A/N: Story behind the story title: So, this is my first story... I love writing fic but don't have nearly as much time to do it as I would like. But, after seeing National Treasure: Book of Secrets all of these thoughts came flowing into my brain... and I began to write for the first time in a long while. All these "thoughts" I would have were about Riley and things that I loved about him. I pictured what he would do in several random situations... and it became this story called - "RILEYISMS" because that is truly what they are... kind of a bunch of oneshots and drabbles put into somewhat of a story with a plot. HAHA. You'll see what I mean when you read it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Riley, Ben, Abigail or random treasures, aliens and destinations I might mention. If I did, they would so be here with me! HA! I do own the original female character, Kate.

Notes: "Rileyisms" is "safe" for pretty much anyone to read. I don't like using profanity. I don't like slash. I don't like to write about detailed sexual situations. Personally - I don't think Riley would be one to just "sleep around" with anyone. I think he's respectful. Of course I don't have anything against people who want to write that way, hey - we all might enjoy it once in awhile. I just want this to be a "sweet" fic and have it suitable for even our younger readers... because I think there's a lack of stuff for them to feel comfortable reading. Right. Whew. Message me if you have questions, comments, concerns about this.

Basically, all you need to know when you read the story is that "scenes" will be separated with a line like this so as to not confuse the reader. Onward!

There's something about Riley that I've always loved.

The way he eats.

It all started something like this:

"Are you gonna eat all that?"

I looked up, raising an eyebrow, my fork just about in my mouth. "Are you... serious?" His plate is near empty and the waitress brought out our food no more than 6 and a half minutes ago. Somehow in the space of that time, he has devoured a plate of french fries and the biggest bacon cheeseburger known to man.

My plate looks full, like really full, and I can't believe the next words that come out my mouth, "Fine. Just. Eat it." I put my fork down, and scoot the plate over in front of him.

And, it's okay; I'm not really hungry anyway. He's been through a lot…and he deserves to eat. As he scoops a large fork full of pasta up, I sit back and begin to ponder…

How did I get so lucky to snag Mr. Riley Poole? It seems like I should have some sort of logical reason, but I don't. I simply don't.

I've always taken an active interest in history, I don't know why, maybe it was because when I was in High School I had an American Civilization teacher who made that whole time period come to life for me. Ever since then I found myself taking classes, reading books, and pondering what it would have been like to live with some of the greats. Who are those greats you might ask? Well, people like Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Frankin. Men and yes, women too who shaped our wonderful country.

So, that's how I met Riley. I bought his book. Yes, I am one of those girls who actually paid attention to the news of the Knights Templar Treasure and the City of Gold being discovered. I am one of those girls who believe in conspiracy theories. I am one of those girls who knows my way around a laptop. And so I THINK that's probably the only reason Riley and I are friends. It can't be my beauty, it's my brains. Yet, there's some comfort in knowing that. Some comfort that Mr. Riley Poole knows he can be himself around me. No pressure.

HA. The spaghetti sauce is dripping off his chin. I can't help but smile. He's so… real. He's so… Riley. I continue to watch him, wondering what could possess him to eat two dinners in less than ten minutes.

"Hungry much," I smile and hand him a napkin and he takes it gladly. I love the way his blue eyes sparkle behind those wide-rimmed glasses.

He wipes his chin and smiles back, "…'m sorry. I haven't eaten much lately."

"Why not?"

"I've been working, Kate. You know that. I've got a lot of stuff going on this week." He sighs, leaning back, but not quite content with the way his stomach is feeling. "Hey, wanna get pizza?"

"RILEY!" I can't help but laugh… hard. I look into his eyes and I realize he's not kidding.

The waitress approaches our table, "Hi, everything tasting al-…wai….did…. you…."

I smile up at her, "He's a little hungry."

"You don't say."

"Could you get our check please?"

"I'll be right back."

I shake my head, focusing my attention back to Riley who is sopping up the rest of the pasta with his bread. Flabbergasting. Is that even a word? That's how he makes me feel sometimes. But, it's cute.

I decide to flip the bill tonight. He's not thinking about anything but his stomach. And I… well, I… can't help but notice the smug smile on his face as he is looking through his cell phone; undoubtedly searching for the nearest pizza place. He's cute… in that geeky, awkward kind of way. And I'm just happy to see him happy.

He's not always happy. Sometimes he's cranky, annoying, childish, or just a complete spaz. I simply adore when he's perfectly Rileyisticly happy. And this is one of those moments.

"Ready to go?" I ask, signing the credit card slip, pulling my purse over my shoulder.

"Yup." He gets up, taking one last swig of his ice water. "Pizza here we come."

I roll my eyes and smile. "You want to drive?"

"Sure Katie - thanks." I hand him the keys, it's my car but I'm not that fond of driving. Luckily, Riley is. Driving makes him feel more "manly" or something. At least that's what he tells me.

I settle into the passenger seat, with perfect confidence in him getting us to the pizza joint in safety. My thoughts drift as Riley pounds the steering wheel, along to the beat of the music that plays on the radio.

I think back to when we first met. It all went down at the Library of Congress. It was the President's Day celebration, and the night was filled with a bunch of stuffy dignitaries and overly dressed women.

"Riley, I'd like you to meet Katie Jorgenson. She bought your book." Benjamin Gates said, motioning him a bit closer.

Riley raised his eyebrows, "Reaaallllyyy, I mean, uh, of. Course."

"Right." Ben stated, clearly annoyed with his young friend, "Anyway, Katie is working at the Library of Congress for the summer, kind of a semester abroad if you will."

"Ah. Fascinating…So, how is it spending your evenings with over twenty million books? Must be stimulating." Riley's tone was filled with boredom and leave-me-alone snootiness.

'I oughta slug the kid,' Ben thought to himself.

"Thank you Riley, it is. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff in here. If you'll excuse me."

Riley watched as she walked away, clearly annoyed. At that moment, he actually felt Ben's eyes burrowing into his very soul.

"WHAT?" Riley remarked, rather loudly.

"What is your problem this evening?" Ben questioned, with a very serious tone.

Riley shifted his weight, uncomfortably, "Listen. Ben. I know you feel bad about the fact I don't have a date this evening. But, you don't need to rub it in by bringing over some chick who you probably picked up at the desert bar. Aren't those chocolate éclairs to die for though? I mean – I tell ya –"Riley stammered, the look on Ben's face grew more intense. "Dude – I'm – chill, alright?"

"That happens to be a very smart, talented and extremely nice woman – who actually took the time, seeking me out, so she could be introduced to the man who wrote your BOOK!"

"Wait. Wha-" Riley furrowed his eyebrows. For some reason that hadn't made any bit of sense to him.

Ben straightened up, fixing his bowtie, "Alright. Never mind. Have a good evening."

"Psh. Whatever. They're out of éclairs." Riley managed to spat out as his best friend walked away.

"Kate? How's about we just grab some pizzas and take them back to my place? I'm kinda not in the restaurant mood at the moment."

Riley's voice broke into my thoughts; I turned to face him processing what he had just said.

"Mm, what Riley?"

I realize we're at Godfather's pizza now, the red neon lights reflect in his glasses.

"Let's get the pizza to go. You know, I'm. Gonna. Take. It. To. My. Apartment. Coo'?" Riley spoke slower, as if I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

"Yeah. Yeah, fine. Just… hurry. Do your thing. I gotta get home."

Riley looked somewhat… upset. What was that about?

"But, I thought you'd wanna come over for my pizza party!"

"Riley! My goodness. Okay, yes. FINE. Just go get the pizza!"

With a cheesy smile he hopped out of the car and ran for the door. I just smile, enjoying the few minutes of quiet until he turns that noisy radio back on. Normally I love rocking out with him, but… not tonight. Tonight I'm calm and I just feel like crashing.

To anyone else it would seem as if Riley and I would never become friends. After the way he treated me the night of the President's Day bash … I would probably agree with you. But I'll never forget the night when it actually happened.

I was working the night shift, due to get off at 10:00pm, or as soon as I had shelved all the turned in books. It was a quiet night at the library. Most normal people do have lives on Friday nights so I can't say I was surprised about that.

What I was surprised to see was Riley, at the end of a shelf of books, in a moderately lit area. The table he sat at was covered in books, papers, pens and his ever trusty laptop. I pretended not to notice he was there at first. I half wanted to avoid him at all costs. It just figured the guy would be a snob. I agreed with every bit of his book. In his book he was smart, witty and totally intelligent and I so wished that would have been true in real life. He knew things. He knew about government conspiracies and nothing would have given me more pleasure than hearing him talk for hours on end about this stuff. But, no. He wouldn't even give me the time of day… he wouldn't even respect the fact that I thought he was pretty much freaking amazing.


His voice startled me, and I dropped the book I had been holding. I bent down to pick it up, feeling his eyes look me up and down. At least I had cute business woman look going for me tonight, even down to the black pumps. "Sorry to disturb you." I didn't even turn his way.

"No problem. Hey… wait a sec- I know you… You're that library girl."

I closed my eyes tightly, afraid to turn around and look into those blue ones. Must. Not. Turn. Around. "No, sir, I have no idea what you're talking about."

He pushed his chair back, and stood up. Crap. Think. Run away. Make a mess. Do SOMETHING.

"No. It's Kate right? Hey… Listen… I –"

"My name. Um, It's not Kate. It's uh…"

His shoulders drooped. "Come on. Yeah it is." He was walking close now. I had to do something. I didn't want to see him. I didn't want to look at the guy. I had admired him so much. But, he was such a – "JERK!" I yelled. Oh. My. Gosh. STUPID.

"Jerk? Well, I'm Riley. Nice to meet ya."

I had to fight the smile playing on my lips.

"Jerk…" He put his hand on my back, "Turn around."

I did. I slowly did. I didn't want him to think I was crazy. And then – he saw it. My eyes were brimming with tears. Why? That was so stupid.

"Hey.. are you oka-?"

"Sorry. …'m fine. I have dust in my eyes. These old books." I tried to laugh, anything to avoid making direct eye contact, at least until I regained my composure. What was wrong with me?

Riley grinned, and I didn't know why. It kind of scared me a little. "What are you…" I began, only to be cut off by his finger pointing to my blouse.

"Katie. That's your name. Aha! I knew it!" Riley laughed. And then he just went off, "Look, I'm sorry for being a big freak the other night at the bash. Let's just say… I wasn't myself. I hardly am anymore. It's this work you know? These endless ideas just hacking at my brain and… augh… it's' so frustrating you know!"

I look at him, his eyes full of depth and conviction. I feel myself wanting nothing more than to get inside his head. I want to understand the genius behind Riley Poole.

"Apology accepted." That's all I can muster, and he smiles. A real, genuine smile.

"Hey, come over here. I gotta show ya somethin'!"

It was at that moment, I realized my Friday night had taken a turn for the better.