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AUTHOR'S NOTES: For those wondering this is the rewrite of my first Ronin Warriors fic, the one that was previously never named, integrating it into an alternate universe Ronin Warriors story I've been working on. There are lemons in this fic and for those who think a lemon is just a sour citrus fruit here's a quick fact: Lemons in the fanfiction world means that there will be some moderate to intense description of a scene of sexual act. Some lemons are just the same as the average romance novel…that's what I have patterned the sex scenes within after.

As I said, this is now part of the AU fic I'm working, which is a fusion of elements between the original YST and the Americanized Ronin Warriors; the formerly untitled story has become a sidestory of sorts concentrating on Mia and Anubisu with references to the main fic for those who've not read it or for the parts I've yet to actually write. In this AU, three of the five Troopers are actually female, even though they hide this fact due to their gender-neutral armor and Arago is unaware of their identities aside from what he can glean from his Viewing orbs; the fic itself takes place in America in a fictional town in Washington in the present day.

There are references to a really great Warlord/Masho ficlet that has twenty things you didn't know about the fearsome foursome. A few snippets from that have been used as inspiration, but go read the original -- a link to which is in my favorite stories -- especially if you're a fan of the Warlords/Masho because it's a great and insightful look into their personalities and histories.

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SUMMARY: Mia is kidnapped by Anubisu while researching the legends surrounding the Troopers' Armors. But is his reasons more then professional? Perhaps more personal? Rated M for later chapters.

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Mia finds herself in Anubisu's very bedchambers, but will her resolve to escape weaken before the Warlord's possessive hunger?


WARNINGS: Violence, swearing and heavy sexual situations.

GENRE: Drama/ Action & Adventure/ Romance

TIMELINE: post-Capture of Torrent, Halo, and Hardrock, pre-emergence of Lady Kayura.

EDITED: 09.12.2008



The fortress stronghold of Arago was a vast and foreboding place, a place the Samurai Troopers had only seen a small fraction of in their breaching of it's gates the first time around. Within the stronghold were the Warlord's own quarters, located in a tower almost secluded from the rest of the fortress – with how often the four had brawled when first brought together, it was an attempt by Arago to make them at least learn how to cooperate with one another.

It worked too.

However, it didn't stop the occasional rampant prank war that would break out when they got bored and no one was trying to rebel against their Master, prank wars which led to small kitchens in each of the Warlords suites and a firm enforcement of proper etiquette in the main Dining Hall least there be a repeat of the Bean Incident. The Dark Warlord of Corruption personally believed Naaza had a dent in his head from what he perceived to be Shuten's over-reaction to a simple prank -- it'd certainly explain some of the snake-armored Warlord's behavior at times, though one would believe it'd take more then a tea tray to do the damage responsible…

While the Warlords each had their own apartment, their tower had several different training halls, from a traditional Dojo to a few training halls enchanted to respond to the particular Warlord's wishes. Each level was designed for different things. The lowest levels, the ones underground were storage – the dungeons were located beneath the main building of the fortress – while the above ground levels had dining and food preparation, then training rooms and the Dojo, then the Warlords' living quarters.

Anubisu's level was closer to the ground, just above the Dojo and had a lovely view of the walled in gardens that surrounded the Warlords' Tower. When he arrived inside his apartment, exiting a doorway of shadows, he was carefully carrying his bride, whom had fainted during transport. His apartment was sparse and masculine, a place to eat and sleep really – most of his time was spent on the battlefield, around his fellow Warlords, or training in one of the Tower's many Dojos. The windows of the apartment were covered by heavy curtains to keep the sunlight of the Youjakai out and hanging around the centuries old Japanese bed of his bedchamber were even more curtains, allowing him to sleep encased by his element of Darkness.

His armored boots clanked softly against the hard wood of the floor as he approached his low to the ground bed; turning his upper body, he caught the tied back curtains around his bed on the hilt of his sheathed nodachi, parting the heavy dark cloth wider as he knelt down set the unconscious auburn-haired young woman on the bed. Mindful of his clawed gauntlet, he retracted his hand from beneath her upper back and placed his hand on the coverlet beside her head as he withdrew his other hand from behind her knees. Placing his free hand on her shin, he slowly slid his hand up, catching the uneven hem of her thin cotton nightgown, pushing the cloth up over her knees and paused at the outer side of her mid-thigh to watch her reaction.

She shifted atop the firm mattress, her head falling back to bare her throat as she moved sluggishly, the mattress unlike her softer one at home. The Dark Warlord of Corruption stared down at her, waiting for her to awaken. After a moment, Mia slowly opened her eyes; the room was dimly lit, but she could determine the identity of the armored male figure above her from the familiar shape of his helm. Immediately she shrieked in fear and reflexively kicked out at him to put distance between them, the pushed up skirt of her nightgown bunching around her hips.

The Warlord growled and placed his free hand on her shoulder, pushing her back into the mattress. The captive young woman went from shrieking to screaming, causing Anubisu to curse before swooping down and claiming her mouth with his. She stiffened, her blue eyes widening, the red of his faceplate dominating her vision; faintly she could see the corner of his scarred eye. His lips were warm in contrast with the cold metal that covered most of his face, bruising her lips with the brutal force of his kiss. Mia struggled, trying to pull away, but leery of the curved spikes protruding from his chestplate that caged her upper torso. Anubisu changed his grip, sliding his hand up from her shoulder to cup her cheek as he brought his other knee on the mattress, his blood-red cape fully falling forward onto Mia and the soft coverlet.

Trembling, the captive young woman whimpered as the tip of his tongue pressed at the seam of her full lips; futilely she tried to turn her head away and free herself from Anubisu's demanding mouth. He moved his hand from her shoulder and grasped the skirt of her thin cotton nightgown, pushing it up to expose her shapely hips, trim waist and full breasts to his possessive, seeking hands. The sound of their heavy breathing echoed the chamber as he released the cotton and cupped one of her now bare breasts with his armored hand. She gasped against his mouth as her nipples stiffened from the cold of his armored hands; the temperature difference between Anubisu's warm lips and his cold armored hands was surprisingly arousing and he had taken the opportunity she had unwittingly given him to thrust his tongue into her mouth, possessively claiming her lips in a feral, hungry kiss full of passion and need.

Mia mentally shook herself and tried to think of a way to escape, but found that more difficult as the moments passed as he hungrily ravaged her mouth, leaving her trembling and whimpering softly as Anubisu reluctantly pulled away.

"As I expected…" he said, and despite the faceplate he still wore, she could see the smirk on his wet and slightly swollen lips. "Such passion beneath that prim exterior… This night will most certainly be…enjoyable."

Mia could felt the burn of her blush of embarrassment spreading up over her breasts all the way to her hairline as she growled at him in outrage, causing Anubisu to laugh huskily as he leaned down, lightly nipping her lower lip. Forgetting about the curved spikes of his armor and sheer weight of the grown man in full armor, she bucked violently beneath him, attempting to throw him off of top her. The Warlord chuckled once more in amusement at her futile attempt to dislodge him as he lifted up from her body and finished pulling the cotton nightgown over her head. Anubisu's smirk grew as he surveyed her pale flesh, stark in contrast with the deep reddish-black of his bed's coverlet as he tossed the nightgown aside.

Anubisu seemed to rumble deep in his throat in primal satisfaction, his smirk widening even as she futilely crossed her arms over her breasts and pressed her thighs together in embarrassment. "All mine…"

He banished his armor completely in a muted flare of energy, leaving him in a simple yukata of slate grey with black bamboo shoots, loosely secured around him with a black obi at his hips. Anubisu released her shoulder and braced his weight on his forearm as he leaned down slightly and stared into her eyes with a voracious, possessive gaze. As close as they were, she could see the faint gold flecks in his eyes that gave them a wolf-like appearance, and for the first time could fully see his face; his hair was a wild halo of dark blue-black and the cross-like scar over his right eye was a vivid, angry red, just as she had imagined it, while his skin held the pallor of someone who spent most their time indoors or out of direct sunlight. Rather then pretty-boy handsome, there was a harsh angular nature to his face, making him handsome in a starkly masculine way; below his slightly hawkish nose, his lips were thin and curled in a feral smirk. There was something so…so familiar about his gaze, that hunger burning in his eyes…

The Warlord's hot breath wafted over her lips as he leaned closer and lightly brushed his lips against hers before slowly trailing his lips over her chin and nuzzled at her slender throat. Immediately she hunched her shoulder, trying to shield her exposed throat from the predatory man atop her, her hands pressing and pushing futilely at his chest. Without his armor, she assumed him to be more vulnerable and her mind raced as she tried to figure out a way to defend herself and perhaps escape from wherever he had taken her…

He growled softly, the faint stubble on his jaw rasping against her soft skin as he nipped possessively at the exposed skin he could access; his broad, calloused fingertips stroked slowly, sensually over her silky skin. The Warlord felt her shuddering involuntarily, the thin cotton of his yukata feeling unexpectedly constrictive and chaffing over his flesh at the need to feel skin against skin. Carefully he shifted, keeping her pinned against him as he undid the obi of his yukuta and with a roll of his shoulders, shrugged out of the garment.

Discarding it in an absent motion, he bent his head down to brush his lips over her shoulder, trailing his tongue over her collarbone and then down the slope of her breast before moving his moist tongue in a circle around her aureole and lapping at her nipple. Unused to such a sensation, one that sent such an expected wave of pleasure shooting through her, Mia moaned and involuntarily arched her upper torso, giving Anubisu greater access to her breasts.

"Like that? Good...." The Warlord chuckled softly and lavished more attention onto Mia's breasts, gently taking a hardened nipple between his teeth, teasing into into an almost painful tautness before closing his lips over her nipple and suckling gently.

Her eyes opened wide as he ran his sword-calloused hands up over the silky flesh of her sides before gently cupping one of her breasts; gently he thumbed her neglected nipple, working the nub tight and taunt with his fingers before lifting his head and switching his attention to it. Previous thoughts of waiting for an opportunity to escape flew out the window as he scrapped his fangs gentle over her nipple before capturing and tugging gently. A shaky breath escaped the Scholarly woman as she shuddered beneath him and Anubisu's nostrils flared, inhaling the strengthening scent of her arousal. A soft growl of approval rumbled in his throat as he dragged his lips up from her breasts to hungrily kiss her on the lips as he ran his calloused thumbs over her nipples. She moaned and her fingers twitched as she shifted beneath him. With trembling hands she reached up, running her fingers through his dark blue hair before her long fingers clenched, her body arching against his mouth. Anubisu nudged her silky thighs apart with one of his knees as he reluctantly moved his hands down from the supple flesh of her breasts. His hands trailed down her sides and captured her shapely hips as he began to trail kisses down over her flat abdomen.

Anubisu slid his broad, strong hands around Mia's hips and cupped her buttocks, kneading gently as he lay fully between her thighs, his elbows digging into his futon's mattress; he slid his hands down over her silky legs, the muscles of his back and shoulders bunching and flexing as he shifted his hold. His lips were hot against her flesh and she whimpered as he nuzzled her navel. A slow, rumbling growl escaped him, a sound that was possessive and made her tremble even as his head dipped lower, his breath hot against the very core of her.

"P-please...what are you...? Why are...?" Her voice was breathy and shaking as she tried to form a coherent sentence, thought; she was his enemy wasn't she? Or at least aiding his enemies, making her a conspirator against his Emperor...

"You entice me so," his voice was a thick, husky growl as he nuzzled her inner thigh, his tongue darting out to to lap high, close to the apex of her thighs. "Since I first saw you, there at that school...and every time I saw you afterwards...."

Mia's eyes widened, the familiarity of his eyes suddenly snapping into place; the mystery man with the hungry eyes standing in the shadow of the oak tree outside her grandfather's office! He'd been Anubisu the entire time! A hot blush burned her cheeks as she swallowed to wet her suddenly parched throat. Oh the dreams those eyes had given her, dreams given to her unknowingly by the enemy! Those eyes, watching her from the shadows of the oak tree again and again when she'd pulled a few all nighters after they defeated Arago, then when the various, lesser tyrants of the Youjakai.... those eyes she'd seen when looking out the window in the shadows...!

"Y-you were watching me.....this whole time?!" She choked out, trying to sit up. He'd seen her--!

"Aaaa." He hummed in his throat, acknowledging her deduction and Mia felt his lips curve smugly against her thigh. "'re beautiful when you're aroused; I liked seeing that..."

Her breathing was harsh, ragged as her eyes closed with a combination of embarrassment and arousal surging through her, causing her to tremble. He'd seen her touching herself through the window?! His eyes were that good?!

"Your hands... Your body arching... I couldn't wait to make you writhe like that myself," Anubisu continued before the tip of his tongue dipped forward, parting the moist folds of her sex. He smirked at the breathy whimper that escaped her throat and involuntary jerking of her hips.

Her hands reached blindly, reaching down to grip at his hair as she gasped. "Aaaahhhh! Anubisu!"

His name sounded so sweet on her lips, even if it wasn't the name he'd been born with. The Warlord rewarded her, his mouth opening, hot and hungry as he pressed his tongue against her. He shifted her legs, draping them over his shoulders and he could feel the tension in the lithe muscles of her thighs as her nails dug almost painfully into his scalp. With a possessive growl he began to lap at the wet folds of her sex with his tongue; she whimpered loudly and dug her bare heels into the mattress as she arched her hips closer to his lips and tongue. He growled his approval deep in his throat as he delved his tongue to torment the tiny, sensitive bud hidden by the folds. Her hips jerked as pleasure spasmed through her.

"...aaaaahhh!" She writhed under the relentless ravaging of his lips and tongue, finding he was as skilled in reducing her to a quivering unthinking mass no matter what sort of kiss he gave her.

The sounds she made, the scent and taste of her, it made him so painfully hard and he shifted, his arousal rubbing, grinding against the futon subconsciously in an attempt to alleviate the aching. Gods how she made him ache so--! After a few moments more, he found himself unable to deny the need to claim her fully.

She growled her displeasure when he removed his lips and tongue, her hips arching in silent pleading for his touch. His hands were strong and sure as they gripped her thighs as he sat up, her hands being dragged from their grip on his hair, pulling her across the futon's coverlet; her hair spread like dark flame over the covers and she could feel something hot and hard nudging against the soft flesh high on her inner thigh, a hot wet trail sliding against her skin. One of his hands slid from her thighs and she felt the calloused pads of his fingers touching between her legs, parting the folds of her sex before the broad fingertip of his forefinger caressed her opening. Her hips jerked in reflex at the foreign touch and she blushed brightly.

"Mine," he growled, gently stroking her opening. "All of you, from the tip of your head to the soles of your feet...and all that is between. You are mine. I...have waited six hundred years for you to come into my life -- I will not wait any longer..."

Mia's eyes opened wide as she felt his fingertip gently push into her and the inner muscles of her sex clenched around the intruding digit. He growled faintly in his throat at the tightness, the wet heat. His, all his. Carefully he moved his finger, stretching her bit by bit so when he entered her it'd not be as uncomfortable. After a moment, he began pushing his second finger in and she cried out softly, her hips arching. Shifting his hand, he gently rubbed the calloused pad of his thumb over the delicate bud at the top of her sex.


Her whimpering plea made him smile wolfishly. "You accept you are mine? For now and always?"

"Aaaahhh....y-yes..." Her hips moved restlessly against his hand, her body arching and writhing; the Scholar's blue eyes were dazed and cloudy with desire and need.

His fingers curled a bit inside her and Mia's hips jerked against his hand. Sliding his fingers out of her, he shifted and she felt that hot hardness pressing at her entrance. Carefully he gripped himself, watching her as he rubbed the broad head of his sex up and down hers; the soft mewling whimpers that escaped her throat as her hips bucked against him made his smile turn tender, possessive. She was his....

Slowly, carefully he pushed the broad head inside, releasing himself to hold her hips steady; he didn't want to hurt her and was fighting against his instincts to remain slow and gentle. He braced his powerful arms on either side of her as he leaned forward and he claimed her lips with his in a deep kiss as he pressed forward, slowly pushing into her tight depths until he could feel the resistance of her virginity. Her breathing was ragged and he could feel the hardened, sensitive nipples brushing through his coarse chest hair; the Warlord was certain that the contact left scorching trails across his skin.

Reluctantly Anubisu lifted his mouth from hers, his voice thick as he whispered against her kiss-swollen lips, "That's it... relax...."

Dazed by the passion she'd long denied herself, Mia brought her hands up to grip his back, her nails digging to pale, scarred skin that stretched over the powerful muscles of his broad back. Anubisu hungrily reclaimed her lips as he pushed suddenly into her wet heat, breaking her virginity's barrier. She gave a breathy shriek of surprised pain that was muffled by his lips he gently ravaged her mouth, his tongue gently rubbing against and tormenting hers as she adjusted to the unaccustomed girth inside her before carefully moving his hips. She whimpered slightly as he gave a few shallow, cautious thrusts and the pain faded, turning back to pleasure once more.

She moaned loudly against his lips as she arched her hips to meet each of his thrusts; her nails dug into his back, leaving vivid red claw marks in their wake before digging into his shoulders. Anubisu groaned his approval as Mia wrapped her slender legs around him and his hips moved faster, driving into her with harder, deeper thrusts. A throaty whimper escaped her as she felt the pleasure building up inside her, a tightness coiling within her belly, like a spring being over wound to the breaking point. The Warlord's hot lips slid from her lips to trail down the side of her neck.

"Anubisu!" His name was a strangled whimpering as she neared the brink, knowing that her climax was so close...

" Mate...mine--!" he whispered hoarsely against her throat, shuddering atop her.

The winding pressure suddenly snapped and her body arched upwards against his, sweat-slick skin sliding against sweat-slick skin as she screamed his name, seeming to echo in the heavy curtains of his bed. She could feel Anubisu thrust into her body a few more times before he gave out a hoarse shout as she felt the warm heat of his climax. The Warlord collapsed atop his captive Bride's trembling, exhausted body, his lips seeking the delicate flesh of her collarbone. Sharp fangs suddenly sank into tender flesh and he suckled gently as Mia cried out in surprise, writhing beneath him.

Warmth spread from where he'd nipped her, a sense of...belonging, acceptance....and she felt suddenly consumed by a wave of love, devotion and desire. Overwhelmed mentally and exhausted physically, she fainted in the Warlord's arms. Anubisu lifted his head and smirked down at the Mark of his armor appearing against her flesh, a black circular emblem outlining a wolf's head, declaring her his Wife. Sated physically and satisfied mentally, he shifted, rolling them onto his back and pawing at the covers. When they were securely wrapped, he let his eyes close, reassured by the Mark he'd placed and the feel of her in his arms, her breath against his neck and heart beating next to his...