Title: Who is the villain? - Awakening part I
Author: Ree
Theme: Favorite Character - Beryl- Fairytale
Genre: General
Version: Anime/ Manga - Fates/Tainted Gifts storyline- preseries (Mia)
Rating: G

Most of these characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko. I just borrowed my daughters paper dolls again.

Who is the villain?

AN: Mia is to Beryl as Usagi is to Sailor Moon

Mia tossed in her bed. Her curly red hair clung to the sides of her face as sweat ran off her body and soaked her sheets. In her dream, she ran through a blasted landscape trying to escape the voice that haunted her, called to her.

Dread colored everything she saw. The land was devoid of all life, gray and taupe rocks were strewn about. The sky, though not quite black, was dark and foreboding. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a girl with pale hair, and with the full moon shining behind her. Anger boiled up in her whenever the Moon-girl appeared in the dream. There was a vague outline of a man next to the girl, but the brightness of the moon's light made it impossible to determine anything about him. Somehow, Mia knew that the voice was not the Moon-girl's, nor was it the shadow's that lurked at her side. But to be safe, she avoided the girl, too even though part of her wanted to snatch the shadowy man away from her.

Eventually, her steps led her to a small stone alter with four stones resting on it. Behind the stones shimmered the vague image of four men, bound to the stones by black, silken ropes, bowing to her. As she tried to figure out the significance of the stones and the men, a loud buzzing sound made her jerk around in terror.

Sitting up in bed, Mia stared with wide blurry eyes at the digital alarm clock on her night stand. 'It is morning. I have to get up. I've got to get to class.' Staring a bit longer, she leaned back on her hand, preventing herself from plopping back into the bed.

Heaving a heavy sigh, she yanked the covers off of her, swung out of the bed, and slapped the alarm off. Dragging herself to the bathroom, she wished the nightmare would fade, but from past experience she knew that it wouldn't. She looked at the shadows that were under her eyes and then splashed her face with water. 'I went to bed early last night. Why? Why did the nightmare have to come back last night. Why couldn't've it waited until tonight?' Looking past her face, she could still see the shadowy outline of man she wanted to meet, to steal back, to protect, from the moon. Pulling a comb through her hair, she pushed the image away. and prepared for the day.

Mia pushed her hair back out of her face, the wind flung it back. Frowning, she moved it enough to get a clear view of the college's inner courtyard. 'Where is she? Maria said to meet her here at 9 o'clock. Well, it is 9:10. ' As she waited impatiently she watched the other students pass by. She amused herself by identifying them and attempting to guess which class they were rushing off to. 'Everyone knows each other in the inner courtyard. It's an unwritten rule. You can't enter here if you are a freshman. And you also have to be invited.' With a superior smile, she watched the rest of chosen lounging in their respected spots under trees, near fountains, and on strategically placed benches.

Twisting slightly on her fan-back chair, Mia caught sight of Maria crossing to their section of the inner sanctum. When she was sure that Maria saw her, she looked pointedly at her watch.

Maria flashed her an apologetic smile. "I overslept. Sorry to keep you waiting."

Mia buried the aggravation that was eating at her. She could forgive her best friend. "Let's go. We need to get to class."

Maria knew what Mia meant. They had to be there before the teacher, before the other students. It was part of their image. Grabbing at Mia's hand, she pulled. "Come on!" Walking quickly, both women rushed to class.

Mia glared at the assignment. 'Are fairy tales based on reality? What kind of paper is this? How could they not be? I mean, they were intended to be lessons.' Typing furiously, she wrote her essay to her usual standard. It was sure to make an A.

After saving and printing, Mia slipped into bed. 'Please. Please, don't let me have the nightmare tonight. Please.' Closing her eyes, she drifted to sleep with that thought firmly in mind.

Trees surrounded her this evening: tall, thick trees. Mia turned about and drew a deep breath. The night air was moist and sweet smelling, perfumed by the multitude of flowers blooming somewhere nearby. Listening to the crickets and tree frogs, she wound her way through the trees and into a large garden. There, she spotted a tall man with hair the color of the night sky, eyes as blue as the ocean, and a smile that was meant only for her. The dress she wore brushed the tops of her feet as she walked to him, smiling a warm welcome. Raising her hand to greet him, she saw that her sleeve had a gold braid around the wrist. It shone bright against the forest green of the sleeve. The man returned her greeting. 'Endymion. His name is Endymion. He is the only one for me. He holds my heart.'

Holding out a red rose, Endymion met her halfway. "Beryl, you came. I was worried that you wouldn't be able to make it." Joy flowed out of his eyes and into her.

"And why wouldn't I be able to make it?" She felt a coy smile curl her mouth as she accepted the rose. Slanting her eyes up to his, she knew he didn't mind. Endymion knew she had a mind, and wasn't some simpering miss.

Raising one hand to her hair, Endymion twined one of the red locks through his supple fingers. "I was afraid you would be too tired from dancing the evening away."

Looking up into his eyes, she knew that even if she had been dead tired, she would meet with him.

The scene darkened, and when Mia could see again, she was hopeful. 'Maybe I will get to see him again.' Looking all around, she noticed that she was back in the woods. Following the sound of Endymion's voice, she found him. Fury like she had never felt before boiled through of her, scorching the trees nearby. 'Who is that girl?! Why is she kissing my Endymion As the trees smoked, she stared at the girl until she remembered her. 'The Moon-girl! She... she is stealing him from me. No-o-o-o-o-o!!!' A nearby oak tree flashed into a pillar of flames. The moon broke between the trees, silhouetting the couple. The image burned into Mia's mind, bring back the image from her nightmare full force. 'The vague shape is Endymion. That witch stole my love.' The grass and underbrush started burning. Spinning about, Mia fled the scene that was tearing her heart apart. The smoke from the burning forest blurred her sight. Her ears were filled with the crackling of the fire, the running of animals attempting to escape, and the popping sounds of the animals that didn't run fast enough to escape the inferno. The smell of cooking flesh filled her nostrils.

She broke free of the flames and ran further and further from the fury of the fire, leaving the sounds and smells far behind her. Eventually, the smoke cleared revealing an ash covered landscape. Two haunted red eyes peered at her from the dark, haze-filled sky.

The voice from her nightmares echoed from the ground under her feet. Beryl. You can win him back. He is truly yours. His heart belongs to you.

Off in the distance, Mia spotted the Moon-girl standing between her and Endymion.

Blinking her eyes blearily, Mia woke up. The smell of smoke clung to the sheets and to her. 'That is the worst part of my nightmares. They can affect the real world.' Swinging her feet to the ground, she headed out to start her day.

"Mia! Mia!"

Mia looked over at Maria, waved a greeting, and relaxed in her chair while she waited for her. When Maria reached her, she grinned at the bags under her eyes. 'We're a matched set. Good morning, Maria."

Maria chuckled. "Did you stay up last night writing that paper on fairy tales?"

Mia shook her head no. "I went to bed early, can't you tell?"

Maria gave her a disbelieving look. "Su-u-re. So, did you argue for or against the reality in fairy tales?"

Mia's nightmares sometimes seemed straight out a fairy tale. She suppressed a shudder as the dread from her nightmare brushed across her soul. "For. I mean there has to be some there, or they never would have been able to teach the lessons they were supposed to teach. If they were completely unbelievable, then no one would have cared."

"Good point." Tilting her head slightly, Maria contemplated Mia's defense. "Let's hope that the teacher agrees with you."

Glancing off into the courtyard, Mia spotted four students she didn't recognize. "I thought I knew everyone that hung out in the inner courtyard." She gestured to the four men. "Have you been introduced to them?"

Maria followed her line of sight. "Oh, they just transfered here from across the world. But I don't remember their names."

The college's old bell sounded the hour. Glancing up at it, both girls headed to class.