Title: Fallen - Awakening part V
Author: Ree
Theme: Favorite Character - Beryl
Genre: General
Version: Anime/ Manga - Fates/Tainted Gifts storyline- preseries (Mia)
Rating: G

Most of these characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko. I just borrowed my daughters paper dolls again.


AN: Mia is to Beryl as Usagi is to Sailor Moon

Maria watched, puzzled, as Mia ignored her and walked away from her normal seat in the courtyard. Her books were clasped to her chest, and she didn't return any of the greetings cast her way. The newbies that were hoping for the reigning queen's recognition were sorely disappointed.

Mia strolled across the courtyard trying to ignore the voice of Queen Metallia that had followed her out of her nightmares. It kept whispering to her all through her classes that morning. Giving up on ignoring the persistent voice, she began to mumble replies to it.

It is time, my avatar.

"Go away, I have classes to pass right now. I don't have time for this yet."

The four lords are here.

"Who are they, and why do I need them?" Even as she asked the question, she remembered them. The four lords who were under her power, tied to her by bonds as strong as the ones that tied her to Queen Metallia.

Mia stopped half way across the courtyard when a slight movement caught her eye. It reminded her to much of the shadow play in her nightmares. Instinctively she searched for a way to escape. Her eyes made contact with the tallest of the four newbies.

The voice crowed in her head. It's them! It is the Shitennou! Awake and come to me Queen Beryl! Awake and bring your servants!

Mia's left hand stung as Queen Metallia's geas flooded through her, overwhelming her psyche. Her eyes flashed with power. The blue-green color washed out of her irises, leaving only the ruddy red of her blood vessels to color them.

Beryl pulled at the bonds that were carefully wrought around the four men. One by one, they turned to her, the pale haired one fighting her to the last. 'That's right, you always did fight me. But I will always win. You are mine. All four of you.' Raising her left hand, she smiled cruelly at the men that stood pinned before her. 'It is time to leave. It is time for us to hunt for Endymion. To claim him. To protect him from that moon witch.' Summoning energy from deep inside of her, Beryl teleported all five of them to the frozen land where Queen Metallia waited.