I'm scared and I have no idea what to do.

This has to be the worst feeling. I can't do anything to improve this situation. Nothing I say or do will help her. She is lying down and all I can think is how embarrassed I' am for her. How absolutely terrified she must be right now but I can't move.

The nurses and doctors all coo and tell her how good she's doing. Suddenly, I'm royally pissed off. I should be the one whispering and holding her, not complete strangers in masks and gloves.

Bravely, I grip her hand. She looks up at me, sweat streaming down the sides of her face. Her eyes are wide and her bottom lip trembles, my heart cries for her. I mouth quickly, 'I love you.'

And suddenly, she smiles. Her eyes are a shade lighter. I wipe the hair that is sticking to her hot skin away. I lean in and kiss her cheek; it is very warm and wet. I nuzzle her neck and as the doctor speaks with one of nurses.

Her head falls back on the pillow, but she makes not one sound. I thought women were supposed to scream and thrash around, but not my Miley, no, she's a quiet mouse. She simply holds my hand, gripping it with great strength.

"You are remarkable." I say softly into her ear. She's about to answer, I can tell, her mouth opens, but then she squeezes her eyes shut and lets out a low hiss through her clenched teeth.

"It hurts." She whimpers like a child to me and I can do nothing but watch her squirm under this pain. I let a few tears sting the edges of my eyes and then quickly wipe them away. I have to be strong, for Miley's sake.

A machine beeps. The clock ticks. Miley whines into her chest as she bears down. And then… a cry, a high pitched cry.

My breath is gone.

"It's a girl! A beautiful, healthy girl!"

Miley laughs wiping away her own tears. Our daughter is cleaned, cut, and wrapped up tight in a pink blanket and then she is given to Miley. The door closes behind the last nurse and we are left alone.

A happy silence rings out through the room. Outside it is a dawning morning. My wife is glowing. Her eyes are soft and lit with a motherly grace.

"She's so lovely." Miley sighs bestowing a butterfly kiss on her child's nose. "Come, sit with us." She smiles at me, scooting over, and making room.

Cautiously, I take a seat. My daughter looks up at me with two large blue almond shaped eyes. She yawns, her whole mouth opening. Miley and I share a happy giggle.

"Oh Lilly, isn't she everything you could ever want?" Miley says running a light finger over the baby's cubby cheek.

"That, and so much more." I whisper snuggling in closer.

My family.

I will protect them, no matter the cost.

Author's Note: Kind of lame, I know, but it's snowing outside and I just felt like typing. Leave your thoughts.