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AUTHOR'S NOTES: For those wondering this is the rewrite of my first Ronin Warriors fic, the one that was previously never named, integrating it into an alternate universe Ronin Warriors story I've been working on. There are lemons in this fic and for those who think a lemon is just a sour citrus fruit here's a quick fact: Lemons in the fanfiction world means that there will be some moderate to intense description of a scene of sexual act. Some lemons are just the same as the average romance novel…that's what I have patterned the sex scenes within after.

As I said, this is now part of the AU fic I'm working, which is a fusion of elements between the original YST and the Americanized Ronin Warriors; the formerly untitled story has become a sidestory of sorts concentrating on Mia and Anubisu with references to the main fic for those who've not read it or for the parts I've yet to actually write. In this AU, three of the five Troopers are actually female, even though they hide this fact due to their gender-neutral armor and Arago is unaware of their identities aside from what he can glean from his Viewing orbs; the fic itself takes place in America in a fictional town in Washington in the present day.

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SUMMARY: Mia is kidnapped by Anubisu while researching the legends surrounding the Troopers' Armors. But is his reasons more then professional? Perhaps more personal? Rated M for later chapters.

CHAPTER SUMMARY: The Troopers have left for their training and Mia is left all alone in her research…however…she's not entirely as alone as she thought…


WARNINGS: Violence, swearing and heavy sexual situations.

GENRE: Drama/ Action & Adventure/ Romance

TIMELINE: post-Capture of Torrent, Halo, and Hardrock, pre-emergence of Lady Kayura.

EDITED: 07.20.2009


Hours after sunset, in a medium-sized two-story house just a few miles outside the city limits of Hell's Cove, Washington there was an odd event – silence.

Blessed, uninterrupted silence unusual for the active and lively crowd that lived there – no clashing of weaponry or roaring of a tiger or even the bellowing of teenagers forced to live in such close proximity to one another.


Because the noisiest occupants weren't there; after the Samurai Troopers had defeated Arago and most of the citizens of Hell's Cove had returned unscathed and without memory of their abduction, it had been decided that the five would move in with Mia to allow them all to train and study together while she studied their armors. It had taken a little work, but they had been able to fit everyone in without having to double thanks to her grandfather converting the small den on the first floor into an extra bedroom when he had been alive, which had been claimed by the Torrent bearer due to its access to the lake that dominated most of the property.

It was an older house, built in the late 1800's and had served as a bed and breakfast even after it had been remodeled sometime in the early Eighties by the lone occupant's then living father. The house had reverted to her grandfather's estate when her parents died and with his passing at the hands of the Dynasty, Mia Koji found herself at the age of nineteen with a house and over ten acres of heavily forested land surrounding her childhood home, including a small lake that the Torrent bearer spent most of her time at.

Torrent. Cye Mouri. The third recovered from suspended animation and the youngest female, ready to reach eighteen like her fellow Samurai Troopers in a few months, she was a petite graceful young woman who moved easily on land as she did in water, something the still clumsy at times Mia envied. The young armor-bearer was painfully shy and spoke so softly, so politely, unless in the heat of battle, and then she was screaming at her nemesis Naaza, the Warlord of Venom. She was level-headed and was often to approach with caution, which Mia was glad for, since it balanced out Ryo and Kun's impetuous natures. Of course, like the virtue she embodied, she could be a bit too trusting…

Wildfire. Ryo Sanada. The younger of the male armor-bearers and first to be revived, he was as wild as his white Siberian tiger Whiteblaze, though the large cat seemed to have a more level head then the hotheaded armor-bearer the feline watched over did. He wasn't as tall as Rowen, but he was by no means a lightweight and he lived up to his virtue of righteousness, seeking to rush headlong into battle to avenge those that perished at the Dynasty's hands. He took every defeat and setback against the Dynasty personally and it showed in his strive to improve himself as both a the leader of the five and as a swordsman.

Halo. Sonya 'Sage' Date. The eldest female armor bearer and second to be revived, she was perhaps that most calm and collected of their unit; while not as intellectual as Rowen, she lived up to her virtue of Wisdom by acting as Ryo's calming influence, his rock and steady partner in battle. Often she acted as his support and backup on and off the battlefield; the two sword-wielding Samurai Troopers seemed to have found a kinship with one another through the constant training they went through together to hone their swordsmanship and the two seemed to enjoy pitting their skills with their respective swords against one another as well as working in tangent in the training sessions the five participated in.

Strata. Rowen Hashabi. The elder of the male armor bearers and last to be revived, he was a bit lazy but when he put his mind to something, his overwhelming intellect shined through. He, along with Sage, had come up with several useful battle strategies and formations for the team of armor-clad mystical warriors to use in their battle against the Dynasty. It seemed as though his Virtue of Life caused him to be extremely sensitive to the plight of the mortal world, feeling the echoes of pain and fear from those Arago sought to enslave and destroy.

Hardrock. Lei-Kun Shu. The third female of the team and the fourth of the Troopers to be revived, she was the 'strongman' of their team, her natural impressive strength enhanced greatly upon gaining her armor; it was still odd to witness her great strength in action, especially when outside her armor she looked so…well, delicate with her petite height and lithe form hidden under her masculine clothing. Her Virtue of Justice seemed to be in every action against their foes, with her eagerness to smash the Warlords of the Dynasty – Rajura of Illusion most predominantly – into a fine pulp. Of course, at times she seemed to overcompensate her need to prove herself by rushing headlong into battle alongside Ryo; the two at times seemed to egg each other on in combat, at times keeping score of who had the highest number of smashed Dynasty soldiers.

The five together were a powerful unit and capable of great things, such as the legendary white armor that had formed in their last battle with Arago, the battle in which they had brought back almost all of the residents of Hell's Cove from their stay in the Youjakai with no memory of their ordeal. While the Troopers trained to negate the draining sensation of their armor when they joined their powers to form the white armor, it would be up to Mia and even young Yulie to investigate the legends and myths that surrounded the unusual armor. They knew that after the battle with several of the elite of the Youjakai after its power that Arago was possibly still alive and seeking to recapture their armor.

It was that reason, for the group of teens that had become like family to her, she was up so late into the night. Leaning back in her swiveling computer chair, she reached up and rubbed at the ache in her neck, watching through her eyelashes as the desktop computer before her began its weekly maintenance scan. Her eyes automatically flickered down to the lower right-hand corner of the screen to check the clock; Mia's eyes widened in surprise to see it almost the witching hour of three AM. The chair creaked as she straightened and rose to her feet, lethargically lifting her arms and arching her back, stretching her body while trying to ignore the popping of cartilage that announced she'd been immobile for much too long.

With a weary sigh, she turned the monitor off and stepped to the side while pushing her chair in at the computer desk. Her body moved on autopilot as she turned off the lamps around her desk, casting the library into darkness except for the light of the full moon that cast its silvery light across the hardwood floor and the rugs, illuminating portions of the book cases and weapons hanging on the wall; the suits of armor that stood guard at the door of her grandfather's library looked quite spooky in the dim light. The college research assistant shook herself mentally, silently scolding her over active imagination as she strode by the empty suits of armor; though since the day at the university, when her grandfather and the suits of armor in his workplace had been possessed…she'd have a bit of wariness around any suit of armor she came across.

With her eyes focused straight ahead, she never noticed the shadow that flitted across one of the windows of the library, nor the tall, hulking armor clad form that briefly appeared on the other side of the French doors, his cape fluttering slightly in the wind…




The house was so quiet as she paused to check the locked front door that it made her a little nervous; since the Troopers had moved in she had become used to some form of noise, no matter what time of day or night, from the constant raiding of the kitchen for midnight munchies or even Whiteblaze's nocturnal prowling. The light pitter-patter of her slipper-covered feet seemed to echo in the stillness of the living room as she hurried towards the kitchen for her own late-night snack attack.

In the darkness of the covered wrap-around porch, a pair of eyes gleamed, watching through the sliding glass doors by the base of the stairs, tracking the mortal young woman's movements. The light suddenly cast by the kitchen's overhead light illuminated part of the dark grey and black chest plate and helm of the solitary armored warrior lurking in the shadows.

The kitchen light flickered off as Mia exited the kitchen with her light snack, settling for yogurt and fruit along with a bottle of water. Humming softly under her breath, she hurried to the stairs. She planned to eat her snack while waiting for the water to warm, which reminded her – she really had to ask Kun or Rowen to help her find a new water heater since so the old one wouldn't be able to supply all they needed now. The auburn-haired young woman didn't even pause as she moved up the stairs, not knowing that as her line of sight left the sliding glass doors, the shadows shifted as the armored man's cape fluttered slightly in the faint breeze.

Entering the master suite, Mia smiled sadly as the memories of her childhood washed over her; this used to be her grandparents' room before her grandmother had died and her grandfather had converted the small den on the first floor into a bedroom for his own use, going so far as to turn the old storage closet into a functional bathroom when her father had remodeled the house, claiming he had no longer had a need for all of the extra room the suite provided. Mia didn't really remember much of when the house was remodeled, having been a very small child at the time; her grandfather told her when she was older it had been done after the house had caught fire from a lightning strike during a particularly bad storm when she had been a baby, which had prompted her mother and father to move in with her aging grandparents.

As she set her finished snack aside on the bathroom countertop, steam began to rise from the trickle of water coming from the spigot of the master suite's bathroom; she stepped over to the deep, antique claw-footed bathtub, leaning forward to adjust the controls and set the plug into the drain. Straightening, she yawned behind her hand and pulled the tails of her blouse free from the waistband of her blue jeans before she began to unbutton the plain white cotton garment. Shrugging out of the unbuttoned shirt, she dropped it into the tall clothes hamper by the toilet.

Stepping out of her slippers, she kicked them beside the toilet before undoing the fastenings of her jeans; hooking her thumbs into the waistband, she pushed them down with a slight wiggle of her hips. Catching the waistband of her panties along with her jeans she stripped them off in a single movement before removing and discarding her socks into the hamper as she straightened. Reaching behind her, she fumbled with the clasp of her bra before finally forcing her tired fingers to work with the small, annoying clasp.

As the water filled, she turned to face the mirror that dominated the wall over her countertop. Stepping forward, she reached up and began pulling hairpins free of the once neat twist she'd had her auburn hair in, setting the bobby pins on the counter top. With her hair falling loose again, she glanced over her shoulder to check the level of the water in the tub. Finding it at a satisfactory level, she turned the spigot off and stepped into the tub, hissing faintly at the hot water as it slid over her tired, aching muscles.

Sitting in the tub, she waited for her body to adjust to the hotter then normal water, allowing the heat to seep in and relax her tense frame. Sighing softly, she leaned forward, picking up a poofy bath sponge and her bodywash; her mind wandered as her body automatically moved through the motions of washing away the grime of the day.

Would the Troopers be able to gain the power boost they needed in this quest of theirs? Would it be enough to counter the drain they felt after forming the white armor or would the power they gained merely increased the strength of the white armor?

The warmth of the water and the late hour caused the gentle movements of the sponge to sporadically slow before halting as she dozed off, her damp hair plastered to her neck and shoulders as her head rested on the rim of the bathtub. The lights around the mirror and light overhead flickered slightly and she stirred slightly at the faint, but familiar, clinking sound of armor as the darkly garbed warrior carefully crouched beside the antique bathtub, mindful of the spikes that protruded from various parts of his armor, his blood-red cape pooling on the tile floor.

Leaning forward, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the sleeping woman's scent, the Dark Warlord Anubisu allowed his wolf-green eyes to trail over the nude form stretched out in the antique bathtub; lifting his right hand, he gently trailed his gauntleted fingertips up over her wet arm towards her shoulder. The auburn-haired young woman shivered from the touch of the cold metal, shifting slightly in the warm water even as Anubisu trailed his fingers over her shoulder and collar bone, watching as her nipples hardened in reaction to his icy touch.

The Warlord fought the urge to lean in and mark her as his property right then and there, knowing that the claw-like spikes on his chest plate would grate against the porcelain of the bathtub and wake her before he could properly claim her. The water of the bathtub sloshed as she began to stir closer to wakefulness and he smirked, watching how her breasts bobbed in the water before seeming to fade away, manipulating the shadows to vanish away from sight.

When Mia opened her eyes, she sat up and realized she'd drifted off to sleep. With an annoyed huff to find the water cooling, the auburn-haired young woman swiftly finished her bath and stepped out of the bathtub. As the large bathtub drained of water, she reached for one of her white bathtowels from the rack above her laundry hamper. With a brisk efficiency she dried her skin before leaning forward with her bare back to the toilet to begin drying her long hair, her vision temporarily blocked by the wet strands and her towel.

Behind her, flickering faintly into sight like a ghostly apparition, Anubisu sat carefully on the porcelain throne, mindful of the weight of his armor; his cape was swept to the side out of the way. His dark eyes gleamed as he watched the woman he intended to keep as his own; the Warlord had decided to have her after how she displayed her cunning mind and passionate nature in her defense and aid of the Halo bearer and the child. To him, it showed she was a she-wolf after his own heart, ready to use what limited skill she had to protect her pups and pack to the very end.

Soon she'd realize the futility of fighting against the Dynasty just as his new potential pack-mates would. After all, he'd promised Halo he would teach them the ways of the Dynasty, like a good big brother, and he always kept his word. The nude form before him, however, was sorely trying the limits of his endurance and even trying to distract himself with how he'd train his new little apprentice – and how to keep the other two girls safe from the males of his not-quite-so-sane pack – in the ways of the swordsman was not working.

No, not working at all, not when his future mate was before him, unknowingly in a very inviting and submissive posture; the soft lighting of the bathroom made it easy for him to bend the shadows to his will, but it also made her pale peach skin gleam luminously, enhancing the curve of her spine, the dip of her waist and the shapeliness of her hips. He sat up straight as she straightened while tossing her damp hair back and once more he faded from view.

Turning, she tossed the damp towel into the clothes hamper beside the toilet before picking up a small spray bottle of scented detangler from the counter-top and tilting her head back, she calmly spritzed it through her hair, running her free hand through the damp locks to work the concoction through. Capping the detangler, she returned it to the counter-top and picked up a wide-toothed comb to run through her hair and undo any stubborn snarls.

Anubisu was biting on the inside of his cheek, using every ounce of discipline he had to keep from pouncing on her right there; the knowledge that while in his full armor he could possibly kill her due to the spikes that protruded from his chest plate was one of the biggest motivators to stay right where he was…even when she unknowingly wiggled in a way that caused her breasts to bounce enticingly near his eye-level. Perspiration beaded behind his faceplate as he watched her go through the rest of her after-bathing ritual and he had to stay completely still, even when she placed her foot on the porcelain lip of the toilet right between his legs as she began to apply a lightly floral cream all over her skin, complementing the scent of the stuff she'd put on her hair and her own natural scent. He bit back a sigh of relief when she removed her foot and straightened, placing the bottle of scented cream back on the counter-top.

She tossed her hair over her shoulder and turned, heading out of the bathroom back into her bedroom. Feeling a bit confident due to the fact she was completely alone for once in the house, she didn't bother with her robe and placed one of her favorite CDs in the player on her nightstand and as the sounds of Celtic Woman filled the air and dissipating the bothersome silence. Smiling she opened the top drawer of her tall dresser, pulling out one of the nightgowns Cye had given her; the two had remarkably similar tastes in clothes with their rather modest natures and religious upbringings to where that they could at times wear each others clothes, much to Sage and Kun's amusement.

Slowly he stood so his armor would not clank together too loudly, watching her pull the thin, almost translucent, white shift-like garment over her head; the uneven hemline fell around her shapely calves and clung to the partially damp places as she adjusted the petal-like sleeves of her sleeping gown. The high waist of the garment came right below her breasts, emphasizing the curve of her bust. His head cocked to the side like an inquisitive wolf as he watched her suddenly twirl in beat with the strange music she was listening, the string and wind instruments with the female vocals in a combination of English and what sounded to be Gaelic.

The auburn-haired mortal woman twirled gracefully, sending the handkerchief hem of her nightgown flaring before she sat on the stool at her vanity, sliding her bare feet into the soft, fuzzy white bedroom slippers Sage had given her. Picking up her silver-handled hairbrush she ran it through her partially damp hair a few times before setting it back down and loosely braiding her hair, securing it with a black twisty-tie to keep her hair from tangling as she slept. Flicking the braid of hair over her shoulder, she rolled her shoulders, feeling the partially damp mass of hair settling against her spine.

The slight clink of armor caused her to twist on the vanity's stool, looking behind her in surprise. When her frightened blue eyes found nothing, she bit her lower lip before turning back to face the vanity; the young mortal woman froze, her blue eyes widening as a shiver of fear went down her spine as she beheld what the reflection in the vanity's oval mirror showed was standing right beside her.

With his clawed gauntlet-covered hand resting lightly on the top of her vanity and his empty right hand lifted as though about to cup her face Mia found the Dark Warlord of Corruption once more in her personal space for the third time in her life – the first two times had been when she and Sage had gone to retrieve Kun from the Throne of the Gods; she'd gotten separated from the Halo bearer and, due to the sudden blizzard, had literally barreled into the Dark Warlord…of course that was before she used herself as bait to give Sage time to find her focus and spent almost an hour playing prey to the predatory Warlord of Corruption.

Anubisu could hear the pounding of her heart in his ears, smell the rush of pheromones that wafted from her flushed skin. Even though fear was predominate, he still found himself leaning in to get a better whiff of her scent, the armor he wore clinking and creaking softly as he did; he twisted his torso slightly to frame her slender form with the pair of claw-like protrusions from his chest plate. His woman's breathing went up a notch as her anxiety increased as his fingertips brushed her jaw line, the sudden cold of his touch seeming to snap her into action.

To be honest, the Warlord wasn't that surprise when she shrieked in terror and jerked away from him; no, what surprised him that instead of falling onto the floor, she tumbled gracefully, landing in a low crouch before sprinting for her bedroom door. The skirt of her nightgown flared behind her as she ran from him and he kicked the vanity stool out of his way, striding after her. She didn't pause as she reached out and snagged one of the small decorative tables flanking outside her bedroom door and toppled it over in an effort to slow him down; the loud bang and clatter of the small wooden table striking the hardwood floor drowned out the clanking of Anubisu's armor, momentarily hiding his location from her as she fled towards the stairs.

Her mind raced as she tried to figure out a way to escape as she ran down the staircase and she could hear the clanking of his armored books and his curse as he kicked the small table out of his way. With her feet moving on autopilot, she found herself running through the entertainment room into the dojo, which at one time had been a recessed sunroom, heading for the back steps that lead into the back yard. As her slippers touched the dew-damp grass, she looked around for an escape route when she took notice of the large trellis leaning against the side of the house that was part of the back yard's garden. The young woman looked over her shoulder as she heard the Warlord rip the door leading into the dojo off its frame. A shiver of fear went down her spine as she saw Anubisu begin to slowly stalk forward, his cape snapping around him in his fury.

Her mind made up, Mia dashed over to the trellis and began to climb it, grateful for the season of fall; none of the flowers that grew up the trellis were in bloom and were currently dormant. Below her she could hear Anubisu's startled exclamation and the sound of his armored feet against the Dojo's hardwood floor and woven straw tatami mats. Desperately she ignored the Warlord as she began to climb faster.

When she at the second level of the house, Mia could hear and feel the trellis strain under Anubisu's sudden weight as he pursued her. In the back of her mind she wondered why he didn't simply jump to the rooftop to cut her off as she swiftly approached the roof before concluding it was part of this bizarre hunt, he the predator and she the prey. She quickly scampered up over the trellis and onto the steadier footing of the roof. The skirt of her nightgown bunched around her hips as she frantically turned her body and kicked out with her slipper-covered foot, striking the trellis.

It wobbled, shifting only slightly, which could have been an effect of Anubisu's greater weight moving up it.

She struck out again, this time harder and the trellis groaned under the combination of the Warlord's armored weight and Mia's forceful strikes. Frantically she kicked out once more and this time the trellis began to lean backwards. One of Anubisu's armored hands came into view and Mia shrieked in fear as she struck the trellis once more.

It toppled over backwards, taking the Warlord of Darkness and Corruption with it, loudly cursing his annoyance as he toppled backwards. The sound of the man's armored form impacting with the ground caused Mia to sigh in relief and carefully crawl over the roof's coarse shingles to sit beside one of the house's two chimneys; it had a slight overhang and would protect her from the elements until dawn came. She sighed and leaned back against the barrel of the chimney, hoping for dawn to come soon so that she might figure out a way to get down from the roof since the trellis seemed the only way up or down.

Mia froze when she heard the sound of metal scrap against the roof's shingles; fearful, she shifted her weight to peer around the chimney and watched in horror as an armored hand clamped onto the roof edge. Stifling a gasp of fright, she swiftly hid behind the chimney, trying to figure a way out. She could hear as Anubisu climbed fully onto the roof, which groaned faintly under the weight of the armor covered man.

With her back to the chimney, she thought of the large, ancient tree whose branches she had been begging the male Troopers to trim; she mentally thanked them for their procrastination since it seemed to be a possible avenue of escape until the Warlord got though playing this game of his. Only one thing would get in the way of her escape.


The tree branches were very close to his location on the roof; she'd have to pass in his arm's reach to get to the branches.

Silently Mia breathed a quick prayer and shifted her weight as quietly as possible, her limber leg muscles tensing in preparation for the sprint she would have to make. Reaching the end of a mental countdown, she sprang from behind the chimney and started to dash past the startled Warlord; she was almost to the branches when she felt a pair of armored arms wrap around her waist to snag her and pull her back onto an armored chest, right between the two claw-like protrusions. The mortal woman shrieked as she struggled against the Warlord of Darkness's grip, futilely trying to pry his fingers loose.

Faintly she could hear him chuckling and the armor clanking as his head bowed. She felt his hot, moist breath against her ear. "Feisty."

"Let me go! Right now!" The demand was delivered in a higher pitch then she normally spoke in, her fear causing her voice to rise against her will.

"No, I don't think I'll do that…not at all. After all, I promised Halo to look after you…"

Mia froze in confusion, her heart pounding and breathing ragged as her mind struggled to make sense of his comment. 'W-what? He promised Sage…? B-but they hate each other…! And they've not even seen each other since the Troopers defeated Arago…!'

She dimly heard him chuckle over her turbulent thoughts, his voice becoming huskier and breath warm on the side of her neck. "Now that you've stopped fighting, perhaps we can indulge in a bit of fun…"

'Fun…?' the auburn-haired young woman began to silently question only to scream in outrage a second later when he shifted his grip on her to cup one of her cotton covered breasts with an armored hand; the metal of his armor was cold through the thin cloth of her nightgown. On reflex Mia smacked at the offending appendage, but only resulted in hurting her hand rather then punishing the Warlord's wandering hand.

With an outraged snarl she struggled to pull out of his arms, but she could see the shadows by the chimney began to shimmer and ripple before solidifying into a doorway made out of darkness. Momentarily transfixed by the casual use of magic, she stilled in her captor's arms.

Relieved she had stopped fighting, even if it was just for a moment, Anubisu carried his prey into the shadow doorway he had conjured…