The Outsiders Reunited - Chpt. 1

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What would it be like if Johnny and Dallas didn't die and some old man from Japan came to Oklahoma and saved their lives with the help of his greasy american granddaughter.

(The Hospital in Oklahoma)

"Hey Gramps do you think you can save these guys lives? I mean the doctor said they died in front of their friends." A girl with long brown hair to her waist with the ends of her hair red, wearing tight jeans, a long sleeve shirt with a cut off sleeve hoodie, and black worn out sneakers walked into the hospital besides an old asian man.(picture Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid if you never seen the Karate Kid you have got to see it!)

"I have faith in myself and them I believe there is still a little bit of life in both of them."

"Gramps I think you have too much faith in you." The girl said opening the door and walked to a nearby nurse.

"Ah we are hear to see the two boys that you believed died a couple days ago." The old man said.

"Oh yes I'll show you to their rooms." The nurse led the girl and old man down a long hallway into a room which had Johnny. Then she led them across the hall to Dallas's room.

"There wounds are very serious I'll get started right away. Um Booch will you go to the drug store and buy us some food? This might take a while." The old man said to Booch

"Sure Gramps after that do you think you'll need my help with anything?"

"I'm sure I'll find something for you to do." He handed her a roll of money and Booch left.

"Madam we'll you tell the doctor I'm hear and I'll start with this uh..." he looked at Dallas without looking at the clipboard with his name. "With Dallas Winston."

"Of course um..."

"Oh um its Shino Yagi." he said and bowed to her.

"Oh ok Mr. Yagi" and she bowed back then left. Mr. Yagi then turned to Dallas.

"Now what have you gotten into this time Dally?" Mr. Yagi then began to bring Dallas to health again.

(On the street)

'Man what's with all these socs beating up these greasers' Booch thought to herself and wasn't paying attention to where she was going and ran into a parked blue Mustang.

"Ouch! Stupid car!" Booch yelled rubbing her shin and kicked the Mustang's wheel.

"Hey watch it punk!" Booch turned around and found herself looking at a group of socs. A couple took out some pocket knives.

"Hey guys you wouldn't hurt a girl now would you?" Booch said backing up slowly.

"Who cares your still a greaser and don't act like you aren't girls don't wear jeans and sneakers or ripped sweatshirts." One soc said that owned th blue Mustang.

"Oh well you guys sure have a nice attitude towards girls!" Booch said spitting on the car and running.

"Get Her!!" Some of the socs yelled and chased after her. Booch was a fast runner since she always gotten in trouble with socs.

'Man why me! What did I do to deserve this?!' Booch thought she then climbed over a wired fence and fell in someone's yard. The socs found her and almost climbed over but they saw a group of greasers run out of the house acting like they were gonna beat up the socs.

"Yeah you better get out of hear!" One yelled threatening them with his black handled switch blade.

"Don't even think about crossing this property!" Another one yelled. One greaser walked over to Booch while she was looking at the two greasers yelling.

"Hey you alright?" The greaser said shocking Booch a little then she realized he was holding out a hand to help her get up. She grabbed his hand like he motioned and he pulled her up. He looked the youngest out of the gang.

"Thanks...sorry I ran into your property." Booch said.

"Ah it's ok socs can be like that, oh my names Ponyboy."

"Pony...Boy...?" Booch stared at him with a confused look.

"What's wrong?" Ponyboy asked.

"Oh nothing it's just the name sounds familiar to me, and you guys look familiar" Booch said snapping out of her confused trance.

"There's nothing familiar about my name. I also got a brother name Sodapop." Ponyboy said pointing at one of the greasers that was yelling at the socs. "Not the one with the knife."

"Hey Ponyboy! Is the girl alright?" The greaser that Ponyboy was pointing to yelled.

"Yeah she's fine."

"Now that name sounds familiar too!"

"What?" Ponyboy said looking at Booch again.

"Oh never mind oh my names Booch." She said realizing she didn't introduce herself.

"Booch? Wait when did you come back from Japan?!" Ponyboy yelled.

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