Discaimer: I don't own Ranma.

Author's Note: This is completely random, and I don't even remember exactly when I wrote it—but I ran across it in my "random inspirations" file today, and it made me laugh…

Just Curious

"Hey Ranma?" Akane said, taking a seat beside her fiancé on the edge of the porch.


"There's something I've always been curious about…"

"What's that?"

"Well, when you were at Jusenkyo, and you got cursed…"


"Why didn't you just find the Spring of Drowned Man right then and change back?"

Ranma fell utterly silent and still for a long moment. And then…

"…Son of a bitch…"

A/N: There you have it—short and sweet. Hope you enjoyed this little chuckle… (--grin--)