Darkened Beauty

Darkened Beauty

Summary: He's dangerous, I know. He's evil, I know. He's a vampire, I know! But no matter how my mind tells me no, my heart wants more of this darken beauty. When Syaoran, an imprisoned vampire, thirsts for Sakura's blood, things so haywire for the secret place they stay at. But that nothing can keep them away from the love they feel and the need to be together in all ways possible.

Chapter 7: Bleeding love

Blood… The very sound of it; no the very word itself, made me squirm with fear. But his dark chocolate eyes bore into me and I knew… Blood was his liking today.

"Please!" I begged as tears ran down my cheeks. I felt cold and a strong breeze made my hair fly to the side and cover half of my face.

And that's when I saw it. A gasp escaped from my pale lips.

"Syaoran…" I let the name trail off my lips. The vampire's eyes (or really eye, the one I could see) widened and his sharp teeth began to disappear.

He fell on the floor and he strained against the pain and will to want to return to the evil vampire leader.

"Sakura…" He mumbled as he breathed heavily. He seemed to take his first big breath and he smirked at me.

"Always saving me, hu? Never letting me do the rescuing." He said hoarsely. Pain reflected in his dark eyes. I closed my eyes to get my head filled with air once again.

"Pull down the blanket." He said suddenly and my eyes opened quickly, making me slightly dizzy.

"W-what?" I asked, my voice trembling. His eyes were totally black and they bore into me.

"Tell me you want this more than I do." His voice sounded harsh and had evilness in them.

"Syao-!"Suddenly the blanket was torn away from my body and I lay naked, exposed. A huge blush swashes over my face and I feel lightheaded.

"Let me claim you as my own." He said huskily, his voice making me shiver. He had me close my eyes and they fluttered closed.

"Just let my hands move. Don't stop me." He said with warning in his voice and I stayed very still. It was better if I was engulfed in darkness then witness what was happening to me.

I heard him shift toward me and his hand trailed up my body; from my leg to my chest. He growled and he shifted closer.

"Moan Sakura! Moan for me!" He growled out and I opened my mouth but no noise came out.

"Moan!" He said dangerously and his cold melodic fingers trailed gently over my stomach. I could feel my stomach turn to knots.

"S-Syaoran!" I suddenly moaned and my hands reached out to hold him.

"No! Let me touch you, let your hands be lifeless." My hands trembled and they fell to the cold ground.

His hands trailed higher to my chest. One of his graceful hands grazed my breasts and a small moan left my now colorful lips.

"Let me take you." With that sentence I felt myself be pushed back and my legs be parted slightly.

"Get ready." He muttered and my hands clenched close.


My eyes swung open and sweat rolled down my soaked body. A huge blush marked my face and I could feel the heat radiating off of my face. I breathed heavily. I look down and notice the blanket is completely off me and thrown on the floor. My nightgown is exposing my chest area.

"What the heck?" I say aloud. How did this happen?

But I have no time to dwell on it for someone knocks gently on my door. I hastily re-button the nightgown and call out to the person, "Hold on!"

Once I button the last button, I race toward the door and I unlock it. I quickly open the door and Tomoyo stands there, looking guilty.

"I- I wanted to say that I'm sorry." She stammered, her usually twinkling eyes are dull and sad. She shifts from one foot to another and her lips are pushed out in a small pout.

"It's ok." I say, finally after looking her over. She looks at me and suddenly bursts into tears.

"I shouldn't have done that to you! I'm sorry! It was never my business!" She says in sobs and she comes into my room and collapses on my bed, tears glittering as they glide down her skin.

I sit down on the same side of the bed and she takes my hands in hers. "You're my best friend. I shouldn't have said those things to you, especially since you're not in best health." I give her a look, but she ignores me and continues.

"… I think, he really did love you. I think you were his whole world. I truly think he loved you… You could see it on his face whenever you came by. Like what your mom always said, 'Love has no age limit'."

A smile grows on my lips and I squeeze her hands. "Thank you." I say gently, making her smile brightly at me.

"Hey you never know, you may see him again and you two will…" She stopped and her smile vanished. She didn't want me to go back with him. She really truly hated him with a passion.

I sucked in my tears and smiled at her. "I really doubt that." Once I say that, I can see her relax ever so slightly.

"Hmm." Is all she says and she squeezes my hands.

"Well think; you have a vampire boyfriend!" She begins to giggle and her giggles are contagious so I end up giggling along with her.

"He's not my boyfriend!" I giggle out and she gives me a look that says ya right. I smile sheepishly at her.

"Has he kissed you already?" She asks a huge grin on her face. I feel my face blush and she squeals out.

"Oh Sakura!" She giggled then smiled at me.

"Get some more sleep. You look exhausted." She says soothingly and stands up from the bed.

"But I've been sleeping this whole time!" I complain but a yawn escapes. Tomoyo grins at me.

"See." She giggles then opens the door.

"Have remarkable dreams." Little did she know, that's exactly the type of dream I would have.


"NO!" I scream out but too late as his cold/warm lips land on my swollen ones.

His fingers gently tickled my thighs, making me moan out in pleasure.

"Syaoran!" I moan out and my hands go to reach him.

"Now baby." He scolds lightly and takes hold of one of my hands. He kisses it lightly, making shivers run up and down my spine.

I open my eyes and look up at him. His eyes are warm and lustful. Yet, he had such kindness in them.

"Sakura, open your legs wider." He murmured. I feel my cheeks become warm as I slowly open them wider.

"I'm going to make you mine." He whispered, his hot breath hitting my lips. I could feel myself become more and more wet as he breathes on my moist lips.

"Syaoran, take me." I whisper, almost inaudible. His eyes grow wide then he smirks.

"I didn't hear you." He says huskily, making me shiver. Our hands are holding onto each other very tightly.

"T-take me." I whisper a little louder, leaning in so our lips are only centimeters away from each other.

"Louder." He orders.

I close my eyes. While I do so, his lips make their way from my nose, skipping my lips, to my neck. He sucks rapidly, making me moan out in bliss.

"S-s-syaoran! Please," I let out a groan as I notice I am VERY wet.

"TAKE ME!" I scream. He stops sucking and biting with my neck and looks at me. His eyes are dark with lust.

"Oh!" I moan out as he begins feeling the surface of my precious jewel.

"Syao- OO!" I moan out as he slips a finger in me, making me squeeze his hand very tightly.

"Sakura, come to me. Let me do this to you for real." He murmurs with a smirk.

I open my eyes. Looking around my room, it's midnight. The drapes are down. Perspiration rolls down my body as I breathe in deep and fast.

I look down at myself and notice I am completely naked. A huge blush cascades over my face and I scramble to get my clothes back on.

As I dress, the dream plays over and over in my head and the pleasure almost seemed real! If only… No! What am I thinking? I couldn't have s-se-x with a vampire! I just couldn't… Or could I? He did say for me to go to him… Do I really want to?

Those thoughts and the dream played over and over again until I have to sit down on the bed and close my eyes.

"Too much…" I whisper and take a deep breath in then out. Suddenly I find myself slipping on my cloak and my shoes, ready to go to him.

I open the door and close it behind me. I tiptoe to the Cafeteria and unlock the doors. Something feels different. Like something's going to happen. The feeling in my stomach says butterflies, but the feeling in my gut is unsure. It's not sure if it's a good or bad feeling.

I arrive at the door and unlock it and lock it behind me.

It takes awhile for me to finally reach the second door. I pull out the key from its place on my neck. I go to push the key inside of the hole while my hand rests on the door, but the door suddenly shifted and it creaked slightly open.

The door's open? How did it get open?

Suddenly my eyes widen and fear runs up and down my spine. The feeling of dread is settling in and I immediately know it has to do with Syaoran.

I shut the door quietly behind me and re-hide the key inside of my nightgown. My heart is hammering in my chest. Something horrible is happening.

I run half way to the cage, the feeling of lust swarming around my body. I gasp out, quietly, and feel the pang of pain in my chest. I take a ragged breath in and continue to walk down the dark pathway.

"You fucking asshole! You touched MY girl, and you're going to fucking pay the consequences!" I hear a voice yell. My heart is hammering in my chest. I recognize that voice… The Top General's voice.

I stop dead in my tracks and let myself hold my breath, even though I feel a cough rumbling in my chest.

"You mother f...! YOU made her come down here and you forced yourself on her," His voice yelled at the silver cage. No, this really wasn't happening. Did he really know I was coming down here?

Suddenly I hear muttering, but I can't make out anything. It has to be Syaoran talking, but I can't hear a word of what he said.

"Ugh, you filthy piece of shit!" The Top General yells at him and I have the horrible feeling that seems to seep off my skin.

"I'm giving you one last chance. Admit that you made her come down here and fill your disgusting need."

I wait for any muttering, any sound, but I only hear silence. Why doesn't he say anything? Why doesn't he at least try to tell him I come at my free will?

Maybe I should reveal myself… But then I won't be able to come back down here and hear his precious voice or smell his magnificent smell. Tears begin to form and big drops start to run down my cheeks.

"Fine. You'll suffer the consequences now." His voice sounds harsh and suddenly I see him, barely, raise his hand and something is in his hand. Dread runs throughout me as I see a long black whip swing forward and I hear the horrid sound of the leather hit against the vampire's skin.

A scream of pain leaves his mouth and I stare in horror as the whip swing back and forth, over and over again; ignoring the cries of pain. I feel my body become paralyzed and I sink down to the floor and a strangled cry starts in my throat. I quickly put my hands over my mouth as I scream into my hands, trying to make the sound muffled.

The Top General takes no mind of my cries and he continues to swing that vile whip at my vampire. My Syaoran.

He finally stops and he is breathing hard, his armor going up and down. Tears are gushing down my face as my strangled screams finally stopped.

"Hopefully this is a lesson you will never forget." He mutters dangerously and he turns toward my direction and I feel myself go stiff.

But his eyes aren't looking at me, but at the vampire.

"Don't you dare ever touch my Sakura. Otherwise, I'll kill you." He said with venom dripping down on each word. He takes a deep breath and exhales loudly.

"Don't forget." He mutters then starts to walk my way. I force my stiff muscles to move and I push myself to the far corner, hoping he won't notice me. I hold my breath as he walks by, making my nails sink into my hand's skin.

As soon as the Top General is far away, I lift myself from the crouched position and breathe in deeply.

I hear the door shut closed and locked. I wait for a moment before I move, like jello, to the silver cage.

The despicable stench of blood flows through the air and I sense my gag reflexes ready to work. I try to ignore the smell as I bring out my key and force myself to walk the rest of the way to the cage door.

I peer inside and at first, all I see is blood. Blood on the floor, on the silver bars, on the dirt walls, on every crack; every place in sight. My breath is caught in my throat as I see all the blood, making me woozy.

And that's when I see him. The unmistaken angel face with scars and blood dripping down his cheeks. The horrid marks on his body with blood seeping out of them.

A cry escapes my mouth as I run forth, unlocking the door. I race forward and unlock his hands from the chains.

"Syaoran!" I cry as I gently take hold of his arm. He feels even more colder, or really icier then normal.

He keeps his head down, not looking up at me; trying to hide the scares.

"Syaoran. He's hurt you." I sob as I hold onto his arm. But still he doesn't make a sound or move.

Tears are running down my face like a waterfall and I try desperately to make Syaoran to look at me.

"Please, look at me. I don't want you to suffer." He continues to keep his head down and to ignore my pleas.

"I want to help you! I promised I would help you! PLEASE!" I cry out and I begin to shake with madness.

"Leave me." I hear him mutter.

"No, your in no position for me to leave you," I say as I take hold of his cheeks between my fingers. I force his head to turn up and look at me.

"I won't leave you." I whisper to him.

His face is full of cuts but it still looks angelic that shines with radiance. His eyes are black and filled with hatred.

A tear cascades down Syaoran's cheek. I stare at it, my own tears stopping. It lands on my hand and that's when a shaking sob erupts from the vampire.

His whole body shakes as he begins to cry, tears seeping down his face. He puts his arms around my waist and holds me close, making my white nightgown stained with blood. But I don't care as I wrap my arms around him, trying my best to make him feel protected.

"It's ok. It's going to be ok." I whisper into his ear. We rock together, back and forth.

I close my eyes and I pull him tighter to me. "I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. If I didn't come down here-" Suddenly lips land on my own and my eyes shoot open.

His lips feel warm and bliss as they continue to lightly peck my lips. My arms that were wrapped around his waist slip to his neck to deepen the kiss. He kisses me with force, making me feel hot.

"Don't stop." I say, breathlessly. His lips continue to devour my own and I let him wholeheartedly.

He stops kissing me for a second and stares into my eyes for a moment. Then a small, very small smirk appears on his lips.

"Your beautiful." He mumbles, his hot/cold breath hitting my swollen lips. A small blush makes it's way onto my face and I tighten my grip around his neck.

"Let's make them really run for their money." I whisper to him. I feel him stiffen but his eyes become dark with lust.

Without a reply, his lips come down on mine, making me moan. My legs wrap around his waist, pulling him closer to me.

"Touch me." I whisper, my voice barely heard.

"I can't. Not now. Not when they can catch you and…" He leaves the sentence floating in the air. He quickly pulls away from me and turns the other way.

"You need to leave." He mutters and I shake my head.

"No, I won't leave you."

"Yes you will." He mutters into the darkness.

"I can't possibly leave you when-"

"LEAVE!" He screams out as blood drips onto the floor. Tears cloud my vision as I blindly run out of the cage and out of the pathway. I run out of the Cafeteria, tears running down my face.

"Sakura?!" I hear a voice call out to me. I turn toward the voice and see Tomoyo running toward me.

"Oh my god, what happened?" Tomoyo asks as soon as she sees my tear stricken face. I start to tell her what happened but it all comes out in sobs and blubbers.

"Shh. It's ok." She wraps her arms around me and holds me tight as I cry on her shoulder. I fall down on my legs and I feel like I'm going to die.

"Hold on, Sakura. I'm going to pick you up and bring you to your room." I faintly hear Tomoyo say to me.

I feel myself being boosted onto Tomoyo's back. She holds me by my butt and carries me to my room.

The last thing I heard was the curtain's being drawn and…

"Oh my god! You're bleeding!"


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