A New Beginning

A Suite Life of Zack and Cody fan-fiction with some slight crossovers of other Disney channel shows as well as some other TV shows/movies.

(A/N: This is my first fan-fic, so don't be too brutal if you decide to comment, but please leave some constructive criticism)

Quick Summary (very basic): Maddie's little sister, Emily, comes to the Tipton halfway through the school year (think, Mid-January – about this time of year) due to the closing of the private school she attended in New York City. She will be staying with Maddie and finishing up the rest of year at the same public school Zack, Cody, London and Maddie go to. See how things change, people grow, friendships, and love and jealousy form between the characters.Possible pairings: Cody/Emily, Zack/Emily, Cody/Maddie, London/OC, any others by request.

Chapter 1 - Lobbying

It was a cold weekend in January day in Boston, where a light snow was beginning to fall to the ground outside of the windows of the Tipton Hotel. Inside the heated lobby, Maddie Fitzpatrick was working behind the candy counter like she always does, having just finished organizing the candy, Cody walks out of the elevator towards her, holding a piece of paper.

"Hey Maddie," Cody said as he approached the candy counter, "Do you think you could help me with this math homework? I'm having some trouble." Cody knew that Maddie could help him, because she has helped him countless other times, and not just with homework, but with friends and everyday problems. Ever since they moved to the Tipton, Cody has had a crush on Maddie, but he always shrugged it off because of Zack's crush on her, and Maddie always turning him down. He didn't want to feel the rejection that Zack receives on a daily basis, so he decided just to be good friends with Maddie. "I must tell her how I feel one of these days," he thought, "who knows maybe she'll feel the same way…nah…of course not! She's three years older than me, she would never feel the way I do…but maybe there is a chance …"

"Sure thing, Cody. Let me see what you have so far," answered Maddie, who as she was taking the paper from Cody, glanced up so that her eyes met his. They locked for a second or two and then she looked back down at Cody's homework. "What just happened here," Maddie though, "I felt a deep connection with Cody…but I couldn't…or maybe…no, I can't love someone three years younger, it would be too weird…what if he likes me back? No, that's not right; Zack's the one with the crush on me… oh this is confusing."

While Maddie was helping Cody, Zack walked over to them, "Hey there sweet thang!" he exclaimed as he rested is elbow on top of the counter and started to stare at Maddie.

"Hey Zack," Maddie responded with less enthusiasm, "Now Cody, all you have to do now is convert it to exponential form and then divide each side by what you see here to get X. It will be easier and quicker if you plug it into your calculator," she explained as Cody followed her steps.

"Thanks Maddie, I get it now," Cody said as he put his pencil down.

Just then, Maddie's cell phone rang, it was the chorus of the song of Hey there Delilah by the Plain White T's.

(Cody's POV)

She answered and her face immediately lit with excitement and her eyes danced with anticipation.

"…really? You're here already?!…" Maddie said excitedly into her cell phone, "Oh my god I can't believe we're going to see each other since--….I know I missed you too…see you in a few, love ya." And with that Maddie quickly flipped her phone closed and turned to us with a big smile on her face,

"I've got such great news!" she shouted.

"You're finally going to go out with me?" Zack said jokingly (although he really did want it to happen) with a smile on his face.

"No," Maddie said looking at Zack with a not-in-a-million-years look on her face then she said, "My sister will be arriving here at the Tipton in a few minutes! She's going to be staying here for the rest of the year!"

"I thought you didn't like your sister? When she left weren't you jumping around the lobby screaming that you finally had your room to yourself?" I asked curiously.

"Oh no that was my older sister; I'm talking about my younger sister. My little sister and I were always really close and loved to hang out with each other. We could tell each other everything!" Maddie explained.

"How come she doesn't live here in Boston?" Zack and I both asked together

"Well, when I was in going into 9th grade and her going into 7th, our parents' friends who we all were close to were living in New York City near a really good private school and since they both were working there, the man was the principal and his wife was a guidance counselor, they had the opportunity to give their children a free tuition to the school," Maddie started, "Since they had no children of their own they asked if my sister would like to go. I couldn't have gone because the private school only went up to grade 9 and it would have been sort of pointless to go there for just one year. After a long discussion and hugging, packing, and crying, she decided to go and we all agreed. We both promised to email and IM each other everyday. When she graduated from 9th grade, my sister, Emily is her name, had a choice of coming back here to finish out high school or going to a private high school in New York city since our family friends had offered to pay. Since Emily loved the city so much she decided to stay, but just a few weeks ago, the school closed due to teacher strikes so she's coming back here to live and we both couldn't be more excited since we'll get to spend lots of time together before I leave for college next fall."

"That's awesome!" I exclaimed and then turned to Zack, "And she's only a year older than us."

(Zack's POV)

"Yeah, and if she's anything like you Maddie, she'll have it goin' on," I said while moving my hands down shaping what a body looks like.

I saw Maddie smile and giggle at this comment that I made. Hmm…I wonder if Maddie would be jealous if I went out with her sister

Just then a tall, slim blonde girl stepped out of the revolving Tipton doors and looked around. She wore her hair in a ponytail with strands falling down framing her face. The color was similar to Maddie's but it had a few darker highlights (A/N: I know you can't have dark highlights per say, but just go with me on this). Wearing a skirt, capris leggings underneath, a sweater layered over a tank top, and pink converse shoes she caught a glimpse of where were standing and her mouth dropped open in delight,

"Maddie!" she shouted and as she started to run forward, Maddie ran out from behind the candy counter and ran to hug her little sister.

While still embracing each other in a hug, Maddie said happily, "Emily it's so good to see you again! I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too Maddie! It's just not the same telling you stuff through the internet as it is when I can I see your expressions," Emily answered.

Finally getting out of the hug, "Emily I want to introduce you to some friends," Maddie said and led her over to me and Cody, "This is Zack and Cody; they live here in the hotel. They're only a year younger than you are."

"Hi!" Emily said as she stuck her hand out for me to shake it and then did the same with Cody and said, "I'm Emily. Hopefully we could become good friends."

"Maybe even more," I answered winking at her. Emily started to blush a little and smiled sweetly.

"Zack, do you have to hit on my sister the second she gets here?" Maddie said matter-of-factly (or in a way that says, 'you are so lame…').

"Hey, I'm just being a guy, that's what we do," I said emphasizing it with a macho-type voice.

(No POV)

"So Maddie, what do you do around here for fun?" Emily asked following Maddie as she walked back behind the candy counter. "Wow, you're short," she said jokingly noticing that she was now just a little bit taller than her older sister.

"Hey, it's nice to call people names, Em," Maddie joked, playfully hitting Emily's shoulder. "Well, to answer your question, I do have some fun around here, most having to do with something Zack and Cody did and I get involved in. When my shift is over, which is…" she looks at her phone for the time and says, "...In 20 minutes, I can show you around here and show some of the new things that have come to Boston since you left."

"Great! I can't wait!" Emily cried excitedly. "I just want to know where I can put my bags for now so I don't have to carry them everywhere."

"You can leave them in our room if you want," Cody offered, "We'll take you up to our suite." Zack nodded in agreement and motioned with Cody for Emily to follow them.

"Thanks Cody," Emily said picking up her bags she had dropped some ways away from the candy counter when she went to hug Maddie. She began to follow them, "I'll come back down soon so we can hang out before you show me around Mads." Maddie responded with a 'sounds great' and rang up the customer who had just bought a chocolate bar.

(Emily's POV)

Hmm…Zack and Cody are really nice…and they're really cute too. I think I'm going to become good friends with them.

[This chapter is not done yet; Emily's point of view will continue…I'll update again tomorrow

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