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Chapter 2-In The Loop

Two days later

Jeff sat on one of the boxes backstage and put his head in his hands. Being here, away from Amber, without Amber...it wasn't right.

The familiar scent of 'Curious' by Britney Spears filled his senses and he looked up to see Candice stood in front of him.

"Jeff. How…how are you?"

"I'm fine…yeah. I'm doing good today" Jeff lied. Candice twisted her mouth, something she always did when she knew he was lying to her

"No you aren't. Amber didn't respond, did she?"

As he heard the words leave her mouth, his face crumpled. Candice sat beside him and put her arms around him as he cried.

Randy saw this, watching from the shadows, turned on his heel and left.

Hey, you've reached Amberrr! I can't take your call right now, I'm probably hungover or something, so leave me a message and we can grab dinner later!

Estelle hung up upon hearing her sister's voicemail. The idea that the text had come from her was a stupid one anyway.

Fall into you is all I ever to do.
When I hit the bottle cause I'm afraid to be alone.
Tear us in two, tear us in two.

Estelle stared at her cell phone screen-she'd changed networks as soon as she'd got the first text, no way was she changing again. Instead, she hit reply.

Brittany was busy. She had various medical files in front of her, mainly of sports stars wishing to be cleared to compete.

She hated to disappoint, but there was no way she was letting John Cena back in the ring before March, no matter how much he pleaded with her.

Or how many times he took her out to dinner and flirted with those puppy dog eyes. She'd threatened to report his behaviour back to Tiffany if he hadn't stopped by their next meeting. Oddly enough, the flirting had stopped, something for which Brit was glad.

She'd of caved in if he flashed her those dimples one more time after begging.

As she signed at the bottom of the page to inform John he wasn't allow to compete, she heard something beep. After searching, unsuccesfully, in her office, she ventured into Amber's room and found her cell phone, situated on the table furthest away from the bed.

Puzzled, she checked Amber's heart rate from the last half hour and discovered it was constant, she hadn't moved or woken up. Brit frowned and flipped the phone open, to discover that there was now an unread message.

Who the hell are you? Why do you have my sister's cell phone?
What's going on? Are you awake Amber?
...Is this you?
Estelle xxx

Brittany dropped the phone and moved to Amber's bedside once more "Very funny, Ams. It's just me and you. Tell me what's going on"

As Brit waited expectantly, Amber did not stir. She was still, as it appeared, comatose.

I know you'll check this when you wake your gorgeous ass up, Amz.
I've got three words for you, baby.
Jeff and Candice.
You need to stop them. The rest of us are powerless.

Randy xxxxx

The email was sent shortly after Randy had witnessed Candice comforting Jeff. He knew it wouldn't take much longer for her to worm her way into his heart once again.

As it turned out, Randy had been correct. Candice smiled to herself as Jeff talked about his upcoming match for the WWE Title over a perfectly cooked dinner. Her divorce from her husband was yet to be finalised, but she was moving on from him rather quickly.

After all, she'd been in love with Jeff for a long time and now that Amber was out of the way, she could finally, finally, do something about it.

"Are you going to win?" Candice asked as she swallowed her food. As she spoke, Jeff noticed exactly what she had ordered. A tall glass of water and a chicken salad was not what he would call 'food'. Amber would never have ordered something like that-she'd be drinking either a Jack Daniels and coke or a glass of wine and be eating something filling, like pasta or steak, or they'd be sharing a huge pizza.

This irritated Jeff- Candice was way too skinny in his eyes anyway. For a woman of her ethnicity she should've had at least some curve that wasn't silicone. Amber had curves, just enough of them. Whenever she was getting skinny, she would notice. She always made a point to be above a size 2 or 4, unlike the other Diva's.

"Probably not. They don't trust me enough yet" Jeff rolled his eyes and cut some more of his steak, holding a piece up to Candice "Try it."

She bit her lip "I'm on a diet, Jeff. No red meat, carbohydrates or alcohol. I need to lose 3 pounds"

Jeff raised his eyebrows, eat the steak himself and said nothing. It remained that way for the rest of the meal.

Tiffany flicked through the channels, bored, as she waited for John to get home. She had been given time off the WWE, like Estelle, to get over Amber's sudden condition. By now, she felt that she didn't need it.

The door opened and then banged shut again, with a call of 'I'm home!'

She rolled her eyes "Finally"

John walked in and kissed her neck "Sorry I'm so late, I ran into an old friend"

"Tell your friend to stop wearing Dior's Pure Poison. It knocks me sick" Tiffany spat "Go and shower. I'll ignore the hickey on your neck"


"Got attacked by a vacuum cleaner?" Tiff snorted "Hurry up, or else I'm seriously going to throw you out"

"It's my home" John protested

"Darling," Tiff spun round in her seat "It's our home. Now go and shower, that perfume really is revolting"

John smiled, kissed her and ran upstairs. Tiff sighed; she couldn't put up with this much longer.

Brittany sighed as she moved away from the bed "Guess today just isn't my day, huh?"

"It could be worse" The accent. The husky voice. The slight tone of humour "You could be in a coma"

Brit span around to see Amber the same as she left her moments before "Like you, Ams?"

A trace of a smile appeared on Amber's face, her eyes still shut and her body still motionless "Like me."