Darkened Beauty

Summary: He's dangerous, I know. He's evil, I know. He's a vampire, I know! But no matter how my mind tells me no, my heart wants more of this darken beauty. When Syaoran, an imprisoned vampire, thirsts for Sakura's blood, things so haywire for the secret place they stay at. But that nothing can keep them away from the love they feel and the need to be together in all ways possible.

Chapter 1: Secret Prisoner

His cold finger tips grazed my neck. His amber eyes seemed to draw me in and I could barely breathe. His cool breath tickled my ear. His finger tips outlining my collarbone; making me hot and wishing him to stop, yet wanting him never to cease.

His cold lips touched my ear gently. "Like it?" He whispered in my ear. Shivers ran up and down my back. His hands moved down and down, leaving ice cold then hot trails.

"Stop it… we'll be caught!" I whispered but the pleasure increased and I closed my eyes as his finger tips did their bidding.

"Will we now?" He mumbled, his cold breath tickling my ear again. I sighed and slowly opened my eyes.

"Yes." I whispered quietly. Tears slipped down my cheeks. "It's forbidden!" I whispered even quieter, more tears gushing out.

His eyes flashed to sympathetic then cold, unmoving and he released his hold on me. "Get dressed; we're leaving."


I could hear screams of agony and pain throughout the people in the city. "Oh God!" Somebody, a woman, screamed then no more.

"Stop! Mer-" A man yelled then nothing more.

"Please spare us!" Some people screamed but to no avail.

My mother's grasp tightened around me. She had tears streaming down her delicate face. Her beautiful face now scratched with scars that would never disappear. Her emerald eyes held fear and she breathed quietly. Her eyes stared at nothing in the dark room.

"Don't ever look them in the eye." She whispered to me, her arms tightening their grasp. I looked up at her and then I nodded.

"Don't let them take away your future. You must be strong." She whispered even quieter but I heard. I nodded again.

"Now I love you and always let your innocence guide you." My mother, Nadeshiko, said almost inaudible. I didn't get a chance to nod.

Suddenly the door caved in and a vampire stared back at us, blood dripping down his mouth and a crazed look in his eyes. His laugh scared me nearly to death. He reached over to grab me, but my mother pushed me to the side and I fell on the ground in a corner.

I watched as the vampire sucked my mother's neck and her screams mix in with the sound of the vampire sucking nosily. Once my mother looked like a corpse, she slipped from his mouth and fell onto the floor. His fangs showing, pearly white against blood.

Then his crazed eyes turned to look at me and he grinned. Showing his fangs then leaping to me.

I opened my mouth to scream when-

"Sakura, open your eyes!" A female voice yelled at me. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at my best friend, Tomoyo.

She smiled at me and giggled. She wore the custom uniform at this place. A dark purple jumpsuit that hugged every curve and a belt full of gadgets and what not's. She looked so beautiful. Her long slightly wavy hair was tied with a red ribbon in a ponytail. Her eyes matched her jumpsuit but stood out even more.

"You were in dreamland again!" Tomoyo giggled. She then flipped her long black hair behind her shoulder. I nodded and rubbed my eyes. While rubbing my eyes I turned and stopped rubbing.

I could see my reflection perfectly on the glass wall. Long honey brown hair tied in a loose ponytail, milky white skin, and big beautiful emerald colored eyes that seem to hold the utmost innocence ever in mankind. But I wore no beautiful outfit that hugged my curves; only a kimono. Even though the kimono was of the best silk, I felt so out of place. But I sighed, feeling down and not in high spirits.

"Please everyone; come to the cafeteria to eat!" The cheery announcer said, filling the rooms with a happy voice. I looked up at the loud speaker and sighed.

"Come on! It's time to go eat!" Tomoyo said excitedly, her purple eyes glistening.

"Oh ya, you get to see Eriol. He's come back today." I said and Tomoyo blushed but didn't deny it.

My mind seemed to drift off into space as Tomoyo talked about her boyfriend on our way to the cafeteria. Images began to creep back into my mind. I saw when the vampire was going to engulf me whole but then a young man shot a stake into the vampire's chest. The young man breathed heavily then looked at me, glasses glistening. He spoke quickly but softly. I didn't understand him that well and I turned to look at my mother's lifeless form. I slowly crawled over to her and touched her cheek.

She was as cold as ice and my hand snapped back from the cold. My mommy was never coming back. Her once milky white skin now had the hint of blue. She was really truly dead.

"Come on; let's go to your new home." A woman, who I didn't notice come from behind me, said gently holding out her gloved hand. I glanced back at mother, hesitant.

"It's alright we'll do a proper burial for your mother." She said gently, looking sadly at me. I nodded but said nothing.

"You'll be taken back to our Headquarters. Don't worry your safe with us." The woman said kindly, her eyes seeming like they saw a lot of things to last them a lifetime.

Once we were in the light, the woman, I saw, was absolutely beautiful! She had long brown/red hair that was tied in a ponytail. She had warm brown eyes and a beautiful smile. I blushed slightly.

"My name is Nakuru. Your's is Sakura, right?" She asked kindly, smiling at me. I nodded and she led me into a limo.

It wasn't a long time until we reached the Headquarters as she called it. It was colored a rich cream and instantly I knew this is where I'm going to be staying for a long time.

I sighed and opened my eyes. Tomoyo still talked nonstop about her wonderful boyfriend. But all I did was smile, secretly refusing to let anymore memories arise.

We arrived at the cafeteria and entered. Tomoyo instantly began to search for her beloved. Suddenly a man with black hair and blue eyes with glasses appeared walking from the 'Special' door. He wore the clothing of an army official of the H.O.C. (Hunter's of Crime); the blue with a black belt and a hat. He, like Tomoyo, looked around the room.

Tomoyo squealed then ran into the arms of her beloved. They shared a passionate kiss, which I thankfully didn't see since some people pushed me to the other side.

"Hello Sakura." Eriol said kindly to me before looking me up and down.

"What?" I asked, my soft voice sounding like a sweet melody. He paused then continued.

"Master disapproves of your daydreaming. He says he will visit you l-" Suddenly he was cut off and a man in the same blue uniform Eriol was wearing, came running in yelling.

"Their here! They've broken through our borders! They are here!" The man, who I know recognized as Daren King, the man who tried to wed me without my consent, said to us.

Tomoyo gasped and she took hold of my arm. "We must go, Sakura! They've found us!" She whispered urgently. She pulled me along as we ran.

But we barely got past two tables before the wall exploded and vampires began to come in, laughing their horrible laugh.

They began to attack, using full force. I began to shake and Tomoyo pulled me behind her. She drew out a knife and looked seriously at them.

"Make no more attacks and we shall spare you all!" Eriol said to the vampires. They all stopped then they began to kill even more.

Screams and yells filled my ears. Tears spilled down my face. There was nothing
I could do. I'm completely useless.

Tomoyo refused to let herself, or me, to be bit and ran at all of the vampires that threaten our lives.

"Die then!" Eriol yelled and all of our people began to fight the vampires.

"Young lady…" A male voice whispered from behind me. I turned around to look at horrible yellow hypnotizing eyes. Fear surged throughout me.

A young man looked at me. He towered over me, fangs bright and full of blood. He smiled a devilish smile then was about to attack me with his teeth. Before I could scream, a shot was heard throughout the whole room.

I breathed heavily and watched as the looked down at the shot, quizzically. I stayed perfectly still, refusing to move. Then I began to back up, slowly, when a hand took hold of my waist. I turned slightly and noticed Eriol was there, holding me protectively and glaring at the vampire who finally came out of shock.

"Leave this girl alone." Eriol muttered angrily. Then he turned to me and smiled. "Go to Tomoyo and she'll get you out of here." He whispered to in on my ear quietly, making weird shivers run up and down my spine. He held on a little too long before slowly pushing me to the side.

"Go." He whispered again and lingered his hand on mine before slipping his hand away. I got a weird feeling in my stomach but ignored it as I ran to look for Tomoyo. She was waiting for me by the doors of the 'Special' door. She held out her hand to me and I hesitantly took it.

She guided me quickly through the tunnels. I looked around and became frightened of the darkness but felt safe with my best friend near. Then in the distance, I could see a small door. We paused at the door and Tomoyo held out a key. She unlocked the door then put the key in my hand.

"You must never let this key out of your sight. For as long as you live, keep this key sacred to you always." Then without saying anything else she pushed me inside of the room and closed the door. I heard it lock then footsteps running back the way we came.

"Tomoyo?" I called out but no one answered me. It was pitch dark. I could see nothing and I felt frightened. But then I stepped back and suddenly fire appeared on the walls. They were automatic. I noticed it wasn't real fire, so I relaxed slightly.

I walked the dark passage down, suddenly feeling like I had to go down there. But a feeling of fear was alive in me but the wanting to go down was much greater. I followed the path almost in daze and I began to take off my cloak, which fell to the ground gracefully.

My eyes seemed to be taking in everything and I suddenly noticed something a while down the path... a cage. I followed the path until I was a while away from the cage. I creped closer until I was in front of it. When I peered in…

Eyes looked back at me. Dark black eyes. My breathing caught in my throat and I froze in place.

He was chained to the wall, no shirt only torn pants. He glared at me and snarled. But when I lifted my gaze to his eyes, they held mine eagerly.

His eyes… the color of dark chocolate, the color of the night sky. But when I gazed at his body before, his skin was the color of the pale moonlight and his body muscular. But his eyes! How his eyes are so beautiful.

"Who are you?" He asked harshly. But oh his voice! It was velvety with such a sweet sound; I almost wanted him to keep talking forever.

"S-Sakura." I mumbled, stumbling over my words. He held my eyes still then he whispered, "Untie me, Sakura." He said my name as though you should savor it.

I stood still but my hands did his bidding unlocking the cage with my key, which magically worked. I stepped in, without breaking my gaze with his and began to lean forward to him and spotted the lock. My hands stumbled as I slowly unlocked it. It suddenly broke off and the man broke the chain easily which caused our gazed to drop.

"You didn't need my help." I couldn't help but mumble quietly. Suddenly his eyes darted to me and he looked at me with wanting. A scream held in my throat and I stumbled back, afraid.

He slowly walked to me and I see him looking at my chest as it rose then fell, rise then fall. I keep my eyes on his face and then his eyes travel up to my face and hold my gaze once more. My breath caught in my throat.

He reaches me and stands before me; looking me intently in my eyes. He then begins to smile evilly.

"You smell magnificent." He whispers possessively. His velvet voice making me weak in my knees. I begin to sway and he wraps one arm around me and inhales deeply. He groans gently then pulls me to him.

He's cold all over but I instantly become warm in his embrace. His chest is chilly but a delicious smell comes off him. I begin to breathe heavily and he pulls me even closer. Then he pulls me slightly off him and his eyes are pitch black, just like the darkness that surround us.

"You smell wonderful! I need… Give me your blood!" His eyes go even darker, if possible, and he puts his hands on my waist and he begins to untie my kimono sash.

"Get away from her you fucking asshole!" Eriol's voice yelled at the man holding me. I turned to look at him and his eyes held nothing but hatred toward this man. He stood poised, with a gun aimed at the man.

"Come here, Sakura!" Eriol barked at me and I quickly went behind him and I felt the man's eyes bore into me.

I glanced quickly at him and our eyes met once again.

"Don't look at him, Sakura! All he wants is your blood!" Eriol yelled at me. I slowly blinked and heard a noise from behind us.

Nakuru stood behind us and smiled at me. "Boys tie him up! Show no mercy." She shouted and a bunch of men came with thick chains and pushed the man back into the place he was originally. He let them push him around and I saw they were tightening the chains tighter and tighter until it should have killed a person, but he didn't even stagger for a breath.

"Eriol take Sakura back into her room. Tell Tomoyo to stay with her tonight." Nakuru said and smiled again at me then she pulled me to the side and whispered, "Did he do anything to you? What was he doing when we arrived?"

"Um, he was just watching me I guess." I paused and looked past Nakuru to the man tied up in chain that looked at the ground, his head hanging. Now that I look, he has brown hair, very messy. I have to bite my tongue to stifle a chuckle.

Then I swallow and turn to look at Nakuru again.

"I tripped and he caught me." I lied and the lie just slipped out so easily. Nakuru smiled at me and hugged me.

"At least he didn't try to harm you." She said with a brighter smile then gently pushed me to Eriol.

"Do as I ordered. I'm going to report this to our Master." With that Eriol took my arm and steered me away from the dungeon without letting me take a last look at the poor man.

We walked up the long way to the 'Special' door. He opened the door and held it open for me. He led me again to my room and unlocked the door. He held it open and followed me in without my consent.

"Oh Sakura!" I moaned and dropped to his knees and began to cry. I stared wide eyed at him and he looked up at me with tears in his midnight eyes.

"I love you." He whispered to me and I fell back on my bed. But he stood abruptly and exited the room and continued to walk until he was out of my sight.

Well! Wasn't that something! Of course this is not one of those Sakura/Eriol stories so do not worry! It is a full blood Sakura/Syaoran story! Well people, please tell me what you think of this story so far! Thank you all for reading! So people, please review! Please? Thanks again!