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I Was Trying To Be Convincing?

Chapter One

Lilly Truscott finished putting her books away from her last class and started to grab those that she needed to bring home with her that night for homework. Near her, numerous other students were walking down the hallway to go home, others to get snacks from the cafeteria.

"Lilly!" shouted an annoyed Miley Stewart.

Before she could turn around and respond, Miley had grabbed Lilly and spun her around, crouching behind in a poor attempt to hide herself.

"What are you doing?" Lilly demanded.

"Hiding from Jake! He's been asking me out all day," she replied quietly, peeking around her shoulder.

"I thought you two were just friends? And why don't you just tell him you don't want to go out with him?"

"Sweet niblets! You think I haven't tried that already? He's more persistent than a pig looking for a puddle to roll in. He's asked me five times already!"


"Yes five! I've tried telling him I want to just be friends, that I'm not interested, that I don't like him like that, that I don't like him at all, that I like someone else – "

" – Really? Who?" Lilly interrupted, looking anxious.

Miley paused for a second, looking annoyed, then grabbed Lilly by both shoulders, "Focus girl!"

"Right, right. But seriously, do you like someone else?" Lilly asked with a sly smile. "Perhaps someone we know?"

Miley's eyes widened for a moment and opened her mouth but before she could respond –

"Hey Miley!"

Miley shuddered, giving out an angry and annoyed sigh.

Jake Ryan strutted up and leaned with one arm on a locker and smiled at the two. "Hey so maybe we could try that movie next week then?"

"Jake. Listen good. I. Don't. Like. You. I. Don't. Want. To. Date. You. Got it?"

"Come on Miley, we all know you're still in love with me. I mean, have you seen me?" He said, looking at himself in Lilly's locker mirror and adjusting his hair.

"Get over yourself! I never want to date you again. I don't even think I want to see you again. I – "

" – Have moved on to someone else," Lilly interrupted, looking at Miley.

"Really? Who?" asked Jake interestedly.

Miley paused again, but just then, Oliver Oken walked up with a half-eaten candy bar in one hand, the rest of it in his mouth. With an elbow to the top and bottom, and a knock in the centre, his locker flew open. He opened his backpack one-handedly and proceeded to chuck his books into his locker carelessly. Immediately, Miley wrapped an arm around his shoulder and pulled him over.

"Oliver of course! We're boyfriend and girlfriend now."

"What?" said Jake. Lilly raised her eyebrows in amusement.

"Em 'or 'aht?" said a bewildered Oliver with a mouth full of candy. Without turning, Miley reached behind her and grabbed his half-eaten candy bar and chucked it into Oliver's locker, shutting his locker on the back swing.

"Hey," he protested, swallowing his candy.

"Don't 'hey' me silly. And I'm your girlfriend of course! I was just telling Jake here how great we've been doing," she said, looking up at Oliver.

Oliver looked down at her and cocked an eyebrow.

"Please do this for me," she whispered to him out of the side of her mouth, completely inaudible and unnoticeable to Jake or Lilly. She looked him in his eyes, giving him a pleading look.

Oliver looked at her for a second and then looked up at Jake and Lilly and wrapping his arm around her hesitantly. "That's right, we're doing… great," he said with a forced and slightly confused smile. "Completely in… love," he said giving a half-hearted arm swing.

There was a moment of silence between the group, Jake looking back and forth between the "couple" and Lilly sat down a few feet away at the small table and chair at the entrance to the cafeteria. Opening her bag of potato crisps, she began to watch the scene before her.

Jake continued to look between the two, but then a cocky smile appeared on his face. "You two aren't dating. You're just friends."

Miley's eyes widened again, and Lilly began eating her potato crisps quickly, her head moving back and forth between Miley and Oliver, and Jake as if observing a tennis match. Miley looked up at Oliver quickly then back at Jake pulling Oliver closer. "Of course we are," she said, looking up at Oliver who paused but then nodded stupidly.

"Okay, okay I believe you," he said still smirking. "So then I guess asking you two to kiss wouldn't be a big deal then, eh?"

At this, Oliver's eyes widened, Miley looked like a deer in the headlights, Jake looked cocky and confident, and Lilly began shoveling her crisps into her mouth, watching the scene excitedly.

Oliver looked down slightly to Miley and to her quietly said, "He caught us. Maybe you should just tell him."

"Ha! I knew it. You two aren't dating," said Jake laughing. "I mean if you two were going out, you could at least kiss. You – "

Before he could finish, Miley had grabbed the front of Oliver's shirt, shoved him into his locker, pulled him down to her and crashed her lips to his. At this, Jake's mouth fell open slightly, and Lilly noisily fell over the back of her chair, her bag of crisps flying everywhere.

After about ten seconds, Jake finally overcame the shock. "Wow, you two really are going out… Hello? Still here… I get it… I said I get it!..." after not getting a response several times, he shrugged his shoulders and walked off to the cafeteria to join his fan club.

A few seconds later, Lilly walked over, brushing dirt and crisps off of herself. "Wow that was convincing Miley. He totally bought that you two were really dating – " She stopped noticing there was no response, Miley still holding the front of Oliver's shirt and pinning him against his own locker, Oliver's eyes still bulging out of his head as they had when Miley had grabbed him.

"Miley? … Miley! … Oi! Miley!" Shaking her head in annoyance, she grabbed Miley from behind and wrenched her away from Oliver, her eyes still closed and her lips still puckered, unaware of their removal from his lips.

Slowly, Miley opened her eyes then noticing the annoyed look on Lilly's face, snapped her eyes open and blushed. Lilly looked over at Oliver who had not moved the entire time and remained still against his locker, his arms still against it, and his eyes still bulging, staring straight ahead. Cocking her head slightly to each side, she looked at him for a second as one would a piece of artwork. Then in a flash she smacked him across the face. Oliver shook his head and blinked, coming back to his senses. He then looked over at Miley and Lilly with a confused look on his face.

"Well Miley and I need to go over to her house and talk about homework and other stuff that happened today," Lilly said, emphasizing words to Miley. Grabbing her arm, Lilly pulled a wobbly-legged Miley behind her quickly. "We'll see you later to work on that project Oliver."

Looking blankly at the corner his two best mates just disappeared behind, Oliver shrugged his shoulders and opened his locker again without a combo. "Girls are weird," he said grabbing his half-finished candy bar. After removing a piece of paper stuck to it, he shoved the rest into his mouth and grabbed his stuff for homework before heading down the hallway to go home.

Robby Ray sat at his kitchen counter, reading the newspaper and occasionally stirring a beef stew when his front door swung open with an annoyed but amused looking Lilly pulling behind a very ruddy-faced Miley.

"Hey Bud. Hey Lilly," he said putting down his paper. "Hungry?"

Lilly seemed to not have heard him, turning around to Miley who sat down on the couch, her face in complete shock. "What was that?!"

"I don't know okay? I wanted Jake off my back…" she replied, trailing off.

"What happened?" asked Robby Ray, walking up from around the counter and joining the two.

"She happened! She kissed Oliver!" she exclaimed quickly, jumping up and down and landing on the couch.

"Bud's friend say what?" he said turning to Lilly.

"She did!" Lilly proceeded to tell the story to Robby Ray, bouncing on the couch next to the embarrassed looking Miley.

"But Jake didn't buy it and told them that if they really were together, they should kiss. I thought he had them and I think Oliver even attempted to get Miley to come clean when… Bam! She grabbed him by the shirt, shoved him against his locker and kissed him!" she finished excitedly.

At this Miley moaned, burying her head in her hands, but the colour of her face could still be seen as it turned an even darker colour of red.

"Jake bought a quick peck as a sign of dating?" asked Robby Ray.

"A peck?! She might still be there if I hadn't of dragged her away from him. Her eyes were still closed and she was still trying to kiss him after I pulled her away. She was at it for nearly a minute!"

"I was trying to be convincing," came a mumble from under Miley's hands.

At this Robby Ray laughed. "I think five seconds would have been more than convincing, Bud. You pretty much had a snog session with the boy. A minute you said?" turning to a cracking up Lilly who nodded. He started to laugh again. "You must of scared the poor boy to death."

"Actually after Lilly slapped him back to reality, he shrugged and mumbled something about how 'girl's are weird' and fetched that candy bar you chucked into his locker," said Jackson, closing the front door behind him. After laying his backpack on the floor, he sat down on Miley's other side and started laughing. "Boy Miles you sure know how to get a point across."

Miley looked up, her face returning to a normal colour by now, and hit Jackson on the arm. "I can't believe you saw too. Sweet niblets! Who else saw?" she exclaimed in exasperation.

"Just me and Cooper," he replied, rubbing his arm. "But after I go to Rico's everyone will know!" Miley's face snapped up and had a look of horror on it as she raised a hand to hit him again. He rolled over the back of the couch for cover, but very carefully held his head just over the back to say, "Actually I was already there telling everybody," he said before ducking back down and narrowly avoiding another swipe by Miley.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, turning to Robby Ray who laughed.

"Leave her alone Jackson, the girl has already been embarrassed enough."

"Gee thanks dad."

"Yeah she has. Boy are you lucky it's a Friday Miley! People would give you such a hard time tomorrow. There's a chance they might forget over the weekend, but with such little gossip lately, you're bound to be teased on Monday… I'm not helping am I?" she asked watching Miley's frown get deeper at each word.

"Ya think?" she said sarcastically before laying her head on the part of the couch Jackson had just vacated. "But it's true; by Monday, everyone will know. Now everyone will know I love– "

"– Love what?" asked Oliver who had just walked in, closing the door behind him.

Miley snapped her head around to look at him, her face again resembling a deer in the headlights. "Love… love… school!"

Oliver cocked an eyebrow at her. "Love school? Since when– " Oliver paused and sniffed the air. "Is that your beef stew?" he asked, turning to Robby Ray.

Clearly noticing the need to run interference, Robby responded quickly, "Sure is! Come with me son, I've got a few more things to add to it. Lemme know what you think," he said walking back to the stove with Oliver in hot pursuit.

Lilly looked over at Miley and rolled her eyes.

"Saved by the stove," Lilly said sarcastically.

"The Good Lord did have a reason for boy brains," Miley said, watching Oliver sit with her father at the stove, adding in ingredients.

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