25 year old Ally Barone Davis pulled up to her parents house along with her husband, Chris and 1 year old son Patrick Raymond. They had driven in from New Jersey for her grandmother, Marie Barone's funeral. She took Patrick and walked up to the door and went inside.

"Mom" she called out, "We're here."

Debra Barone entered from the kitchen wiping her hand on a towel, "Ally!" She said excitedly giving her a hug,"and there's my big guy" she said kissing Patrick and ruffling his hair.

"How are you Mom?" She asked as Chris came in with the bags

"Oh, I'm fine," She answered, "Hi Chris," she said giving her son-in-law a hug.

"Hi Mom." He responded taking off his jacket and hanging it up.

"Well, you two must be exhausted. Let me get some hugs from my grandson." Debra took Patrick as Ally and Chris sat down on the couch.

"Mom, how's dad doing?" Ally asked as Debra sat with Patrick in the rocking chair.

"As good as you would expect. He and Mike and Jeff went with Uncle Robert to get Grandpa." She answered. Frank Barone was now in assisted living since Marie had been diagnosed with alzheimers and he was no longer able to care for her.

"It's so hard to believe she's gone, you know?" Ally mused

Debra chose her words carefully, she and Marie had always had a combative relationship, "Well, she really wasn't living the last few months. But Frank is devastated."

"Well, if you and Dad need any help just say so." Chris answered.

Debra smiled, "Thank you Chris. Oh, I almost forgot, how is your new job?"

"It's going fine so far, you know the exciting world of accountancy." He quipped.

Patrick started to get fussy, "Oh, I guess I need to take him upstairs for a nap." Ally said getting up.

"No let me do it," Debra offered, "Come on big guy, grandma will read you a story and you can sleep in Uncle Michael's old bed.

Just then Robert's wife Amy came in the back door with her and Robert's daughter, Katie, and Ray and Debra's daughter Emily, both 10.

"Ally!" Emily ran to give her big sister a hug.

"Hey, squirt!" Ally responded looking at her it was clear she and Katie had been playing in the dirt, "Uh oh, you better not let mom see you got that dirty."

"You think that's dirty?" Debra said coming down the stairs,"How soon we forget, you did share of playing in the dirt."

"I was not playing I was making mud pies." Ally joked.

"Uh huh," Debra mumbled then turned to Emily, "Sweetheart go upstairs and change, grandpa will be here soon."

"Okay mom," Emily went upstairs followed by Katie who had already changed across the street.

"Be quiet, Patrick is sleeping." She called after them.

"Sorry Deb. They were in it before I knew it." Amy said.

"Oh, please. The fourth one can hold dynamite and you don't care." Debra quipped.

"Hi Aunt Amy," Ally finally said hugging her.

"We'll I guess I'll get started on dinner." Debra said

"I'll help." Ally offered.

"Me too." Amy echoed.

"Great," Debra said then addressed Chris,"Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, I'm fine. I think I'll go lie down with Patrick. I'm not feeling too well." He said.

"Are you sure don't need anything Honey?" Ally walked over to him.

"No, sweetheart I just need to rest." He said kissing her cheek and heading upstairs.