The Outsiders Reunited chpt.7

Took me a while to finally get to this since my computer crashed and everything I had on it was erased but I got it back somehow. Ok two different sides of the story of Booch and somebody running through the park. Please enjoy!

(Booch's Pov.)

I heard footsteps following me so I tried to throw them off by picking up my speed and running through the park since it was dark out. But when I looked behind me to see if the person was following me they were gone. I then ran into something hard since I couldn't tell where I was going.

"AHHH!" I screamed girlishly falling on top of something which I believed was the person following me. I didn't really like how I was on top of him, and I could here a groan which made the person sound like a guy, and on top of all that his face was right next to mine! So I jumped up and tried to run but he grabbed my arm.

"Whoa Booch!" The person yelled at me, I was kinda shocked because it sounded a lot like…

"Johnny!" I yelled touching his cheek to make sure he had that scar he got from that soc Bob.

"Yeah?" He said and I pulled my hand back beginning to blush.

(Johnny's Pov)

I couldn't believe for an injured person who got jumped then hit by a car could run that fast. But I'll catch up to her.

"Hope this works." I said to myself running through a short cut that would take me in front of Booch so I'll stop her in her tracks.

"AHHH!" Booch yelled really girly falling on me. It was a very odd position for us to be in.

"oww…" I mumbled but she didn't care, she got up and started to run again but I grabbed her arm. "Whoa Booch!" I yelled and then she turned to me.

"Johnny!?" She said to me and touched my cheek with the scar I got from Bob Sheldon. I was kinda embarrassed to say anything from the way she touched my cheek, yet it was gentle but she was shaking.

"Yeah?" I managed to say. She then pulled her hand back and turned from me. I realized she was probably blushing from touching my cheek and falling on me a couple seconds ago. Then I felt a couple rain drops on my shoulders. Aw great just what we need.

a near by tree cracks loudly and falls down

"Johnny did you hear that?" Booch said looking to see if it was a tree near us. Then I had a flashback of me, Ponyboy, and Booch when we were little kids. Booch lost her dog from a tree falling on her, it was a night just like tonight. Man we really digged that collie.

"Booch it's okay…just stay with me." I said grabbing her hand. She was shaking like crazy and her hands were cold. So I gave her my jean jacket to wear.

"Thanks Johnnycakes." She said walking next to me.

"Let's go back to Pony's." I said leading the way.

" 'kay" She said following me.

(Normal Pov)

Booch and Johnny walked back to Ponyboy's house hoping, Darry had the fire going since they were so cold.

(Booch's Pov)

"How much longer till we get there?" I asked beginning to trip over my own feet, I couldn't see that well either so I almost hit the light pole. Thank god Johnny was guiding me, if he wasn't I would have a big purple bruise on my head. I was also hurtin' all over.

"Booch get on my back." Johnny said pointing to his back.

"Johnny…are you sure?" I asked, he nodded. So I got on hi back, I was surprised to notice he wasn't just skin and bones but he actually had muscles. Whoa Booch! What are you thinking?! He's just a friend…just a friend. It wasn't long till I fell asleep again.