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Before a single breath had been taken, the murderous chakra in the room began to swell, almost becoming tangible in the air.

'What is this?' Sasuke thought to himself, as the pressure in the air began to increase, making him want to flee, crying, to his mother's embrace.

Itachi's eyes widened, and he shuffled back slightly until his back was flush with the wall.

After a moment, the little girl, whose eyes were burning red and fierce, pounced at Itachi, her usually stubby little nails suddenly longer and more pronounced. Sasuke shut his eyes for the briefest moment, and when he opened them he gasped slightly.

Tsunade was standing in the middle of the room, one hand over her nose, one on the forehead of the struggling little girl, who swiped her fists into thin air.

The horrid pressure in the air began to subside, but Naruto still hadn't stopped in her struggle. Her eyes faded back to blue, and the whisker marks on her cheeks became less vivid.

"Well, that was…interesting," Fugaku said, braking the silence.
Tsunade removed her hand from Naruto's head, and the little girl went flying to the floor, squealing briefly in the moment before she hit the floor.

"What do you want to say to Itachi, Naruto?" Tsunade said in an exasperated voice.

Naruto rolled over until she was looking up into her guardian's tired face. Aftera moment, she blinked, and sat up, swivelling herself around to face Itachi.

"I'm sorry, Itachi-nii, but you have evil eyes," she said quietly. Tsunade rubbed her eyes again when she heard Fugaku gasp.

"The Sharingan is not evil," he told Naruto, in the same voice he used to tell Itachi off when he was angry. "It is the heritage of the Uchiha clan, one which we take great care to carry on through our lineage."

Naruto blinked at him, her face entirely blank and without understanding.

"Hebi has those eyes," she said. Sasuke's ears perked up, and he started paying proper attention to the conversation once again.

"Who is Hebi? Our eyes are a genetic trait, and no on in our family has ever been given such a coarse name as 'snake'," Fugaku said, his eyes narrowing slightly at the little girl.

She shook her head defiantly, not quite understanding all of his words.

"Hebi was a demon. Hebi and Kyuu-chan got into a big fight, but he's not here any more," she said, her finger resting gently on her nose.

After a moment, Naruto walked over to Itachi, with the whole of Itachi's family watching her carefully. Tsunade sighed and began to shuffle back to her bedroom.

Naruto climbed gently up into Itachi's lap, and threaded her arms around his neck and resting her chin on his shoulder.

"You're not Hebi, are you?" she whispered to him. Itachi was about to answer when he felt a drop of moisture against his cheek. He pulled back slightly to see Naruto's eyes brimming with tears, and her nose and whiskered cheeks twitching slightly.

Using one of his arms to hold her skinny fram to his body, and the other to gently stroke her hair, he said "No, I'm not. Don't worry."

Naurot blinked up at the ceiling, her eyes still damp with unspilt tears. She had pulled the various duvets around her into a little nest of warmth, even though the evening was still mild.

She gave a loud sniff, and rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand. Even a year after Hebi had stopped appearing in her dreams, she was still scared of him coming back and tormenting her. He would come and talk to her when Kyuubi wasn't around, whispering evil words into her ears that made her wake up crying, desperate for comfort.

The eyes Itachi had flashed through her mind once again, and she let out a sob, as quietly as she could, and once against dashed the tears away from her cheeks once again.

She pulled the duvets over her head, and snuggled down into her little den, before she felt the tears she had spent the whole time she was doing her teeth and changing for bed begin to work their way to the surface. After a moment, she rolled onto her side, and curled around herself, before she began to cry, her sobs becoming louder and louder as they broke away from her. She lay crying for a few moments, before she felt something move against her duvet. After a moment, light spilled into her carefully constructed den, and a small, bony figure tumbled in beside her. Sasuke sat there, blinking darkly at her for a moment, before he pulled the duvet down over the hole he had made, and scooted closer to her.

"Don't cry," he told her plainly.

Naruto's sobs subsided a little, and she rubbed her face hard again, feeling it sting harshly against her fingers.

"I'm scared," she told him. Sasuke looked confused for a brief moment, then smiled slightly.

"I'll chase the monsters away," he said, telling her what his brother had so often told him.

Naruto shifted over, and before he could protest, she had wrapped her thin arms around him, and before he could think of what to do, he was hugging her back.

That was how Itachi found them the next morning when he came to look for his little brother.

A month and a half later


"Here!" the little pink haired girl squealed happily.


"Here, Sensei!" shouted the blonde girl, just as happily and loudly.


"Here!" the little boy said around a lollipop.


"Yes," he said in a low voice.


The little girl who sat halfway back in the class room jumped up and down on her seat, her blonde pigtails bouncing excitedly. "Yes! YES! I'm here! I'm here Shizune-chan!" she shouted loudly.

"Right," said Shizune-sensei. "Hinata-chan?"

Nothing happened. Shizune tried again.

"She's here, sensei," said Naruto, pointing down beside her chair. Over the past month at school, Naruto had become overly fond of the little, white eyed child, but poor Hinata had just grown more and more nervous about being at school. Hinata's wide white eyes appeared above the desk, and she blinked out at Shizune.

"Yes, Hinata's here."

"Sensei! Sensei! Over here!" shouted a little white haired child, Taro. When Shizune turned to look at him on the other side of the classroom, he settled down considerably.

"Why are we all "-chan" and "-kun", and Naruto-chan is called "-sama"?" he asked her, shouting over the general murmuring of the class.

Everything suddenly fell silent. The child with her hair in her mouth let it fall out, and it landed on her desk with a sodden thud.

"It's because my Daddy was the Yondaime Hokage," Naruto said happily, puffing her chest out with childish self importance.

Shizune smiled nicely, but shook her head softly.

"I'm afraid that's not the whole reason." Everybody turned to look at the open door, where their other sensei, a half-masked, silver-haired man stood. "Shall I tell this story, Shizune-sensei?"

Most of the children in the class shouted happily, but Sasuke rolled his eyes. Tsunade had already told him this story. The children settled down into their chairs, and Kakashi sat on the teacher's desk next to Shizune, who started telling the story. Sasuke folded his arms and settled his head on top of them, and naruto settled her ehad on his shoulder. Over the past month and a bit, Naruto and Sasuke had grown a lot closer, their friendly competition drawing them closer to one another.

"Okay. A while ago, before some of you were born, there were ten demons. The biggest and most powerful of those demons was Kyuubi no Kitsune, a big fox with nine tails. Kyuubi live north of here in a cave in the mountain. All of the other demons had been put into people so as they could help to protect countries and villages, and Kyuubi was the only one who hadn't been put into a person yet. So, the fourth Hokage, Naruto's dad, decided to get the demon to come to the village. She wasn't happy about this, really, so she got angry and attacked the village. The Hokage sealed the demon into his daughter, Naruto, who was just a baby. The Kyuubi protects us, and Naruto does as well. That's why she's a very important girl."
There was silence for a moment following Shizune's story, and one of the children shouted out "That's a rubbish story. There was no fighting in it!"
Kakashi smiled happily at all of the children. "I'll tell you a better story then," he said, smirking at Shizune.

The kunai thudded into the tree, each one hitting the target, but not quite in the centre. Sasuke smiled to himself gently, happy that he was improving slightly. Itachi had tried to teach him to throw kunai before he entered the academy, but to no avail. Sasuke had no aim.

At the next tree, Naruto called his name. "Watch this!"

She scrunched her eyes up for a moment, and a sudden burst of red chakra appeared around the kunai. Most of the children in the little clearing in the forest stopped what they were doing to look at the little demon girl in amazement.

After a moment, she let the kunai spin from her hand, and it flew through the air, before it slammed into the tree, taking half of the body of it, and most of the targets, with a single hit.

"Naruto!" Shizune shrieked, dropping a shuriken to the floor. She was by the girl's side in a moment, holding out her hands to see them. "You aren't allowed to use chakra like that! It's very dangerous!"

Most of the children snickered slightly at their panicked teacher, who shot them poisonous glares, which startled most of them.

"Calm down, Shizune. She's just a child," Kakashi drawled from his vantage point up a tree. He dropped to the floor, landing perfectly on one foot, with one hand behind his back and the other clasping an orange covered book in front of him.

"Exactly! She's only a child! A child with a lot of chakra. Put that book away, Kakashi," she ended absently.

Shizune dropped Naruto's wrists, and looked at the little girl, who blinked at her with wide, blue eyes.

"Don't tell ba-chan, Shizune-nee?" she begged quietly. Shizune continued to scowl at her.

"Please?" Tears welled in the corners of her aquamarine eyes, and Shizune's face relaxed.

"Fine. But don't do it again, Naruto-sama!"

Shizune held her hand to her head in a way that reminded Naruto of Tsunade, and as she retreated to stop a child from throwing a kunai into her foot, Sasuke and Naruto hi-fived behind her, Naruto grinning ecstatically, Sasuke's face entirely without emotion.

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