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This fanfic takes place after A New Hope and the Battle of Hoth during Empire Strikes Back. Luke is at Dagobah with Yoda, while Leia and Han managed to escape to where the Rebel Alliance assembled. Darth Vader is searching for Luke. Some of the characters that will be seen in this fanfic are Luke, Leia, Han, Darth Vader, Padme Amidala, Threepio, R2, Chewie, Lando, Palpatine, Mara Jade, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mon Mothma, and Padme's family.

Princess Leia had just finished up her meeting with the Alliance. It was a close call at Hoth. She had almost been killed, but luckily, Han managed to get her out and most of the Rebels have escaped, including Luke.

Luke...She just couldn't figure out her feelings for him. She had only known him for a short while, but yet she felt such a deep connection with him that she couldn't explain. Luke had already expressed that he cared a lot about her. He even hinted that he wanted some kind of relationship with her, a relationship that didn't exactly mean friends. But, before they could even discuss it further, he had to go to Dagobah to search for a Jedi master to be trained. Leia knew that he had special powers and that training to become a Jedi was important for him. But, she couldn't help but feel lonely without him. She wanted him by her side. She needed him, for reasons she did not know.

And then there was Han...Her relationship with him was far more difficult than with Luke. They have been fighting a lot lately, mostly because Han decided to leave the Rebellion, to leave her...He was attractive, she had to admit. Not just his looks, but there was something about him that she felt appealed to. Maybe, it was how carefree he could be, even in a crisis. She never met a man like him. He was very much different that Luke. He just had something that Luke didn't, which made herself see a relationship with him more than Luke. But, Luke was the nicer one, the more compassionate one. The one who wouldn't leave, the one who cared deeply about the Rebellion like she did. He was innocent, maybe even too innocent for her. But, they had so much in common. They both lost their entire family. Sometimes, she felt like they were as one. She will never forget how he rescued her. She was at the point where she lost all hope. Her parents were dead, and she was about to die too. She was locked up in a cold cell, already had been physically tortured and emotionally when having to witness her planet being blown up. But, that all changed when the door opened and Luke took his stormtrooper helmet off. She gazed into his blue eyes, he into her brown eyes, and she felt an instant connection and a feeling of warmth.

Of course, she would never have met Han, Luke, or Chewie, if it had not been for Darth Vader.

Darth Vader...Another complicated man in her life, an unfortunate one too. She remembered the first day she met him, or at least the one she could remember. Her father told her Darth Vader saw her when she was a baby when he came to Alderaan to speak to the Royal family. But, the meeting that Leia remembered was when she had been elected Senator, only as a teenager. She had attended her first meeting with the Imperial Senate when there stood Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. She had to pretend she agreed with their ways, so they would never suspect her to be a leader of the Rebellion. But, it was hard to. It was so hard to act as if she sided with something so cruel, so wrong, so evil...She stood before Palpatine and Vader. Palpatine had welcomed her to the Senate and thanked her for working with the Empire, while she secretly cringed inside, but had to put on a fake smile. Vader did not welcome her, he never welcomed anyone. No kind words came out of his mouth. Only Palpatine pretended to be the polite one. However, Leia, being the sarcastic and feisty girl she was, turned towards Vader and made a remark.

"Do you talk much?" She asked, with a mocking face. She couldn't see Vader's reaction for his face was covered in a black mask. She often wondered what his true face looked.

"I only talk when it is necessary." Vader said in a monotone, yet mechanic voice. Leia couldn't help but sense something strange about him. There was just this thing with Vader that she couldn't figure out. She felt something, some kind of shiver that went through her spine every time she came into contact with him, but she knew it wasn't out of fear.

As Leia worked as a member of the Imperial Senate along with her father, her relationship with Darth Vader progressed. They seldom got along. Leia couldn't help but give a cool attitude around Vader. Sometimes, she felt that she hated him more than Palpatine, as if Vader had done something personally to her. Her cool attitude may have been why Vader always seemed suspicious of her, but Leia thought there might be something else. She felt that Vader resented her for some reason. And then of course, Leia got caught when heading to Tatooine, to recruit an old Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. Vader attacked her ship and abducted her. He had tortured her, but he didn't kill her. From what she heard, Tarkin had wanted to terminate her, but Vader was against it. She didn't know why, but she had been surprised to know that Vader didn't want to see her die.

Leia's thoughts and memories were interrupted when Threepio came into the room.

"Mistress Leia, you wanted to see me?" Threepio asked, politely.

Leia smiled at him. "Yes, I figured I give you a bath. You're very rusty from the ordeal at Hoth. Come here, while I get some oil."

Threepio did as he was told, excited to finally get cleaned up. "It might be easier if you turn me off." He said.

"Okay." Leia agreed. She went behind him and pressed the button to turn him off. She then rolled up her sleeves and got to work. Finally, after a half an hour, Threepio was polished and clean. She then turned the button to turn Threepio on again, only it didn't work. Leia frowned and pressed the button again. It still didn't work.

"Damn it!" Leia exclaimed. "The oil must have gotten into his circuits. How am I going to turn him on again?"

Leia started hitting buttons desperately, hoping that something will work. She knew she shouldn't just press anything, for her father had warned her not to press certain buttons, although he didn't explain why. But, Leia thought she had no choice but to try anything that might work. Finally, something had happened. Threepio's voice came out static, but Leia heard, "Miss Padme Amidala." Who in the galaxy was that? Leia never heard or met a Padme Amidala. She was not part of the Rebellion. Where did Threepio hear this name? Leia pressed the button to turn him on again, and to her relief, it worked.

"Oh, my! Mistress Leia, you cleaned me up well!" Threepio said, happily.

"Who's Padme Amidala?" Leia asked.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Who's Padme Amidala?"

"I'm not sure. I don't think I ever heard that name before."

Leia was annoyed. "But, you had just said the name."

"I did?"

"Well, before I turned you on, I pressed another button, and you said, 'Miss Padme Amidala.' "

"I'm afraid I don't know who that is or why I said that."

"Oh, maybe it was just an error, but that was strange."

"Strange indeed." Threepio responded, feeling a bit disturbed about saying things he didn't know about. "I suppose I should get going with my duties."

"Yeah, go ahead." Leia said, absentmindedly. She still wanted to know who this Padme Amidala was. When Threepio had said her name, it sent some kind of electric bolt through her body. She felt like this woman was important, somehow. Leia decided to search the database and look up her name to find out if she was real. She went to the central chamber where the Rebels' meeting was held an hour ago, and pulled out the database. She then typed in, "Padme Amidala." A file came up with the name on it. So this person was real, she thought. Leia was excited. All she had to do was click on the file and she would know who this person was. Leia clicked the file, but then a message popped up saying, "Access denied." Leia tried again, but the same message appeared. What was going on? Why was this person's file denied? Leia then noticed a button at the bottom of the screen saying, "More information." Leia clicked on it and another message appeared that said:

This person's file is blocked by the order of the Emperor's apprentice Darth Vader. This woman had died twenty years ago. All other information is restricted.

Leia was surprised. Darth Vader blocked this person's file from anyone reading it? But why? Why did the Empire wanted to keep this woman a secret? What was so special about her? What had she done? Leia wanted to know. It just seemed important. But, how was she going to find out? Then, an idea struck her. Perhaps Mon Mothma would know.