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Kagome was still trying to hold her giggles in from her lesson at school today.


Inuyasha appeared at Kagome's front step complaining about how she should be more responsible blah blah blah.

Kagome didn't care what he was saying she wanted to teach him what she learned today.

"Yeah yeah yeah Okay Inuyasha I have a question."

Inuyasha getting annoyed with Kagome's uncaring attitude snorted.

"Sure sure whatever."

"Do you want to start philematology me whenever you want?"

Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably.

He didn't know what to say.

It sure did SOUND perverted, but maybe that was just his perverted side that acted up around Kagome.

"I...I don't you...Do I?" Inuyasha asked her as if she could answer the question she just asked.

"I can't answer that."

'If I say no she might cry if I say yes she might sit me. It's a lose lose situation. I'd rather her sit me than to see her cry though."

"Then...Then yes I would like to start philematology you whenever I want."

Inuyasha closed his eyes waiting for expected pain, but opened them when he heard Kagome's giggles.

"Then can I start philematology you whenever I want?" Kagome looked up at him sweetly.

"Seems fair..." Inuyasha responded smartly.

Although he still didn't know what philematology meant.

"Then..." she let her word just sit in the air as she went on her tippy toes and pressed her soft warm lips on his.

After awhile Kagome broke their warm a loving kiss.

"What was that for?" Inuyasha asked in a hushed voice.

"We were philematology, like you said we could."

Inuyasha didn't quiet understand but smiled anyways.

"Oh" He said with a bright grin.

And thus he started philematology her again.

philematology- The scientific name for kissing.

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