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Ch. 10


On the other side of the country, the Hyuga were dinning there expensive food and enjoying themselves as the last year without any misunderstanding news had yet disturb them. It felt like a fresh new start since the beginning of the year here in Hawaii. Everyone in the private area had a spectacular time, all but one.

Hinata, of course.

She had seal herself from all the excitement that her father had granted her and shell herself from her young sister comfort. Hanabi try to convince Hinata to relax and love the new world, but unfortunately, Hinata's heart was too shatter to even think of the beautiful sight that she was witnessing with her family. Right after she woke on the first day in this wonderful place, she lost hope and happiness. It wasn't the fact that her father force her on anything beside living in the island, it was the fact he wouldn't allow her to leave to live with the two men in her heart and the father of her child.

Sakura was the secretary for Hiashi, mentor for Hinata, and nurse of the new member in the family. She did a lot of head planning for things to do in her job and to keep a close eye on Hinata. After what happen to her in Las Vegas, after Sasuke left her in the apartment, she finally open her hazel green eye of the truth. She wasn't worth anything for Sasuke or Naruto anymore nor ever will be. The love she once had had crack, but still standing. The day Sasuke and Naruto broke in the house a year ago, was the same day she made a pact with Hiashi to separate Hinata from her two husband. This would benefit both the Hyuuga's name and made Sakura happier. Thus conclude their trouble of humiliation and burden from the two males.

Hanabi was disappointed about her father and his deal with Sakura. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see their malevolent plan, but it did take a whole a lot of convincing from her super hero (Batman) to not spoil their plan. Her father surely pay a lot to keep Hanabi silent and to corporate with him. Eventually she forgot about their evil plan and try to live life.

One day though, their paradise plan didn't go as plan when two unexpected visitor came and ruin the peaceful dream land.

Sasuke and Naruto forced Neji to corporate with them and to play along the plan that they just thought of during the helicopter trip. Neji stay calm until he hear the plan, which the stupid blond made up, and glared at the two crazy idiots. However, he was in no condition of talking back to them because he was the one who is being pin down in defeat and has no choice to fight back.

It was morning when they arrive, pretending to be servant to Neji and had disguise to convince, that covered their hairs and eyes. Neji already made the call that he was arriving in the island unexpectedly to visit. The guards nod and alert Hiashi of Neji's arrival. Hiashi looked suspicious of the thought of his nephew abandoning the mansion without informing Hiashi personally. Something was up, so he play along and instructed the front guards to keep an close eye on his nephew and his package. The guards received their instruction and prepare for Neji's entrance.

After an hour trip from bottom to the top of the island it's secret location that surprised all three men. The Hyuuga sure had weird and strict areas.

"Are you sure about this?" Neji question them, having less fear of them. Traveling with these courageous gentleman who has the hot and heart for his cousin, made him realize not to be fear of a man's ambition of love. Neji knows how to love and to be love back, so he didn't blame them for using him.

"There is no going back," Sasuke said, wearing the servant uniform, which he thought looked ridiculous.

"Right, and beside we faced these guys last time, it's a good time for revenge," Naruto laughed.

The driver stop. All three guys got in their position and prepare to enter the area. Neji got out of the car first, than Sasuke, follow by Naruto. Both pretend servant took his luggage and followed Neji to the front door. But before Neji got through the first gate, the guards stop him and instructed him to stand still for them to exam him. Neji obeyed the guard's order and pass the exam. Unfortunately, Sasuke and Naruto had to stay behind for a quick examination with Neji's luggage. Sasuke and Naruto both froze, unsure what to do, or should move on to plan B.

Before they pull out plan B, Hanabi interrupted the examination when she immediately ran to Neji in excitement. Hanabi ordered the guards to let them pass and they did. Hanabi lead them in the mansion with tons of question. During her blabbing, Neji stop her and specifically ask for Hinata's presences. Hanabi smile.

"So you have heard, I see," the girl giggled as she grabbed Neji's left arm, "Come, I'll show you. Oh, you guys head to the three floor, on the second door to the left. Good, see ya," Hanabi pulled Neji to another room while leaving two male on their own.

"She has become more of a brat," Sasuke frowned as Naruto nodded.

They both decided to drop-off Neji's luggage and wait for his arrival. They don't want to screw any opportunity they have seeing Hinata.

About fifteen minutes later, Neji enter in the room.

The three men had a long conversation about going further of the plan. Neji didn't want to risk more on the plan, so he advise them to use the secret escape room, incase the plan fail.

The next morning, Sasuke and Naruto completely change their disguise into Hiashi's guards. They want to get close to the boss in order to get what they wanted.

So they knock two look-alike guards and wore their clothes. They waited until breakfast was finish to proceed on their plan.

Even though they walked almost by every room in the mansion, they have yet set their eyes on their lonely wife.

They became concern and impatient.

When the ghost was clear and Hiashi was by himself, they took action.

They trap him within his own office (de-ja-vu) and tie him up, just like they did to Neji.

"What is this? Explain yourselves," he demanded as glared furious toward his traitor guards.

Sasuke and Naruto pull off the disguise and surprise the old man, "You two!" he was in shock.

"Nice to you see you again, dad," Naruto mock the business as he boil up from the offensive remark.

"You're not my son, nor you," he stare Sasuke, "Untie me this instant," he demanded as he struggle to free himself, but no good. It was tie pretty good.

"As much we enjoy you being strangle, we have no time spare, so I'll cut to the chase. We have come here for one thing only-" Sasuke was interrupted.

"Of course, my daughter, Hinata. You boys never seem to stop, but if you insist, you could have her. I have no use for her-"

"Silence, you bastard," Naruto used all force to prevent himself from punching the old man's disgrace about Hinata. He spoke as if she was a toy, being toss and thrown like nothing.

"We came here for one thing and that's for your consent for Hinata to live with us and our child," Sasuke harshly toward the successful man, yet wasn't blunt like Naruto.

Hiashi took a moment to think.

"You boys had bargain too much, but I could only grant one person desire,"

"So we hav-"

"I did not say you both could have her,"


"I could only hand Hinata to one husband, not both, and only that, she'll be free,"

"What about the child?"

"The child stay with it's mother of course,"

"No. Not good enough," Naruto finally spoke. You could tell from his vicious stare that he wasn't please of Hiashi's offer.

"If you refuse this opportunity there is no going back. I'm a deal or no deal businessman,"

"You do realize, if either one of us have Hinata, we'll go right back together, the three of us," Sasuke mention with his arm cross, but even with that slight reminder, Hiashi couldn't be beaten.

"There is no doubt in my mind that you're going to risk going to jail. You see, during my daughter's stay, I ask her to sign a few papers, to make sure if she tries to escape to you guys. They are strict document, if she leaves the premises without permission than she'll be sentences to a full year in jail, here in this island,"

"You bastard! How could you do that to your own daughter," Naruto became one tempter short before unleashing his rage at the man, that includes Sasuke.

"I had to teach her a lesson. To make her take responsibility of her own action. She even sign a document for only one husband as well. So if you wish for her to be free from this island, than one of you must sign the document and than I'll decline her prison in this island,"

The two had no choice. Chose to be with their wife, or forever be apart by law? They both stare at one another, than free Hiashi.

They both agree on Hinata's decision to chose either one of them as her husband.

Hiashi assemble a meeting with his daughter and his assistance.

All six of them were there: Hiashi, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Hinata and the one-year old baby.

Sakura and Hinata were speechless. Neither expected Sasuke and Naruto in the building. There were silences in the room before Hiashi broke the awkwardness.

"Sakura," he addressed, standing behind the center table in the quiet room.

"Y-Yes, sir," Sakura's mind was disturb from his boss's call.

"Did you bring the forms that I have requested?"

"Yes, sir," she hurry and place the files on the center table.

"To cut the long explanation, Hinata," Hiashi stare at his unsteady daughter as she gently held her child, "You have a choice: Who do you wish to be wed with?"

Hinata's life stood still as if the whole had froze for her. Her heart beat twice as fast, her arms shivers, and her mind went back and forth. Sasuke or Naruto?

"I-I……" who?

Who will be who?


She glance at both of them, than at her child. Should she chose her child's father?

"Hinata, it's alright. It doesn't matter who you chose, just as long you're happy," Sasuke spoke softly to her.

"Yeah Hinata. We came back t set you free. We only want you to be happy," Naruto grinned.

This is the most difficult choice she had ever made in her entire life.

"Hinata, quickly make your decision before I change my mind," Hiashi hissed.

She took one step forward and finally reach to her decision……

"I chose-"


"What the-"


"Quickly, get out, the whole place is about to explode," said one of the guard from the outside.


During the explosion, Sasuke and Naruto escape with their woman, child and the document. Leaving Hiashi miserable in his shatter mansion.

Weeks later

They were living in their own private island, living as one happy family. Hinata had a healthy girl and is expecting another.

The four are thankful of their happy family, but are curious of Hiashi and Sakura. What really happen to them?


Somewhere in a secure and private location, Hiashi sat next to his mental table with his solemn expression.

Later, Sakura walked in with his demanding cup of tea. The woman had her hair short like a man and has a eye-patch but still have her figure.

"Sir, you daughter is here," Sakura properly pulled Hiashi's wheel chair from the mental table and roll it around to see his future heir.

"Nice to see you again, dad," Hanabi smirked. Delighted to her crucible father and one-eye Sakura. Since the incident that occurred weeks ago, Hanabi was scar from the damage. She was disappointed of her sister and her idiot husbands. So she decided, since Hinata is no longer the heir, Hanabi put it on herself to be next heir and make her father proud.

And perhaps, this story would end up a happy ending, that if she doesn't do anything stupid.


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