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This occurs after the Land of Waves Arc and before the Chunin Exam Arc.

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The New Episode 20: A New Teammate for Team Seven

Team Seven had just returned from their mission in the Land of Waves a few days earlier. This was their first meeting since the day they returned. Kakashi said he had some important news for them.

"Maybe he'll finally show us what his face looks like! Oooh! Maybe he's going to buy us all ramen for lunch! Maybe he'll show me a new jutsu!" Naruto speculated, getting more excited with each new idea. He paced around with his hands behind his head. Sakura was standing awkwardly in the sunlight. She wanted to join in Naruto's excitement, but Sasuke was being silent as usual. The black-haired boy was sitting in the shadow of a large tree, elbows on his knees, his hands folded in front of his face. Only his dark eyes were showing. Sakura didn't want to act stupid in front of her crush, so she folded her arms across her chest and scowled at the blonde boy.

"Don't get so excited, Naruto. Kakashi-sensei is late again. He probably forgot all about us," she said scathingly. Naruto's face fell.

"Kakashi-sensei? Are you here?" A new female voice came from the tress. Naruto stopped pacing and looked towards the source of the noise.

"Why is a girl looking for Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked quietly. Sasuke picked up his head and shrugged slightly. Suddenly, Kakashi was standing right next to Naruto. The blonde jumped into the air with a strangled yelp.

"Why do you always DO that to me?!"

"Sorry," Kakashi smiled with his eyes. "Sutefanii, are you around here?"

Sutefanii? Who's that? Sakura wondered. Naruto just looked confused, and even Sasuke raised an eyebrow at their sensei.

"Yeah, I'm here," the same voice they heard before answered. A brunette girl jumped down from a tree branch landing easily on her feet. Her blonde highlights glistened in the sunlight along with her striking hazel eyes. She was wearing some very torn up clothes: a v-neck dark green shirt, with one sleeve torn off completely, and a light green knee-length skirt. It was torn nearly to the waistband on one side, revealing her long black shorts and weapons pouch. She wore her forehead protector as a headband, like Sakura.

Naruto's jaw dropped and Sasuke's eyes widened slightly. Sakura, who was watching Sasuke, finally looked up when she saw his expression.

Wow. She's even prettier than Sakura-chan! Naruto thought.

Damn! Who is she? I've NEVER seen her around the village before…I'd definitely remember…Sasuke wondered to himself.

Why is Sasuke looking at her like that? He never looks at ME like that! Sakura complained internally.

"Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, I'd like you to meet Sutefanii of the Jeraado clan," Kakashi said. Naruto looked confused again and even Sakura didn't recognize the name. Sasuke remained silent, but he finally stood up.

"The Jeraados are one of the lesser known clans of the Hidden Leaf Village, but just as powerful as the others. Most of the ninja from their family have become ANBU members. They have a similar eye technique to the Byakugan and the Sharingan called the Akaruigan. This technique naturally occurs in very few members of the clan; those without this trait rarely become ninja. In fact, Sutefanii is the only one in her generation with this ability.

"The Akaruigan has not been as closely studied as the Byakugan and Sharingan because of her clan's…mysterious nature. Perhaps we'll learn something about our new teammate's abilities during our next training session." Kakashi waited for the news to sink in.

"Wait a minute, sensei. She's going to be on our team?" Sakura looked the brunette girl up and down disdainfully.

"Aren't they only supposed to be three-man teams?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto grinned. "Welcome to team seven! I'm Naruto Uzumaki. One day, I'm going to be Hokage! Believe it!"

"Naruto Uzumaki, huh? I've heard about you…" Sutefanii laughed a little. The blonde's face fell slightly, but immediately brightened when the new girl smiled and winked at him.

"I'm Sakura Haruno. How come you weren't at the Academy with us?" Sakura cut in, nudging Naruto out of the way.

"My family wanted me to be trained by the clan members, in order to better hone my skills. I think it was also for protective reasons. I finally convinced them to let me join a team in my age group to get more experience through missions and training." Sutefanii also smiled at Sakura, but the pink-haired girl pointedly looked away.

Sasuke took a step away from the others towards Sutefanii. "I'm Sasuke Uchiha," he said shortly. She smiled at him and his normally cool expression softened slightly. "How does your Akaruigan work? Is it that different from the Sharingan?"

"I guess you'll just have to wait and see…" Sutefanii smiled brightly once again.

"Glad to see we're all going to get along," Kakashi said.

Sakura scowled. "Kakashi-sensei, doesn't Sutefanii have to take the same test we did, in order to pass and join the team?"

Naruto opened his mouth to object, but Sasuke beat him to it. "She's got to be a skilled ninja or Kakashi wouldn't have considered her eligible for the team. Why bother testing her?" Sasuke looked at Sakura scornfully for a moment before turning away. Naruto nodded vehemently in agreement.

Kakashi cut in before a verbal fight broke out. "Actually Sakura, that's not a bad idea. Let's meet back here tomorrow morning, bright and early. You three can come and watch if you'd like, but it's not really necessary."

Sakura smirked. She was sure this newbie would fail. After Kakashi left, she and the others began walking towards the village center. As Sutefanii started to turn down the path leading to her clan's home, Sakura called to her.

"Oh, Sutefanii! You probably shouldn't eat breakfast tomorrow morning. Maybe you should even skip dinner. The test may make you throw up…" she smiled cruelly as Sutefanii waved her thanks and walked off.

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