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Naruto and Hinata stood atop Hokage mountain with brand new clothing, seven months later. Naruto wore a black sleeveless trench coat like much his father's only with orange flames and the kanji symbol for willpower on the back. His hair grew longer that he much almost resembled Minato.

Naruto had just become the sixth Hokage two weeks ago, when Tsunade decided to step down from her position and nominated Naruto as her successor. Nobody challenged the decision.

Hinata stood beside him in his embrace, her belly grew noticeably larger. She carrying her lover's child. The sunset was so pretty at this time of day.

Konohamaru and Hanabi ran up hand in hand screaming their heads off.

"Boss! Boss!" Konohamaru yelled.

"Huh?" Naruto turned around. "Oh what is it Konohamaru?"

Hanabi grabbed Naruto and Hinata's hands. "It's happening! Lady Sakura having her babies!"

Naruto grew extremely wide eyed. "Now!"

"Oh! I can't wait to see them!" Hinata said.

"Hop on!" Naruto said to Hinata.

Hinata carefully hopped onto Naruto's back, as they disappeared in a flash of lightning.

Hanabi giggled. "They are so excited aren't they?"

Konohamaru frowned. "Yeah…But they left us!"

Hanabi got a seductive look in her eyes. "Good…" She started to stroke Konohamaru's chest.

Konohamaru was caught off guard. "Wha..What are you doing?!"

"Thanking you for before…" She kissed him passionately making them fall on the ground. They made out furiously and….well the rest is up to the human imagination.

Meanwhile Sakura was screaming like a rabid banshee from the gates of hell. She grabbed Shizune by the collar and gave her a evil look. "Goddamn it Shizune! Give me the fucking epidural! The drugs! I need them now!!"

Shizune sweat dropped like no tomorrow. "Uhhh but you said earlier you didn't want one."

"I change my fucking mind! Now get the fucking drugs….NOW!!"

Tsunade leaned against the wall. "Don't do it Shizune. Think of it as training for her. She is my pupil after all." Tsunade gave Shizune the same evil look.

"Shizune!" Sakura yelled.

"Shizune!" Tsunade yelled.





Shizune couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed her head. "Gahh!! You two are driving me crazy!" Shizune quickly left the delivery room.

Naruto and Hinata saw Shizune in the corner of the waiting room, rocking back and forth. Naruto patted Hinata on the lap and told her to wait.

Naruto walked into the room with a smile on his face. "Hello everyone!"

All Hinata saw two seconds later was Naruto crashing through the door into the waiting room wall. She ran to Naruto with a fist mark on his cheek and unconscious swirls in his eyes, that was going to hurt in the morning.

Sasuke held Sakura's hand…bad idea if she's a chick with super strength. She completely broke Sasuke's hand in multiple places. Sasuke took one look at his broken hand before yelling his head off.

Tsunade got giddy. "I can see the head!"

Sasuke held his hand and looked at what Tsunade was looking at. He fainted shortly after.

Tsunade guided Sakura through it as she pushed with everything she's got.

"There we go! It's a boy!"

Sasuke instantly awoke and saw his son. "Look at that! I have a son!"

Sakura pushed again even harder than last time.

Tsunade held a second child as Sakura rested herself.

"What is it? I bet it's a boy just like me and Itachi. Or Minoke and Madara." Sasuke was excited.

Tsunade grabbed her head and tried to contain laughing her head off.

Naruto walked in with a bandage on his face with Hinata carrying him. "What's so funny Grandma?"

Tsunade snickered. "You got a handful with this one I can tell."

"What is it?" Sasuke really wanted to know.

Tsunade gave the boy to Hinata to hold and showed off the other baby to Sasuke. "IT'S A GIRL!!"

Sasuke fainted again.

Hinata giggled. "Good, that means our baby will have a new playmate."

Naruto was oblivious as usual as he scratched his chin. "Whaddya mean?"

Hinata smiled. "I wanted to keep it a secret but…WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!"

Naruto fainted as well, leaving Tsunade, Hinata and Sakura sweatdropping as Naruto and Sasuke twitched on the ground.

To be continued….