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Chapter One: I'm Pregnant

" Harry I'm Pregnant." Ginny Said

"What ?" said Harry

"How could you be Pregnant." said Harry

"Well lets see remember that night three months ago when I , when we decided that it was time I moved in here." Said Ginny

"Yeah and I also remember that I want to tell your parents that you were moving in here with me. But you thought your parents would be upset." said Harry

"Harry not only would my parents be upset but you remember my six well now five older brothers. My very overly protective brothers who would have , NO, NO who are going to hurt you now that I am pregnant." said Ginny in a rather comical way but some what angry.

" I know Ginny that really why I wish you had told your parents that we were living together." Said Harry

" Well that's besides the point now Harry. I'm pregnant and everyone go…nn… going to b-e- m…aaaddd, and a-l-l you can thi--nk of is th-e the past.. A-r-e you e-v-e-n hap….happy ab-o-ut this baby." said Ginny while she started to break down in tears.

Harry started to freak out by all these emotional that Ginny was experiencing the only thing that Harry could do is walk over to Ginny and comfort her by holding her. Then Harry said

" Ginny of course I am Happy about this baby and you want o know why"

"Why?" Said Ginny with a teary red eye face.

"Because she or he will be a Weaseley. Also because he or she will be our child." Said Harry as he notice that this was starting to cheer Ginny up, He continue " Also the most important thing of all is that this child will have an amazing mother like you."

"Are you being serious?" Ask Ginny as she look up at the man, she always knew would be her husband and father of her children.

"Of course I am being serious Gin and let me tell you why? Because ever since I started dating you , No maybe even before we start dating! Ginny Weaseley with your beautiful red hair and fierce temper, that you would one day be my wife and mother of my children." said Harry to Ginny , who could not believe that Harry felt, let alone express something like he just did. Although she knew that he always had it in him to be sensitive.

Ginny spoke up and said "Well what are we going to do now?"

" I think we should go to the Burrow and tell your parents before they find and everyone else find out some other way." Said Harry

"Your right Harry. Lets go get pack then we can leave by apparition." Said Ginny

So They want and got everything pack. Then they left by apparition.

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