Hehe, okay not sure why this idea popped into my head but it did and I had to write it or it would drive me crazy :D Let me know what you think!! Next chapter should be up tommorow [grin

Riley shifted uncomfortably in his chair, twisting to the side and looking away from the computer screen. His back was tight and stiff from sitting in one postition for too long and he stretched back into the chair, feeling his spine pop all the way down to his hips.

He inhaled sharply as the final pop resounded loudly, his breath hitching in his throat a little. He stiffened slightly, the familiar, dreaded feeling returning with all the memories that it usually brought. Riley shook his head slowly and closed his eyes. "No, not right now..." he whispered softly to no one in particular.

The tightness in his chest and throat began to creep forward, gradually becoming worse and worse as the minutes passed. The last time he's had an attack like this is had lasted for a little over three hours. Riley took a breath and held it, trying desperately to stave off the inevitable.

A few seconds passed and the feeling began to fade. The tight, constricted feeling in his throat began to subside, leveling off to a dull awareness that pressed in the back of his mind. After a few more seconds of nothing, Riley sighed slowly, letting all the air out of his lungs.

Suddenly, there was a contraction, sharp and quick, that caused his shoulders to shudder. Riley winced and sat still, waiting for the next one. He didn't have to wait long. Seconds later another contraction hit and he shuddered again.

"Damn..." he sighed loudly, resting a hand over his eyes in frustration. Just when you thought it was over...just when you thought it was safe to go back to work...the hiccups strike again.

"Ohhh hic this is going to be a long afternoon..."

Yay!! Okay, I'm discovering all these really weird "cures" for hiccups and some of them are pretty funny. If you have any strange or unusual ideas let me know, I'd be glad to put them in along with credit to you for the idea!! Hope you like it!!