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Lee was taking a nap in a tree. Neji and TenTen were below checking through more magazines.

"Damn it TenTen! We have to find a hypno Kunai!"

"If we don't, we'll have to kill Naruto."

"Can we kill him anyways?"

"NO! Now just help me, if Lee wakes up he may hear Believe it." Lee sprung up. A grin starched across his face.

"Laaaa! Why am I sleeping!? There's crime to stop!"


"Damn." Lee threw off his clothes and ran off to find a curtain.

"Hey! I found an ad! I FOUND AN…what the h-e-double hokey sticks?! This one takes 3 years to get a new one!"

"Who cares! If we find a shorter ad we'll order that and have one as a back up!" TenTen and Neji filled it out quick and ran to the post office, forgetting about Lee.


I must find that pink haired girl, she was beautiful, but I must be in disguise, or my enemies could use her to get to me! Captain Underpants, also known as Rock Lee, was springing around Konaha looking for Sakura. But he decided he must be in disguise.


He found Sakura after finding an outfit.

"Hello beautiful girl."

"Lee? Why are you wearing Naruto's clothes?"

Naruto somewhere else: "Where's my laundry?! Did the wind take it?...KONAHAMARU!"

"Well, I uh…um…want to be my girlfriend?"

"Lee, I said no before."

"But I just can't get my mind off your beautiful eyes."


"Your voice is of an angel and your hair is the most beautiful shade of pink I have ever seen."

"Oh Lee, that…that's so…romantic." She walked over and attempted to kiss Lee, but Neji and TenTen came up. "Cocoa puffs!" Lee shook to attention. "Why am I in Naruto's clothes?" Sakura stopped and pulled back, realizing she nearly kissed Captain Underpants.

"So, you were in the hypnosis state?"

"I guess, what were we about to-"

"Believe it!" A grin stretched across Lee's face. "La-" He didn't get to finish, Sakura grabbed him and kissed him. Neji and TenTen…well.



"I will be your girlfriend!"

"Great! You will be greatly taken care of! I will complement you and cherish you!"

Sakura hugged him, but then he made her step back and he pulled off Naruto's clothes.



"Here we go, let's go say the words." Neji and TenTen ran off after Lee, and Sakura stood. She only had a boyfriend when Lee was hypnotized.