I made a new random story to replace Lee the player! This is going to be funny...I think…Also, I've been getting way more hits then I used to. Is that just me? I think so…I mean, I do have a half fairy half demon in my head practicing jackhammer ballet…I belong in an insane asylum, oh! And look, the nice men are here to take me away!...wait, that's just the sugar rush, my bad. Also, I know what Captain Underpant's tra la laa thing is, but I changed it for Lee's sake.

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"Neji! Neji! It came! The hypno kunai! Now we can fix our teammates!"

"We'll have a respectable team TenTen! Imagine it!" Neji and TenTen get close and imagine a team that doesn't speak of youth or wears green spandex with orange legwarmers.

"This will be great! No more will we have to suffer through youthful tear jerking hugs!"

"Shh! No more speak of youth. Let's use it on Lee first." Neji nodded and they went to find Lee punching a log, Neji jumped and tied him to a chair.


"you guys! I have to train! To be youthful!"

"I swear if I ever hear that word again if this works I'll pull my hair out it's cute buns."

"Don't do that TenTen, I think you buns are cute!"


"Neji, TenTen is going to punch you, because that sounded really wrong."

"Crap I did it again didn't I?"

"I'm going to use this now, and we're going to pretend you never said that." Neji looked at his feet as TenTen spun the hypno kunai on her finger, Lee was fixated, and then fell asleep.

"Lee, you are at our command."

"At command of you."

"This is great!"


"Shut up."

"Shutting up."

"Ok Lee, from now on. When ever you say or hear youth, you will feel like you've been shocked by 100 volts of electricity. Got it?"


"GOT IT!?"

"I'm supposed to shut up."

"Stop that and do you get what I say about youth!?"

"Yes. No more youth."

"Perfect." If this works perfectly on Lee and Gai, I'm going to use it to convince Neji that he'll be attracted to Lee if he wears clothes.


"Alright Lee, spandex is stupid."

"Spandex stupid."

"And legwarmers?"

"Makes Sakura think I'm a girl."


"TenTen! Let me do one!"

"Fine Neji. Go ahead."

"Alright Lee, when ever you hear the words, Believe it, you'll be come the super hero captain underpants."

"I wear boxers."

"None the less, you'll be the Captain Underpants who wears boxers."



"Come on, who says believe it?"

"I can't think of any human who does."

"And if you ever do become Captain Underpants, you'll stop after you hear cocoa puffs."

"Stop after cocoa puffs."

"Wouldn't it make more sense to dump water on his head?"

"Yeah, but what if it's really really funny. Then he accidentally gets water on his head the funny will end."

"Fine, do what you want." TenTen snapped her fingers and Lee woke up.


"What am I doing here? Why am I wearing this?"

"Lee, youth."


"Good boy."

"…Believe it." Lee got a huge grin on his face and let out a bellowing,

"Laaaa! What am I wearing? This isn't my heroic outfit!"

"Cocoa puffs."

"Why does it feel like I hate my clothes?"

"It worked!"

"Booya!" Neji and TenTen gave each other a high five and let Lee go to change back into his old clothes from when they were 12.


Lee was back in his old clothes, his headband is still around his waist. He soon went for lunch at Ichiraku's.

" Hey Bushy brows! Where's the jumpsuit?"

"It is stupid. Mind if I join?"

"Sure, I guess." Lee sat down and waited for his ramen.

"so how is the team without Sasuke?"

"Not as well, we aren't hanging around as much. Believe it." Lee's eyes got wide and a grin stretched across his face. "LAAA!"

"what?" Lee stood up and ripped off his clothes down to his underwear. And took a curtain and wrapped it around his neck.

"Bushy…brows…are you alright?"

"Yes I am young blonde idiot! Now, if you see any evil, just tell me! CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!" And with that note, lee bounded off leaving a very confuzzled Naruto and Ramen workers stunned.

"Did I do something?"