Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

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Bella, Alice and Rosalie are violent, moody, best friends in a punk band called 'Royally Screwed". Edward, Jasper and Emmett are the new bad boys at school. When they meet-sparks fly! Some human, some not. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Smells Like Teen Spirit

"UGH!" I screamed into my pillow as the alarm went off officially ending summer vacation. 7:15 a-frikken-m. Who's idea was it that school has to start so early?? I brought the covers over my head and went back to sleep.

Five minutes later, Renee opened my door and chirped, "Wake up wake up! First day of school!" Happiest day of the year for mothers all across Forks, I'm sure. Good for Renee particularly, she wouldn't have her weirdo daughter and her odd friends hanging around all day in the garage practicing their even weirder songs.

But then, Renee used to be a groupie for Led Zeppelin when she was a teenager in San Francisco, so she should understand that music is everything to me. More than boys, more than school, more than anything. I think she thinks the three of us are lesbians; we never date and Alice, Rosalie and I have been inseparable since first grade.

Speaking of, just then, Alice's 1978 MGB pulled up out front, waking the neighborhood with it's Tiger muffler. I flew to the window to wave at my girls. Shit! She picked up Rose first that means I get to sit in the jump seat, which isn't really a seat at all, more like a shelf. Thank the stars, no rain, yet, so the rag top was down.

"Come on Bitch!" Alice laughed as she called up to me. Rose had her nose in a magazine, a black scarf tied around her hair and wrapped around her neck and dark sunglasses, not that it was anything like sunny out, but we were cool that way. Always dressed in ripped black whatever, with a touch of color here and there depending on the mood.

"Be right down Skag!" I called back. Gotta love my friends.

I flew to the bathroom, brushed and washed quickly, ran a quick comb through my hair and stripped. Opening my closet I picked out a shirt, a skirt and a pair of boots without looking...they were all black, didn't matter, and threw them on quickly. Quick black eyeliner, mascara, blood red lipstick and silver earrings. Grabbing my purse, I said a quick bye to Renee who was in the kitchen making a banana Metamucil smoothie breakfast for my dad, Police Chief Swan, who bid me good bye without looking up from his newspaper.

Junior year was going to be our year I could feel it. Any day now we would get a regular gig in Seattle or Portland and we would blow this one horse town. Right now, our band, Royally Screwed, was gaining an audience amoungst the other misfits at Forks High so we got gigs at birthday parties and keggers, things like that. We did the usual covers-Tool, Seether, Papa Roach, Chevelle, Evanessence, Linkin Park, The Vines, but also did our own stuff, too. I was the dark poet of the group, Alice wrote the music. I played lead, Alice drums and beautiful Rosalie, with her long blond hair and big, natural boobs was our frontman and bass player.

Upon arrival, we linked arm in arm and strode up the campus like we owned the place. The usual suspects were all there, nerdy Mike Newton, still in lust with me while he's humping Jessica what's-her-name (get a clue bozo!), Eric Yorkie whose complexion has not cleared up yet (try masturbating, it's good for the skin!) and Tyler Crowley, the jock, who, although he is kinda cute, is a total space head. Lauren Mallory can keep him. She puts out, so he's happy.

We, on the other hand, have made a solemn vow to keep our virginity until we get our first permanent gig. Not that anyone was knocking at our panties to be let in. We were odd, compared to the boring bunch of Beaver Cleavers that went to this school. We didn't mix in with the other girls or the boys for that matter. We sat by ourselves, we wore black, we talked about music, always music and the environment and social issues. We hated sports and girly parties and the boys in this town. Give me James Dean from 'Rebel Without a Cause' that's what I say!

One local we did let into our group was Angela Weber. She was quiet, very cool and helped us get gigs. She was kinda like our manager. Her father owned Fork's only sit-down restaurant, The Forks Pizzaria, which means he pretty much knew everyone. So when someone was having an event, he was the first to know and he would tell Angela and that's how we got our gigs.

So we went our separate ways to first hour. Nothing new, nothing exciting. We said good-bye until lunch time came and then we would meet at our usual table, last one in the furthest back corner, as far away from everyone else as possible. After a way too boring 4th hours, I strolled into the cafeteria, and looked for my girls at our table. I saw Rose and Alice, standing off to the side, talking animatedly. I walked over and joined them.

"What's up sluts?" I gave a normal greeting.

"You tell me!" Rose said angrily gesturing to our table.

Three guys I had never seen before were sitting there. At our table. Three guys with their backs to us all sitting on the same side. The whole stupid school knows it's our table and they wouldn't dare sit at it or they were sure to get an ass beating by one or all of us. We took no shit from anyone.

"Oh...no...Are you kidding me !?!." I was pissed, "Come on, let's get these losers out of here."

The three of us took a group deep breath and made a bee line for the table.

"HEY!" I growled at their backs, "I think you have made a mistake!"

All three at once turned to face us. The one on the end, tall, lean, with long bronze hair all wild, stood up and looked down into my eyes. A wicked smile broke out onto his face. I don't think I have ever seen anyone so beautiful before in all my life. He had the face of an angel and the body of a god. I was trapped, transfixed by his gold eyes.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying about a mistake?" His voice was soft, full and smooth like velvet.

"I..I.." I shook my head to clear it and found my voice," You're sitting at our table."

"Oh really? And is your name carved on it somewhere? I don't see it." He mocked me.

I hiked my skirt up, placing my foot on his chair. Retrieving my Bowie knife out of the top of my thigh high boot, I proceeded to angrily carve 'Bella,' 'Rose,' and 'Alice' onto the wooden surface.

"NOW you see it Ass hole?" Alice and Rose were cracking up behind me. The other two boys were stunned for a moment and then joined in the laughter. This bronze god and I stared at each other, arms folded, eyes narrowed.

"What's all this then??" Crap. Edward grabbed the knife and slid it stealthily into the inside pocket of his jacket before Mr. Banner could see it.

"Miss Swan, any trouble here?"

"No, Mr. Banner, everything is fine."

"You." Turning to the bronze haired god," You're the Cullen boys aren't you..the new kids, Dr. Cullen's kids. I advise you to keep out of trouble here. I've seen your records, all of you have been transferred out of different schools for mischief. We'll have none of that here. And be careful who you associate with," he said glaring at the three of us, "this is a new school and a new start for you. See you next hour, Edward, Miss Swan."

As Mr. Banner was walking away, the large dark haired one made a loud fart noise, causing the whole cafeteria, which had grown quiet, to busrt into laughter.

"I'll take my knife back now." I held out my hand, glaring menacingly up into his dark angelic face.

"No, I think I'll keep it. You seem to have a penchant for destroying public property, uh..Miss Swan, was it?" He smirked. I wanted to mash his face under my boot.

"Listen, pretty boy," I growled as I produced a switchblade from my other boot and held it to his throat," we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. Which is it?"

He smiled and held his hands up in surrender. The other boys were quite amused. The blond one chuckled "Come on, pretty boy."

I reached into his jacket, inadvertantly grazing his hard pecs with my hand. His smile widened and I thought I heard him gently growl. I grabbed the Bowie, and slipped it back into it's home in my boot.

I stood on my toes and put my face in his face, an inch from his nose.

"Don't fuck with me Cullen, I would hate to see something happen to your pretty face." I warned and I meant it.

He raised an eyebrow and gazed into my brown eyes. I felt paralyzed, sinking deeper into his golden eyes, floating away. He leaned in, just a whisper of space between our lips.

"I'll try to remember that," His breath blew into my face and I felt dizzy. The bell rang. I took a shaky step backwards, spun around and joined my girls.

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