This is a quick ficlet written for Animegurl on fanfiction, based off of a picture by Neoyi on Deviantart, entitled "Danny Asks". I love that picture!

I do not own Danny Phantom, nor any of the characters.

Danny knew it was stupid. He knew he shouldn't be there. The very idea of confronting Vlad Masters at all, for no reason other than to ask such a trivial question was, perhaps, the most idiotic thing he had done in his life so far. But it had to be done; the question simply would not go unanswered.

For reasons he couldn't fully understand, Danny phased into the house. Wouldn't it have been better to just knock? To let the older halfa know he was there? If Danny asked the question on the porch, logic reasoned, he would have plenty of room to run away if the answer was unfavorable. Yet something forced him inside without a sound.

Danny floated about, inviable, for a few minutes, searching for Vlad. Finding a set of stairs, he started to float downward, only to have that power snatched from him. Danny yelped as he hit the steps, tumbling downward until he broke through the door into Vlad's laboratory.

"Ah, young Daniel," Vlad drawled coolly, a grin on his face when he saw the young man on his hands and knees. Turning back to his experiment, Vlad stated, "I knew the instant you entered. My ghost alarm alerted me to your presence. How did you like my new little device, the one that takes away your ability to float?"

Danny glowered at Vlad, not bothering to get up. Vlad chuckled, not bothering to look at Danny right away.

"So, Daniel, have you finally decided to join me?" He asked, long fingers typing away at the keyboard before him.

Danny blushed, and before he could stop himself, blurted, "Would you like me if was...older?" Vlad did not seem to register the question right away.

"Well, I --" He began, before stopping dead. His eyes stared blankly for a moment, before turning towards Danny, a confused and focused gaze drilling into the young boys eyes. "Wait, what?"

"Never mind," Danny sulked, returning to human form. "It was a stupid question anyway."

See? You should have rung the doorbell, his conscience nagged.

"Daniel, wait," Vlad ordered gently, catching the young man by the arm before he could start back up the stairs. "What exactly do you mean?"

Danny closed his eyes tight, bowing his head, determined not to speak. Sighing in frustration, Vlad turned him around and lifted his chin up. Danny opened his eyes to look at Vlad, then averted them in shame.

"Look at me, Daniel. Look at me and answer the question," Vlad ordered a little more sternly. "What do you mean, 'if you were older'?"

"Like I said, it was a stupid question, ok?" Danny snapped, trying to pull away. Vlad would not let him go. Instead, he lowered his face, until Danny could feel their lips brush ever so slightly. Closing the distance at last, Vlad kissed him gently, before releasing the young man.

"I already more than like you, Daniel," Vlad stated confidently. Danny grinned, wrapping his arms around Vlad's neck for another kiss.

The End! I don't plan on continuing this, cause honestly I don't know what to do next.