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I Was Trying To Be Convincing?

Chapter Two

Three hours later, Lilly and Miley sat in Miley's room with a small bowl of potato crisps, after having sent Oliver home after dinner. Lilly sat at Miley's desk, staring intently at Miley who sat on her bed, clearly ignoring Lilly's stare and attempting to focus on some homework. After a glance up and seeing Lilly's continued stare, she sighed and looked up.

"What?" she asked clearly annoyed.

Lilly continued to stare at her, a very stern look on her face. Throwing her arms in the air in confusion, Miley gave a groan of frustration.

"What's up Lilly? Either tell me what's on your mind or stop staring."

At this, a large smirk appeared on Lilly's face.

"Perhaps you should tell me what's on your mind. Or perhaps who is on your mind."

Miley's eyes grew in realisation and she lowered her head again to focus on her homework. Lilly's smirk grew larger as she stood up and walked around to sit next on Miley's bed. Miley looked over hesitantly and shifted her papers, moving her book on top. Lilly slyly shifted closer to Miley.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked in a sing-song voice.

Keeping her eyes down, Miley replied, "Just some homework." Opening her book, she attempted to bury her face in it.

"Really? Coz most people I know don't read books upside-down," she said much too sweetly.

Shifting her book around correctly, she continued to keep her face down, a very slight colour building in her face.

Frowning slightly, Lilly had a look of deep thought for a moment before smirking again and laying back on Miley's bed, arms behind her head, in apparent relaxation. Miley cautiously looked up.

"What now?" she asked apprehensively.

Smirking even wider, Lilly shrugged in mock innocence, replying, "Nothing, nothing at all." Looking up at the ceiling, she slowly added, "I just wanted to sit with my best friend and relax. Maybe laugh a little… or talk about what happened at school."

Miley snapped her head around to face Lilly who now was facing her as well, her smirk now replaced with a look that appeared she was holding in laughter. Miley grabbed her book and covered her face with it.

"Why do we have to discuss this? I told you, it was just to get rid of Jake."

Lilly gave her a look, continuing to hold in her laughter. Miley now started rambling.

"Okay, so I kissed… him… but I said I was just trying to be convincing! Jake wouldn't leave me alone!"

As Lilly continued to stare, Miley became more eccentric.

"What was I supposed to do?! Jake wouldn't leave me alone… Oliver came from nowhere! I grabbed him and just tried to pretend to be his girlfriend. What? Lilly? Lilly! Stop looking at me like that! I know what you're thinking and I do not like Oliver… He's just my best guy friend! No seriously… Lilly! Stop looking at me like that!"

Lilly finally rolled off of Miley's bed, struggling to breathe due to her laughter. Miley stood up and walked around her bed, standing above Lilly as she rolled on the floor laughing.

"Enough Lilly!"

Taking a deep breath, Lilly stopped laughing and sat down on Miley's bed again.

"Sorry, but it's funny! How you go on the defence whenever anyone insinuates that you fancy Oliver…"

Miley put her hands on her hips and frowned at Lilly.

"I do not! I'm not defensive about Oliver. He's just my best guy friend…"

Lilly looked down at the now revealed papers. Looking back up and raising her eyebrows, she pointed at some words.

"Miley and Oliver? Miley X Oliver. Mr. and Mrs. Oken? What are you in Junior High again Miley? I mean I know you usually go on and on about how 'cute' and 'sweet' Oliver is in your diary but you usually aren't this obvious," she said rolling her eyes as Miley's frown deepened at the mention of the invasion of her diary. "Not to mention you usually don't force him up against the lockers."

Miley's frown was now wiped clear by a massive blush. Diving for her bed she buried her face in her pillow and groaned.

"Oh my God. How am I going to face him on Monday? He was distracted by Daddy's beef stew tonight, but what am I going to do Monday? What about everyone else that saw?"

Lilly's look of laughter now turned into one of concern. Sitting closer to her, she hesitated.

"Maybe… you could talk to him... about why you did it…"

Miley looked up slightly and opened her mouth but Lilly cut her off.

"Miley it's alright. I know how you feel about Oliver. I've known for a while. Most of us know anyway."

Miley looked down quickly but then raised her head hesitantly, quietly asking, "You do?"

Putting a hand on her shoulder, she looked to be attempting to control her next words.

"It wasn't exactly that subtle," she said carefully.

Miley looked up in horror.

"What do you mean? Wait… does Oliver know?"

Lilly scoffed again, replying, "Please, that donut? No worries there…"

Putting a hand on each of Lilly's shoulders, she stared her straight in the eyes.

"You are positive? Absolutely sure? Coz' if he knew then everything would go wrong and–"

She was cut off by Lilly stuffing a crisp in her mouth and rolling her eyes.

"Yes, Oliver has no clue. Like always."

Chewing and then swallowing the crisp, she gave Lilly a hesitant look.

"So what am I going to do come Monday? How am I going to face Oliver? What about everyone else? As you kindly pointed out, everyone will remember Monday…"

Lilly shifted uncomfortably but replied, "You're just gonna' have to manage. I told you Oliver is too thick to realise anything and I don't think Amber and Ashley were there when you sno–"

She paused at the look Miley gave her, quickly adding instead, "–when you were… trying to get Jake off your back… right?"

"Nice save," she said sarcastically. "I guess you're right though, nothing I can really do."

"Yeah! Maybe no one will remember anyway," Lilly suggested encouragingly.

"I'm guessing they didn't forget over the weekend."

Lilly stood next to Miley as she proceeded to take books out of her locker early Monday morning. Next to them, other students passed, some pointing at Miley, others having conversations that included the words 'Oliver', 'snog-session', and 'flying crisps'.

Miley turned to Lilly and gave her look.

"Ya' think?"

Looking around apprehensively, she said to Lilly, "At least no one has come straight up to my face yet. Plus I haven't had to face Oliver yet."

"Hold that thought," Lilly replied, nervously looking behind her.

"Hey Hillbilly," came the sing-song voice of Amber from behind Miley.

Miley gritted her teeth as she turned around slowly to face Amber and Ashley who both were smirking broadly at her.

Amber and Ashley stood before her, smirks stretched across each of their faces.

"Where's your boyfriend?" Ashley asked much too sweetly.

"I don't have one," Miley replied politely, teeth now starting to grind against each other.

"So Oken put up with having to touch those lips of yours for five minutes?" Amber now asked. "He must be a really good friend."

"It was only about a minute," Lilly corrected. "Besides, it's not like he exactly had a choice, what with Miley here grabbing the front of his shirt and shoving him up against his lock–"

The glare Miley was giving her silenced Lilly.

Amber and Ashley laughed loudly, Amber adding, "At least you weren't subtle. Although you weren't exactly what you would call subtle in the past. Maybe him being too dense to realise your crush on him finally made you snap?"

Looking at each other, they both smiled, saying, "Desperate," before touching fingers with an "Ooo, tss" and walking away down the hall laughing.

Scowling at the back of the two, Miley then snapped around to glare at Lilly who smiled back innocently.

"I didn't help did I?"

With a look of exasperation, she again sarcastically replied, "Ya' think?"

Rubbing her temples now, she said, "This is going to be a long day. Why me?"

As Lilly opened her mouth to speak, Miley frowned and said over her, "Don't even bring up Oliver."

"What about me?" said Oliver from behind Miley.

Her eyes bulged now as Oliver walked up from behind and wrapped his arm around Miley's shoulder. Staring at him in shock, opening and closing her mouth, Miley stood still. He shrugged his shoulders from lack of response.

"I saw Amber and Ashley as I headed this way. What they do this time?" he now asked with concern.

As Miley continued to gape, her eyes bulging, Lilly took over.

"Just the usual stuff," she said, punching Miley in the arm slightly to bring her back to reality. "But I think we should head to class. Miley and I need to... go over our homework...?"

Looking shocked, Oliver asked, "Oh no! We had homework in maths?"

"We didn't have homework in maths," said Jake as he passed by, pausing at the group. Looking between Miley and Oliver, he asked, "Why haven't you two been with each other this morning? I thought you two were dating."

Miley's eyes widened again slightly, a look of uncertainty on her face as she looked between Jake and Oliver. At the pause, Jake smirked.

"Oh you guys broke up already? I figured you couldn't stay away from Jake Ryan. I mean look at me," he said, looking at himself in a neighbouring locker mirror. Looking up at Miley, he leaned on another nearby locker and asked, "So how about that movie?"

As Miley opened her mouth, she was cut off by Oliver wrapping his arm around her again as he said to Jake, "Actually we're still together. We're doing very well."

Miley looked up at Oliver with a small smile of gratification as she relaxed slightly against his arm. She then turned and smiled widely at Jake.

"We are doing well. Oliver is a very good boyfriend."

Oliver gave her a slightly bemused look but then turned back to look at a now slightly frustrated Jake.

"But... but... you haven't spent anytime together," he said. His eyes widening now and his smirk returning, he asked, "Good boyfriend, eh? Who doesn't even kiss you before school at your locker?"

Miley's smile fell, replaced with a now nervous one. Jake started to smirk even more until Oliver turned to Miley.

Cupping her cheek softly, he turned her face upwards and lowered himself to kiss her gently for a moment. As he pulled back, Miley had a slightly shocked, but very pleased look on her face, touching her lips softly. Oliver then turned to look confidently at Jake.

"As I said, we're doing very well. I just got here late, that's why we haven't been with each other this morning and I haven't kissed her yet."

Jake frowned deeply now, and shrugged his shoulders in a look of nonchalance before walking down the hallway to his adoring fans. As Oliver watched him walk off, Miley turned him around to face her, eyeing him with a slightly nervous smile.

"Thanks for that, but you didn't have to kiss me."

Rubbing the back of his neck nervously he looked down, replying, "I didn't know what to do. I had to do something."

"You could have just tried to tell him we were still dating. Why did you kiss me then?"

Smirking slightly, he replied, "I was trying to be convincing."

Her eyes bulged at this and she immediately looked down as her face flushed. She very hesitantly glanced up at him.

"What made you cover for me this whole time?"

Nervously smiling, he responded, "You clearly didn't want to date him again and I don't want you to be hurt again. I refuse to let him have a chance to hurt you again." Looking down himself now, he added, "I hate seeing you like that. I care too much about you Miles."

Miley looked up now, smiling broadly, as Oliver continued to ramble.

"I know now that you're probably mad at me or weirded out. I don't want to ruin our friendship but I just couldn't let him hurt you again. I'm sor– "

He was cut off as a smiling Miley grabbed the front of his shirt again, pulled him down to her, forced him into her locker, and crashed her lips to his. Shocked at first, Oliver relaxed slightly, softly wrapping his arms around the small of her back as she moved her other hand to his hair.

Next to them, Lilly stood tapping her foot in annoyance. Checking her watch after a moment, she loudly said, "We need to get to class now lovebirds. Could you finish this at next passing?"

Pulling away, Miley and Oliver stood beaming at each other.

Smiling widely, Oliver asked, "So I assume that was your short and simple way of telling me you do feel the same?"

Smiling even wider, she responded, "Had to be sure you understood. I was trying to be convincing."

Rolling her eyes, Lilly said, "Oh God. 'I was trying to be convincing'? Sounds like a lame line out of a cheesy story." Grabbing an arm from each, she dragged them with her to class as she said, "Let's just get to class before Kunkle marks us tardy."

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