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Naruto desperately tried to bring his friend Sasuke back from Orochimaru's clutches, but Sasuke wasn't listening to a word Naruto said. Naruto felt betrayed. His best friend would honestly leave the Leaf Village, his home, for something so trivial as power. And to make matters worse the only way to recieve the Mangeyko Sharingan was to kill him! Naruto began to regret this mission on the inside. Would Sasuke actually kill him? Naruto came to the realization that Sasuke was completely serious with going through with this. Naruto saw only one way to change Sasuke's mind. Beat the crap outta him. Force him back and keep his promise to Sakura. The two battled fiercely for hours, neither was giving up. Their eternal rivalry was all that kept them going.

Sasuke put on his headband and pointed to it during their little chat. "See up here? Not a scratch. There's no way you're changing that. Not now. Not ever!"

Naruto clenched his fist and charged Sasuke. They battled once again. When it looked like Sasuke had the upper hand thanks to his upgrade in the Sharingan, Naruto recieved more chakra from Kyuubi the Nine-tailed Fox. "Runt! You really are weak...You own me...me and the Fourth Hokage who saw fit to seal my spirit into such a pitiful human such as you." Naruto arose from his watery grave as red chakra surrounded his body and formed an outline of a fox's body. The one tail, the ears and long fangs were a new addition this time. Naruto was more monstrous this time and his power increased tenfold. Naruto punched Sasuke into the canyon walls. A standoff ensued as the two looked at each other.

Sasuke smirked. "Well Naruto...Turns out you're pretty strong after all but in the end..." Sasuke dug deep into himself and transformed himself into the second state of the heaven curse mark. "I'm still better than you loser!" Naruto and Sasuke fought until they stood at the feet of the humongous statues of Madara Uchiha and The First Hokage. Sasuke looked up at them. "Naruto...do you know...we're at the border they call the Valley of the End? Perfect setting for this rivalry."

Naruto growled. "It's not going to end!" Naruto couldn't move his left arm it was completely numb from the fox chakra. Naruto didn't care he used his right hand to make a dark brooding purple Rasengan. It bubbled from the unstable and evil chakra. His eyes dead set on Sasuke.

Sasuke made a few hand signs and held his left wrist as a chidori appeared. This chidori was different, it had black streaks of lightning sprouting from it. His sharingan eyes didn't budge, he was completely focused on Naruto.

They both jumped simultaneously at each other cocking their ultimate jutsus back ready for attack. This would decide it all.



As the two attacks collided both realized something, neither wanted the other dead. So they pulled away from the stalemate and struck at each other. Naruto went for Sasuke's headband knocking him out at the same exact time Sasuke struck him in the chest with his backhand thus knocking him out. After the implosion, both Sasuke and Naruto laid side by side on the rock ground bleeding and unconscious.

Sakura waited by the bridge depressed and lonely until Ino came running towards her. "Sakura! Naruto and Sasuke are back! They are at the hospital!" Sakura perked up and ran with Ino straight towards the hospital.

Naruto and Sasuke stared at each other in their separate hospital beds. Both were bandaged up from head to toe. A fiery passion burned within both of them. A knock were heard on the hospital door. Sakura then bust in and hugged the two and cried. "Oh Naruto! You did it! You brought me my Sasuke back!"

Naruto and Sasuke growled in pain from their wounds and Sakura hugging them wasn't helping at all. "I don't know how to thank you enough!" Sakura broke down completely.

Naruto smiled through the pain. "Well you know me, I never break a promise."

Sasuke frowned. Sakura looked at Sasuke's expression. "Why are you so unhappy Sasuke?"

"Do you really think you both know what i want!" Sasuke pushed Sakura down on the floor. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I don't want to be here with both of you! And once i heal again I'm just going to leave aga..." Naruto punched Sasuke in the face.

"You ungrateful bastard! Don't you see what she means to you! Dont't you see what all these people mean to you! Don't you see that everyone here loves you! We risked life and limb over you! When we could have just let Orochimaru have your sorry behind!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hospital gown and held him to his face. "Damn you Sasuke! If you leave again I'll hunt you down again and I'll keep doing it till you stop!"

Sasuke had a blank stare. Naruto pushed Sasuke onto his bed. "Don't you ever forget that!"

Sasuke wiped the blood away from his nose and stared at Naruto. He was completely serious. The whole Leaf Village risked everything for him. They were unprepared, unrestored and basically unprotected, but they still would do anything for a comrade even if it meant complete and utter destruction from other invading villages. Sasuke was full of emotions. Sasuke broke down and cried. "I'm so sorry for everything...I thought I lost everything when my clan was destroyed, but I recieved two best friends in the process." Sakura stood up and sat down besides Sasuke and held him tight.

Naruto shook his head. "No Sasuke...You got a whole village of friends."

Naruto heard clapping from the edge of the room and saw that everyone was there. The trio didn't even notice they were there. Neji and Choji were in wheelchairs. Kiba was on crutches. Shikamaru was alright, he only suffered a few bumps and bruises. Tsunade, Kakashi, Jirayia and basically everyone else were there clapping at Naruto's speech. Jirayia stepped forward. "Beautiful! Just beautiful kid!"

Naruto put his hands behind his head. "Aww shucks you guys, don't thank me. Thank Neji, Kiba, Choji, Akamaru and Shikamaru also. I would have never done it without them."

Jirayia smiled. "Your nobility always surprises me kid, but I have to tell you something. We are leaving first thing once you heal."

That hit Naruto like a ton of bricks. "Leaving! Why!"

"For your training numbskull! Can't have you lollygagging around forever!"

Naruto pointed to Jirayia with fire in his eyes. "Lollygagging! You're one to talk! You spend all day doing your stupid research!"

"Never mind that kid! We have to train you in order for you to defend yourself in the future from the you-know-who." Naruto nodded. He knew Jirayia meant the Akatsuki. They would do anything to gain the power of the Nine-tailed fox and he knew that.

"Ok Pervy Sage...how long is this training?"

"Six years..."

Naruto's jaw dropped. "Six years!!!!"

"Yep so the faster you heal the faster we can move out."

Naruto deeply frowned. Everyone came and lended their comfort. Naruto smiled a fake smile. "Don't worry guys. I'll be back in six years! And I, Naruto Uzumaki will be stronger than ever and become Hokage!" Everyone chuckled. Naruto held out his right hand straight open. "That's a promise!" Everyone put their hands over Naruto's as a sign that they would be together forever. "And you know me! Keeping my promise is my nindo! My ninja way!" Everyone smiled as the sun rose from the dark stormy clouds outside the window and shone on their hands. Now it was truly a sign of friendship. A bond that could never be severed. A bond that will never break. A bond fueled by the will of fire. Just as the Third Hokage once said.