Ok, well I'm taking a break from One In A Million if you guys haven't noticed yet and I wanted to make a one-shot for one of my favorite pairing Cloud and Tifa, or CloTi. It's a songfic so I suggest you search it on YouTube or something to get the mood.

ANYWAYS, on with the story! Oh and the song is 'Who Will I Run to?' by Kiley Dean.

Red wine orbs scanned around the room, and her eyes landed on a certain hyper and talkative ninja. She silently glared at her. If it wasn't for Yuffie Kisaragi, she would be serving booze to old,perverted men and not having the spotlight on her with a microphone in her hands.Wait, she thought. That still doesn't sound right. She shook her head.

You see, it was a month after Cloud defeated Kadaj, and the other maniacs and even though they had found a cure for Geostigma, things were still gloomy. So, one night, when the members of AVALANCHE were over at Seventh Heaven, Yuffie suggested an idea.


"Hey Tifa!" Yuffie asked, well more shouted even though Tifa was by the counter where as Yuffie was sitting at a table not too far away from it.

" Yes, Yuffie?"

" Why don't you ever have ' Karaoke Nights' here?" The ever so annoying materia stealer asked

There was a short pause. Then Tifa put her finger at her chin, as if pondering something.

" I don't know really." She answered honestly. " I never really thought about it."

"Weeeeell, why don't you have one this week?" Yuffie asked, hopeful.

There was another short pause . Yuffie was looking at her intently.

Tifa opened her mouth. Yuffie held her breath.

" Sure, why not?" Everyone, except the two conversing women, had their heads up from whatever they were doing.

Cid stopped making a blue print to make a new ship, Barret stopped fixing his gun arm, Vincent looked up from his leaning body, and Cloud, the more surprised one of all, looked up from his map.

A karaoke night?At the bar? Cloud thought.

Everybody ( minus Tifa and Yuffie) also thought that.

Tifa, seeing the men's faces, let a soft smile reside and said, "Aww, c'mon guys. It'll be fun and plus, it's a new thing for the bar."

There was ANOTHER pause and approvals of nods were seen. But then again, why would she need approvals it was HER bar so it was really up to her.

" YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!" Yuffie shouted, shooting her fist up in the air, grinning like a goof ball.

Tifa shook her head.

Some things just don't change. She grinned.

Let's hope I won't regret doing this!


But oh she did.

A lot of people volunteered to sing in it, even the Turks. Reno and Rude sang 'Y.M.C.A' which was hilarious to watch. Everyone was having a laughing fit, even Vincent chuckled.

The next was Cid. He sang 'Achy Brakey Heart' By Billy Ray Cyrus and was, surprisingly, good.

Then Barret actually sang 'Buy You A Drank' by T-Pain, which shocked all of them because they never even thought that Barret actually listened to this. But, nonetheless, they all clapped, and were actually enjoyed by his performance.

Then there was Yuffie. She sang 'Buttons' by the PussyCat Dolls and even danced through it, very sexy. She would sway her hips by the rythyme and, well, dance what like a stripper would (without the stripping) except a cleaner version. All the men whistled at her, and Vincent couldn't help but have a nose bleed. By the end, they were all gaping at her while she looked very sheepishly.

Then came Cloud. It was amazing how they were able to convince him to sing yet alone stand on a stage ( for he had a very big problem with stage fright). He sang 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias, and all through it, he was blushing like crazy especially since he was looking directly at Tifa ( which made Tifa blush like crazy).

And this is where we are, right now. Yep, you guessed it, Tifa's performance.

She made her way upstage and held the microphone to her mouth.

" Umm, for the final act, I'll be singing 'Who Will I Run To?' by Kiley Dean." She cleared her throat, took a deep breath and then the music started.

' You were the one

Who I could tell my deepest fears

And you were the one

Who always wiped my tears

When he hurt me you were my prince

Sent staright from above

Like a fool, I never saw

You were falling in love

Cloud held his breath. He knew this was dedicated to him. When he ran away and joined SOLDIER, when he came back, and when he fell for Aerith, she died, and he ran away again

So now I've lost everything

Cause now you say

You're gone forever more

So who will I

Who will I run to

Who will I turn to

Now that you left me behind

Who will dry my tears

When I cry

Who will I run to

And who will I turn to

Now that you're not here In my life

Her voice sounded melodic to his ears. He knew she was putting her ALL emotions in this song. No madness, just pain and suffering, without being loved back. But the truth was the he did love her. With all his heart. He just fell for Aerith as more into attraction, but not love.

You were the one

I took for granted all those years

And you were the one

I should've known

It was so clear

How could I be so blind Not to see what's before my eyes

I'll get you back here with me If it takes the rest of my life

Cause I would do anythingC

ause I want you back forever more

Thoughts and emotions were swimming through Tifa's head. Why would she sing this song? Oh yeah, it's because she loves Cloud Strife, but she knew he would never return the same feelings. His love was for Aerith, and Aerith only.Who will I run to?

Who will I turn to?

Now that you left me behind

Who will dry my tears When I cry?

Who will I run to

And who will I turn to

Tifa held back the tears. No, she wouldn't and COULDN'T cry now.

Now that you're not here

In my life

I will gladly journey

Across the deep blue sea

If I could know

That I would have you here with me

I realize that I was blind

But now I finally see

I need you back here in my life

Oh baby can it be?

Who will I run to

Who will I turn to

Now that you left me behind

Who will dry my tears When I cry

Who will I run to?

Who will I turn to?

Now that you're not here In my life

Who will be there for me?

Who's gonna rescue me?

Who's gonna share my dreams?

Who's gonna mend this broken heart...

With the last word, she dropped her microphone and ran outside. She could barely hear the muffled cries of " Tifa!!".

She ran as fast her legs could take her, but someone then suddenly grabbed her wrist, and pulled her back into the person's chest.

Her head now laid across a very muscular chest. She looked up. " C-Cloud?" she whispered

" Tifa, I've always…. I've always…"

" Yes?"

" I've always loved you.

" You've always been there for me and I... I want to thank you for that." He then captured her into a VERY passionate kiss.

lol. Was it a crappy ending? Cuz personally I thought I would've done better but I didn't have the time. Oh, and if you did like this, sharre your thoughts on a review!

And I've been thinking, that if this one-shot got enough reviews, then I'll even make a sequel to it starring Yuffie and Vincent ' sexiness' Valentine. ;)