toward the window and opened the curtain, revealing the burring light of the sun.

The three confuse people walked toward the window and when they got to the point of the view, they all were in shock. It was something they did not expected to happen, their here. Here to the "Magic City" the city that never goes to sleep, ever. They are in Las Vegas.

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