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The sheer amount of time that Hitsugaya spent teaching Bill about the written Kidou was ample, as was Bill's determination and intelligence seeing as that he could keep up with Hitsugaya's challenging pace. But in all honesty, it was taxing in terms of the energy needed to continue the pace and effort required to actually comprehend the information; but Bill understood that there was a timeline. They had been using a dictation quill to have much of the lectures and explanations written down so that Bill could give a copy to the Headmaster who would distribute it to the people he knew were trustworthy enough to work on the project. A rather good idea with the sheer amount of information that were going to be absorbing and working with; and it would undoubtedly help him in the long run when he had to reference back to the information.

After learning the differences between the powers, magic and spiritual, and how those powers were drawn upon to make the seals, it started to become easier for Bill to understand how to make both styles of 'magic' to work together. The fundamentals of Kidou had been discussed extensively, but Hitsugaya had decided to omit anything that he found too tedious and rather unrelated to the entire project. It wasn't soon after that they began to focus and work on the Sealing characters that were grafted onto Hitsugaya. Though Bill would like to have the knowledge of the art as a whole, he agreed that he didn't really have the time to go so in depth on the subject because of the timeline that was capped on them. Maybe he would look into understanding it better at a later date, but right now Bill would have to focus on the wards that had a very real chance of blowing up in his face.

It hadn't taken Bill long to understand that Hitsugaya was a demanding teacher, he may at sometimes be impatient but he understood exactly how to explain the problem in a way that his pupil would comprehend and arrive at the correct solution on their own. Bill had to admit though, that he found Hitsugaya's twitching amusing on a completely new level, he had kept that fact to himself though. But in the month and a half that they had worked together (it was now mid August), he had learned much about the small boy that was teaching him; things like habits, likes and dislikes. It was interesting all around, but Bill knew that it would only get that much more interesting when Hitsugaya met the younger generation that was now staying at Grimmauld Place. Hitsugaya and he hadn't really kept in much contact with the rest of the Order, but he supposed that it was better that they focus their attentions on the issue at hand.

And the whole working together concept had other benefits that Bill hadn't really grasped initially; Bill would be able to subject Hitsugaya to his own will. Not of the evil mastermind variety, but rather the manner that made Bill remember Madam Pomfrey's personality in regards to her patients. With Bill's nagging, Hitsugaya was looking worlds better than he had before; the circles not looking like eyeliner, and an increase in mass so that he didn't look like an emancipated skeleton.

Although Hitsugaya wished to continue the original gruelling pace that he had set for himself but had relented to following a more human pace for the sake of letting Bill absorb and apply the knowledge he was now gaining. They had even invited Zaraki there fairly often so the Order could determine exactly how the two different branches of energy interacted. It was an interesting study and it help develop ideas that would allow for the Kidou bindings to dissipate; and maybe Hitsugaya was being overly optimistic but he believed that they would be able to discover a method before time ran out.

But he had faith and it somewhat scared him. After being the youngest captain in the Gotei 13, dealing with the evil that people could become and encased in ice for so long, it hurt to thaw. To begin to hope and connect with and in people, especially after the factual life he had spent in Seireitei. And he wondered what kind of life he would be leading at the school, it was almost time to stop the lessons temporarily so that he could focus more on his school material and go shopping for his school supplies (the shopping aspect made him relieved that Matsumoto wasn't there). He would also being meeting the current Hogwarts generation that would be arriving at Grimmauld Place in the next few days.

It was another scorching day in August and Hitsugaya made his way down the stairs in a slightly sour mood due to the, in his opinion, horrid weather. It had been hot and humid one too many times (it was making him itchy, uncomfortable, annoyed and easily irritable) and he honestly could not wait for the refreshing and invigorating winter season to arrive. In fact, winter in Great Britian was easily more cool and snow ridden then that of Japan's, and Seireitei had no winter, the entire relam being stuck in a perpetual end of spring season. Sighing he decided to see what there was to eat this horrid morning. He could smell breakfast cooking and hoped that it was Charlie that was cooking and not Bill, because despite his intelligence academically, he had no talent in the kitchen. He hoped that the food would be good and improve his mood, because later he would be meeting with the younger Weasely's and company.

As soon as he walked into the kitchen, he immediately walked back out, thinking that he was hallucinating. He rubbed at his eyes and looked back into the kitchen. Nothing had changed from is initial inspection of the room. Muttering under his breath, Hitsugaya took a seat at the table and proceeded to stare at the strange duo that worked in front of the stove.

"Finally awake brat?" Came Zaraki's voice from the nearby the stove.

"I would like to believe so. But that would make it so very difficult to understand exactly what are you doing in that horrendous apron." Intoned Hitsugaya as he continued to peer at Zaraki and Charlie.

Both men were cooking one thing or another, but aside from the abstractness of seeing Zaraki in front of a stove, seeing in him in a 'Kiss the Cook' apron was just as baffling. Charlie on the other hand wore frilly pink apron that had a heart pocket in the front. Hitsugaya was wondering if he dropped into some weird twilight zone or something of the like.

"I happen to like it and Yachiru always has me cook. It's not new." Replied the large captain.

"Can I just get a cup of coffee and some breakfast?" Hitsugaya asked in response no longer wanting to puzzle at the odd situation presented to him.

After Bill came and joined them for breakfast (of course this was after he also suffered from a mild heart attack, and the consequent laughter), the four got ready to Floo to Grimmuald Place. Seeing that it was still early morning not many people were present at the Headquarters', and the children would more than likely be arriving around noon for lunch. After acknowledging that the people that were present, the group of four dispersed to do whatever it was that they were suppose to do. In all likelihood, Charlie was probably at work, Zaraki had Flooed to another place (Hitsugaya remembered something about a ministry before the man disappeared in green flames), and Bill was probably in one of the rooms of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black. Muttering to himself, Hitsugaya began to search for something that would occupy his time until lunch came.

Noon saw the eldest Weasley and the young white haired prodigy locked in chess match. That was the sight that met the eyes of the Weasley clan when they entered the kitchen. It was the tense atmosphere of the room that kept the others from interrupting the game.

"Check." Declared Bill as he finally trapped Hitsugaya's king.

"Checkmate." Was the answering declaration as Hitsugaya captured Bill's king.

"Blast!" Hissed Bill glaring at the board.

"Queen or not, I told you that I would win." Replied Hitsugaya.

"Oh. Hello family." Greeted Bill as he looked at the doorway, where the family had gathered to watch the out come of the game.

"Mr. And Mrs. Weasely, it's good to see you as well as your family." Hitsugaya greeted as well giving a small bow in the direction the heads of the Weasly clan.

"Oh dear, Bill! I thought I told you to make sure he was eating and sleeping better! Well, I'll make sure that you get fixed up before the school term starts." Smothered Mrs. Weasely as she gathered the white haired boy into a hug.

It hadn't taken long for Molly Weasely's maternal instincts to come into play regardless of initial impressions. And, well, she really liked the prickly youngster and adopted him as one of her own, showering him with affection that he sorely seemed to lack whenever she came upon him. She didn't know how he had grown up but the aversion to any positive affection was baffling to a dgree. The boy seemed so deprieved motherly affection that she couldn't help dote on him. Smiling at the blush and mumbled 'I'm fine Mrs. Weasely's and 'Sorry for worrying you Mrs. Weasely', She gestured at the rest of her brood to introduce themselves.

Hitsugaya was mortified at the blush staining hs face. It wasn't that he was embarrassed, but more so that he was flustered with the attention that Mrs. Weasley lavished on him. It made him uncomfortable and brought back faint impressions of what his mother had been like when he was alive. Not that he could remember them all that well, the memories had been locked away before all spirits passed on to Soul Society. But still it was so very different then when Matsumoto crushed him in hugs, or the friendly hugs he had shared with Hinamori when they had been young, and in truth, it was comforting and stifling at the same time.

Hitsugaya dutifully remembered the names of the younger Weasely's and their guests; Ginny, Ron, Fred and George as well as Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. Raising an eyebrow at the last name and nearly cringing from the twins overly enthusiastic welcome, Hitsugaya made his escape from the two's deranged clutches when lunch was called into session. Greatful that he had gotten away from the twins, he nearly groaned in horror as they took up seats on either side of him. He was well and truly trapped. Grabbing a fork, he began to eat, hoping that it would put off the twins from speaking to him.

The trio of soon to be sixth year Gryffindors, had no idea of what to think about the white haired young foreign boy that had been introduced into their midst. The boy was short, had white hair and cerulean cat-like eyes. It was unnerving to look at his eyes because they were sharp and seemed slightly predatory; not that the boy looked dangerous. No, he looked fairly normal, execpt of the black turtle neck sweater he was wearing in the hot weather, he wore black jeans with a few chains hanging from them, but all in all he looked mostly normal. Normal, if you didn't the feeling that there was more to the boy than what was presented, espceially if the boy had been brought to Order headquarters. Knowing that their curiosity would be sated if they knew some basic information about the boy, they would soon ask questions of him, it would help them not get in trouble for snooping later.

"So Toushiro, how old are you?" Hemione asked as they ate the lunch Mrs. Weasely set out for them, she peered at the boy in question.

Cringing at the informal and intimate use of his first name, he pondered as to the answer he would give, sighing he decided to give the age at which he had died at. "Eleven", he murmured as he turned his attention back to the food on his plate.

"Really? I suppose that you'll be going to Hogwarts then?" Continued Hermione.

"Yes." He muttered with a slight scowl, maybe his height of 4'4 was normal in Japan, but here it was another story; here everyone was so unusually tall and it was irksome to have to keep look up at everyone.

"Well are your parents in the Order, I mean why else would you be staying here, right?" Questioned the curious witch, missing the slight tensing of shoulders and the attention that her question drew. Neither Bill nor Molly or anyone else in the Order had gotten a clear answer about the whereabouts of his family, or if he had one from where he had come from.

Relaxing his tense muscles, Hitsugaya put his fork down, clearly done with his meal, and rested his chin in his hand. Tossing the girl a slightly mocking smirk, he decided to answer the question truthfully.

"In all honesty? I don't really know; they're more than likely dead." He answered immediately catching the tension that suddenly rose in the room. He had been dead for at least a century, so logically if his parents had lived then they were likely dead by now. It wasn't like he was going to these people that though. They could assume whatever it was that they wished, it was no use trying to make up a lie when these people would probably formulate their own conclusions.

"Your guardian then?" Asked Mrs. Weasely looking at the boy in curiosity and mild concern, she had in all honesty, expected something like this when they could find absolutely no information regarding his family or relatives. It didn't mean that she had to like it though; the oy was no one of her own and she planned to treat him as such for the duration of time that he stayed here. She knew that he would be going back to his own dimension, but she would spoil him like a mum would before he left, making sure that he had least some good memories associated with the word 'Mother'.

"I don't have a guardian either Mrs. Weasely. I grew up in an orphanage, if that's what you're asking." Replied Hitsugaya as he turned his attention to the Weasely matriarch giving her a slight smile to assure her that he was alright and that he wouldn't be breaking down into tears anytime soon.

"Is that your real hair colour?" Asked one of the twins, after a pregnant and awkward silence that had envloped all the people in the kitchen

"I was born with it, yeah." Replied Hitsugaya giving the twins a raised eyebrow, questioning the sanity of the twins after the horribly random and slightly miffing question that had been sent his way. .

"Wicked!" the cried in unison looking over Hitsugaya's head with maniacal glints in their eyes.

"Do you think we could product something like that, Gred?" Asked one grinning twin to the other.

"Why of course, Forge, but we should make them change colour continuously!"

"With sounds!"

"And mismatching eyebrows and patterns!"

"That is brilliant my dear brother!"

And conversation was once again restored and lunch continued in a more relaxed way.

It wasn't until the trio were alone that Harry voiced his unease of being in the company of the white haired child. Maybe he was being paranoid but for some reason Harry would not give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him. After all look at what happened with is parents and Peter Pettigrew. The trio had then proceeded to finish up any left over school work on the urging of Hermione, who was appalled at the boys' procrastination. She had said that they would research the boy more in depth after they had finished all their assigned work.

It wasn't until after dinner that the younger generation found out that Hitsugaya Toushiro wasn't a normal (by Order of the Pheonix standards, and those standards weren't all that low, but even Tonks was considered normal, for the most part) young guest in the house; this was discovered when everyone that was underage were sent out of the room wherein the Order meeting was to take place except for Hitsugaya. It was the reason for allowing the youngest person in the house to be privy to the Order information while the Trio, whom were the ones that always got trapped in one Voldemort plot or another, were not able to know what was going on. Not for the lack of trying of course, the group had tried to, unsuccessfully; listen in on the Order meeting many times but they had yet to find a method that worked.

"It makes no sense for them to allow an 11 year old boy, who mind you has no connection to the Dark Lord, in on the meeting while leaving out the Boy-Who-Lived, mortal enemy of the Dark Lord!" Ranted Hermione, if they would just be able to go to the meetings nothing like the last year would happen. The three were always in the middle of one plot or another but the fact that the adults refused to understand that really aggravated her. Whether they were underaged or not, they should be allowed to sit in on the meetings on the basis that they were always attacked by Voldemort. With the prophecy in effect and Voldemort's obession with ending the life of the Boy-Who-Lived, they should be privy to the information of what was going on. It was due to being kept in the dark that the Department of Mysteries incident had happened.

"Calm down Hermione, we'll get everything out of Fred and George later! You know they won't keep much from us. Besides we have two weeks to bother the Order to let us join, if we make a logically argument we can get them to listen to us, but we should wait until Dumbledore actually shows up. That way mum can't contest it, if Dumbledore agrees." Ron said as he slouched into a couch in the sitting room. He agreed with Hermione that it was unfair that tehy were forced to sit out of the meetings. They were the best friends Harry Potter, things were going to happen to them whether they wished for it or not, being aware would help them deal logically when an attack happened. And Ron did not doubt that something would happen to them, because bad luck had a way of finding them and biting them in the arse.

"I suppose you're right Ron. But it's annoying all the same." Hemione sighed as her aggitation dwindled down, slightly impressed that Ron would be so logically with the subject at hand.

"We'll worry about it later, it sounds like the meeting is over, lets go wait in the twins room." Sighed Harry as he stood up to go to the indicated room. He would do everything that he could to get information out of them that would help them with the upcoming battle. Harry did not want for someone else's death to stain his hands.

"There isn't much too discuss today, mostly all we have is information to relay. The Headmaster told us to give this to you, Hitsugaya. It's all the up to date information on how the researching is going, Headmaster said that he himself had made a break through and is now exploring the options that it has lead to.

Also Dumbledore wants you to disappear and become a Artemis Crowe who will be attending Hogwarts this coming year. It seems as though he thinks that you are too conspicuous to go as you are. I am in agreement. As such Bill will be helping you with your new appearance. This here is the profile of the identity you are to assume once your look has been updated.

Aside from the initial backlash that occurred when you and Zaraki escaped from Riddle Manor, what with the Dark Lord throwing a fit and all, things have quieted down and we know that he is waiting to capture you again. We'll have to put some unobtrusive guards on the train in case something goes wrong. Until then, study the background story well enough that you don't trip up during school.

Apart from that, Zaraki has been in the Ministry to help Mad-Eye to find out exactly who it is that is releasing information about Auror movement to Death Eaters. But, aggravatingly enough, leads are hard to find with how many Death Eaters actually move through the Ministry." Kingsley continued with on that train for a few minutes more, before repeating that nothing had really changed and that they were now dismissed from the meeting. The few members that were present began to head out for a quiet night or to bed despite the fact that it wasn't too late yet.

He didn't know exactly what it was that awoke him, but he was glad for it. Maybe the scent of burned flesh was getting to him, or maybe it was the echoing cries that received no answer but he was happy that it ended. It wasn't as though he hadn't had the dream before, but that was because all the people that appeared in it didn't seem real, nor the power that Voldemort possessed realistic; now though, he could knew the voice and the face of the person that denied the lives of the children.

He didn't know how it was possible that Hitsugaya could be so damn selfish that he would allow for all those innocent lives to be taken. It angered him beyond belief that the Order was helping someone that allowed lives to be lost so easily. Perhaps the Order did not know but Harry was disgusted with Hitsugaya and knew that there would be no way that he would be able to forgive him. Not when he could have done something to save them. Not when he had the option to save them and refused. Harry knew that he wouldn't be abe to sleep, not with the images so fresh in his mind, with chaos controlling his thiughts and so many emotions runing rampant. There was no way that Harry himself would ever be able to forget the tormented screams and the nauseous smell of burning flesh that still lingered in his nose despite the nightmare being over. He would bring this to the Order's attention one way or another, Hitsugaya would no way in hell go without repentance.

Knowing that he had seen the images before, and assuminghe had locked them away; it was likely that seeing and hearing the boy had triggred the rememberance of the dream. Harry didn't know if he had put the dream behind him for the sake of his own sanity or the like, but it was an urgent need that cried at him to tell someone. Perhaps one of the Order members would be awake, the early hour withstanding. Sliding out of the bed, Harry proceeded to make his way downstairs where, he hoped someone he could talk to would be present.

The lighting in the house wasn't too great but the sunlight was weakly making its way across the hall through the windows, it was just after dawn and summer or not, the creaky floorboards of the Black House were cold to his bare feet. He was happy to be here, to be away from the Dursely's, and their mundane lives, but the memories of a laughing Sirius were painful to glimpse. Bringing his thoughts away from a spiralling depression, blame, guilt and fury; Harry moved to open the kitchen door but paused at he sounds of movement that were present. He focused on the dream that he had had, and tried to find a way to word everything so that it wouldn't seem as though he was crazy or lying. Bringing his hand to the old brass doorknob, he opened the door quietly and walked in.

Glancing around the room, he saw right away that Remus Lupin was seated looking slightly worse for wear but content drinking his tea. The other figure though he could tell was Hitsugaya, even with the changes that had been wrought to help keep Death Eaters from discovering who he truly was. Instead of the white hair, it was black now, and it still defied gravity but he now had a braid running from the nape of his neck to his wasit and his eyes were now brown and more ordinary looking then his bright and cat-like eyes. Hitsugaya sat opposite of Remus flipping through one of the many books littered around him and drinking what was probably coffee.

The anger he had earlier came rush back and grew exponentially at the sight of the boy looking so nochalant at the table. The rage that he felt now was overwhelming in its intensity, and the rage was added to by the memory of how he was helpless to prevent his Godafather's death. He knew that being this angry wasn't going to help anyone but he needed to vent his frustrations. Harry knew that his anger never resulted in anything good but he wasn't going to let Hitsugaya go without confronting him on his cowardice and selfishness. Maybe it was his saving-people-thing that cried for blood but he would acquiesce.

"What are you doing up Harry?" Asked Remus as he caught a glimpse of the boy from the door way.

"Had a vision." Harry answered shortly, making his way to sit beside Remus. It was hard pretending to be calm but he would achieve it if only for the sake of hitting Hitsugaya harder with the information.

"Would you mind tell me what it was about?" Asked Remus trying to calm the boy. Remus had first noticed Harry not by sight or smell but thought the feeling of power raidating through the room. Something really angered the young man and the werewolf was curious and concerned with what could rile Harry up like this.

"Do you remember those children that went missing a few months ago? Voldemort had killed them not long after they went missing. He used a spell in a really old language and burned them with black flames." Stated Harry looking at Hitsugaya from the corner of his eye to see if there were an reactions.

"What?!" Remus exclaimed, knowing that the only way to summon Hell Flames was through the use of the Book of the Damned. The flames were perhaps one of the most agonizing ways to die and to have used it on children made Remus supress a shudder.

"He probably would have killed them sooner or later, using them as a bargining piece would help him achieve his goals one way or another. But they refused to side with Voldemort and he killed them. He killed every single one of them." Whispered Harry seething slightly.

A tense silence envloped the entire room as Harry's words lingered in the air, making for a chill that had nothing to do with temperature of the room. Remus looked more than resigned to the fate of the children and depressed as he thought of breaking the news to the Order, who would then spread the word to the parents and the Ministry. Hitsugaya had frozen as soon as the description of the dream left Harry's lips, he paled as he realized that his horrid failure and weakness resulted in the death of 19 children, that really, had no place in the war. Harry on the other hand stared at Hitsugaya and glared with heat and animosity. Harry knew that what he had said had provoked a response from the boy, from the way his had was shaking on the page he held, and the lip that he was nawing at. There was no sound in the kitchen besides the breathing of those there, and the slight scraping of the chair as Harry slowly made to stand up, and walked to Hitsugaya's side of the table; Harry grabbed the now ebony haired boy's wrist and tugged him angrily.

"Why did you let them die?!" Cried Harry glaring at Hitsugaya who was now lookking back at Harry just as intensely.

"What?!"Excalimed Remus once more confused with what was going on, Hitsugaya wouldn't have done something like that would he have? Looking at the small boy that occupied the corner of the table, and staring at the eyes, and the set of his face, Remus knew that what Harry had accused him of was true.

Hitsugaya couldn't sleep. He had tried without success and decided that if he was going to be awake he might as well spend it doing something useful. That was why he was at the kitchen table with a hot pot of strong coffee reading over multiple year school books. It had been a few weeks since he last stayed awake througout the night, he contributed it to recent dreams he had been having of the burning children. The dreams were probably brought to the forefront of his mind because he would be attending school with children very soon. He scowled slightly at his weakness but shrugged it off soon after and began focusing on his texts.

The look that Bill had forced upon him wasn't terrible per say, nor was Hitsugaya vain, but he liked his white hair and glowing cat-like eyes. His look reminded him of his connection to Hyourinmaru, seeing as they had similar colouring; and he was proud to look like the dragon, but also knew what was required by necessity as well. Thus his agreement to getting Forever Lasting Coloured Contacts and black hair dye. But Hitsugaya drew the line at trying to cover up the tatto of Hyurinmaru with magic; Hyourinmaru was a part of him and there was no way that he would hide it. He would on the other hand keep the warded wrappings around it, so that it wouldn't pulse with power or the like. This appearnce that he now donned seemed foreign and the long hair was odd. He didn't look bad but he didn't look like himself either. It was going to take some getting use to but if it would help keep Death Eaters away from him for that much longer than it was fine with him changing his appearance.

It was many hours later, in the very early morning was he joined by another. The fireplace burst into emerald flames and a worse of wear looking Remus Lupin stepped through and entered the kitchen of Grimmuald Place. The werewolf stumbled slightly before he pulled out a chair and slumped into it witha gusty sigh. With a wave of his hand, another mug was soon flying his way along, pouring in some coffee, Hitsugaya motioned for the tired werewolf to take it and drink.

With a nod and motion of thanks Remus indulged in the hot, caffeinated beverage.

"So what is it that you're doing awake at 4 in the morning?" Asked Remus setting the steaming mug down and focusing on the young boy that sat opposite of him.

"Insomina, I decided it would be best if i put my focus into doing somethin productive if I couldn't sleep. What brings you here so early?" Hitsugaya told the weewolf, slowly taking his focus off the book in front of him.

"Greyback dismissed us earlier then expected, I haven't yet found out anything of Voldemort's plans. It is rather worrying waiting for him to make the first move, especially when he has that book at his disposal." Remus muttered taking another sip of his drink.

"He's going to do something sooner or later, that man would not sit idl if he has that much power at his beck and call." Responded Hitsugaya looking at the werewolf critically.

"Lupin, if it wouldn't be too rude of me to ask, exactly what was that mauled you and then decided to stomp on you when he thought you didn't taste good enough?" Asked the dark haired boy glaring at the few injuries that he could see. Hitsugaya had known earlier that Lupin's transformations weren't exactly the most pleasant thing in the world, but he did know that Lupin hadn't looked like this before.

"Alpha dominance type thing. Nothing to worry about." Said Remus with a slight smile.

"Of course it's absolutely nothing to worry about, especially not the blood and probable broken bones. Exactly why haven't you visited Madame Pomfrey?" Hitsugaya asked getting up from his seat and filling a large bowl with hot water. With another wave of his hand, the first aid kit soon made an appearance on the kitchen table.

"Now shall we get you fixed up enough so that you don't pass out or die, whichever happens first." Asked Hitsugaya sarcastically as he made to clean off the blood on the werewolf.

A few minutes had passed since Hitsugaya had demanded that Remus be fixed up, a time in which the older man had blushed and stuttered furiously as Hitsugaya forcibly stripped him and began to clean blood, apply medicine, shove potions down the throat of the werewolf. It had taken a while for the werewolf to get over the whole being manhandled by someone half his hieght, but he noticed that Hitsugaya was very sure and proficient in dealing with injuries, and his small fingers were able to easily locate broken bones or internal damages. It made Remus wonder as to what exactly had made him so adept at dealing with wounds.

Another thing the werewolf had noted was the ease in which Hitsugaya used spells. Wandless, and usually silent spells. Remus thought that Hitsugaya was fairly intellegent, especially with how he spoke and did research that he knew Dumbledore was using, but to be as intellegent as to use silent, wandless magic like this? Remus knew that in the time that HItsugaya had been under the Order's care, that he had devoted most of his time into developing a way to get back home and to erase the runes that trapped his powers, so Remus had no clue as to where the ablity to use magic came from. Remus had no choice but to call the boy a genius, what else could he be when he could do so much.

"When did you learn to use magic so effeciently?" Asked th werewolf looking at the boy who was now finishing tying up bandages around his torso.

"With practice. Started with small and easy spells when I was researching on my own, and it developed from there. Black helped out a lot when he was bored." Stated the young man as he washed the bowl of now pink water and cleaned up the rest of the medical supply that was spread out on the table.

"Sirus helped you?" Questioned the werewolf.

"I spent a lot of time in the Black Library, he didn't appreciate that someone with my apparent yoth would prefer to be locked up in a musty, dirty and creepy library owned by his family. He then proceeded to kidnap me and take me on a tour of the household. On his broom." Hitsugaya said with a barley noticable quirk of lips.

"You're not joking are you?" Remus questioned wryly.

"Of couse not. He was then scolded by Mrs. Weasely and given a 'Time Out'. After which he decided that I would be his 'Padawan', whatever that is, and then taught me the finer points of magic." Hitsugaya said with a slight grimace.

"I can't believe that Padfoot used a muggle term correctly!" Laughed Remus. There was a pregnant pause after this statement.

"Lupin, there's something I want to ask you. The Book of the Damned, you know that it has the only known way of accessing opening the realm in which the Court of Beasts reside? To what lengths would you go to make sure that, that gate was never opened?" Asked Hitsugaya as he turned away from the wolf's curious gaze.

"I would do anything. For the greater good those creatures cannot be released." Remus whispered, he was about to ask about the reason for the question but the door opened and a distraught Harry walked in.

"Lupin you said you would do anything, no? That's exactly what I did." Hitsugaya answered in the acursed silence that had built up for a few minutes afer Harry's outburst.

"There is nothing that makes it alright for you to decide that your life is worth more than that of those children!!" Harry screamed at the boy, ignoring what was said and tightening his grip on his arm.

"You could have done something! You had the choice! The power! And yet you didn't do anything for them!! What could you have been thinking to make a decision like that, HUH?!" Harry's voice was starting to esclate along with his anger and soon other sounds could be heard from upstairs that indicated that other were now awake and panicked as to what was happening.

"Are you naive enough to believe that he would have just let them go?" Hissed Hitsugaya glaring up at the infuriated wizard that had such a tight grip on him.

"You could have given them time! You could have gotten them out! You could done something, ANYTHING other then letting Voldemort burn them to crisps!!" A few gasps from the doorway indicated that the rst of the household had made its way down to the kitchen to watch the unfolding scene with slight horror and facination.

"I could have? Really? What exactly could I have done? I didn't know magic, I was exhausted, I didn't know the extent of his powers, I didn't even know where we were, and you expected me to get them out?!" Hitsugaya cried out with desersion.

"You are fooling yourself as to thinking there could be alternates as to what happened!" Yelled Hitsugaya as he finally stood up to face the young wizard head on.

"Fooling myself?! HA!! I have faced him more than once, and I've gotten out every single time! And you couldn't have at least TRIED?!" Yelled Harry as he glared at the young boy that stood in front of him.

"Like at the Triwizard Tournament?" Hissed the ebony haired boy, glaring fericously. The was a sudden hiss as the anger seem to seep out of the wizard and from the crowd itself, because that was not an event that many people would dare to throw about to make a point. And the silence stretched on as the two stared at each other, a silence that was brought to a halt by hurried infuriated steps and the sound of flesh hitting flesh.

"You wretched little boy! You have no right to say something like that to him!" Screamed the red faced bushy haired young witch as she stood ext to her best friend.

"No right? You self-rightous, ignorant, hipocritical brat! You truly have no idea of exactly what is going on and you come in here acting as though your views are the only right and just ones? Don't make me laugh. You want to know exactly what it is that has your little hero all angry, I'll tell you, and whatever you don't uderstand, I would suggest you fix on your own.

It happened a few hours before Zaraki, Weasely and I escaped. The entire time that we were there, there wasn't anything to tell time or anything of the sort, except perhaps, the daily torture sesions, but after a while you get immune to them. Regardless, Weasely had been forced into our cell by Malfoy, and I was escorted out. Apparently they wasnted to cement my loyalty to them and by default alo cement Zaraki's loyalty. The ultimatium that they gave me was the life of 19 children, for our loyalty. I said no.

The only reason formy saying no was that by securing our loyalty, there would be no question as to the Court of Beasts being summoned. And despite the lives of those children meaning a lot, there was no debate as to what future I would rather see." Stated Hitsugaya glaring over the populace of wizards and witches that were now staring at him in shock.

"But we still would have had time to figure out a solution before this court of whatever showed up!" Yelled Hermione.

"Shut up Hermione! Just shut up!" Yelled Bill as he quickly made his way to the trio standing in the center of the kitchen, he grabbed Hitsugaya by the hand and shoved him behind him so that he could stop anymore violence from occuring.

"Who are you to tell me to shut up Bill Weasely?" Yelled the young witch.

"What else happened?" Asked Bill as he turned his back to he girl and got to his knees trying to figure out what it was that Hitsugaya wasn't telling them.

"Look Weasely, whatever else happened concerned no one but myself. It's nothing you need to bother about." Stated the boy looking away from the redhead.

"Noth- Oh for the love of Merlin! Something else happened up there that you're not telling us! And it bothers you! Why else would your insomnia last for so damn long! What exactly did he do to you?" Asked Bill gripping the prodigy' shoulders.

"Weasely, it was just another torture method he used. That's all." Was the stubborn response.

"Liar. What happened?" Bill asked again.

"I told you what you all wanted to hear didn't I? My horrible secret, what it was that I did for the 'Great Good'! What happened to me shouldn't matter in light of that." Stated the boy as he loosened Bill's fingers from his shoulders.

"As disgusting as this sounds, they aren't here, you are." Bill said steadily. It was irritating that the boy would disregard his own wellbeing, or that he would refuse comfort so adamantly. Either way, Bill was going to find out exactly what happened and he would help the boy out from the spiraling depression that he was in. No matter the denials, Hitsugaya was depressed to a degree, or at least it was a spiraling something or other, why else would he have nightmares or periodic insomnia.

"If it's so damn important for you know, I'll tell you Bill." Stated the young boy with a bitter smirk and mocking tone. Leaning down so that he was level with Bill's ear, he whispered so that only the intended could hear. "He raped me. He used me, now what exactly is there that you can do?" He asked soothingly, loosening himself completely from Bill's grasp and began to walk out of the kitchen.

"Nothing." Was the departing words of the genius as he left the rest of the room gawking and Bill horrified and angry.

It wasn't until a few hours later that the group of wizards had made their way into Diagon Alley. There was tension of course, but most of the group tried to ignore it, it ws there but less noticable after the twins got into the groove of causing mayhem where they went. The group though, only consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Weasely, Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione, the twins had decided to accompany them until they arrived at their shop to begin their day of work.

Hitsugaya had been told that he would be going to get his school supplies accompanied by Proffersor Serverus Snape. The Proffersor looked none too happy when he was assigned this task; but it had made sense since no one could indicate in any way that Hitsugaya had ties to the Order of the Pheonix or to Dumbledore directly. Thus the two walked through the bustling street trying to get all school equipment before they were run down by one crazed shopper or another.

They had gotten most of the supplies quickly and efficiently, running into little trouble, except for perhaps in Florish and Blotts where it was extremely packed; the two wee now headed for Olivanders to get a wand, where after, if there was enough money, Hitsugaya would get a pet. Of course you could sense Hitsugaya's enthusasim in regards to getting an animal to look after (as if Zaraki wasn't eough).

The door chimed slightly as the two entered the musty shop, and the Proffesor took a seat and motion for Hitsugaya to walk to the till alone. Suddenly, in a way that grated Hitsugaya's nerves, the shopper owner appeared with no warning and peered down at the boy with curious lumniescent eyes.

"Hogwarts?" He asked in whispery dry voice.

"Yes." Hitsugaya answered looking up at the man.

"Your name and wand arm out if you please." Stated the shopkeeper taking out a measuring tape.

"Artemis Crowe." He answered falling to his new personna flawlessly, and putting his left arm out he watched as the tape took measurments independently and randomly.

"Ah, well lets have a look then. Cherry, unicorn hair, 12 inches. Give it wave!" Indicated Olivander as he handed the wand to the boy. A resounding crack left a floor board in pieces and the wand was quickly siezed.

"Oak, phoenix feather, 10 inches." Fire was setto a flower that stood alone in a vase.

"I suppose not. Holly, powered unicorn horn, 12 inches." A window to the shop broke omniously.

"Yew, dragon scale, 13 inches." Mice scuttled all over the floor.

"A challenge! What fun!" Cried Olivander as looked at he boy in frnt of him. Hitsugaya scowled at the wand currently in his grasp for making this process more excruciating than it needed to be.

It wasn't until many wands later that Olivander paused thoghtfully and almost heasitantly brought over another dusty box containing a wand.

"Yew, threstal heartstring, 10 inches." The shopkeeper murmured in a sombre voice.

And with a wave a misty silver dragon glittered around him before disappearing just as quickly.

"Strange. Be careful with that wand boy, it symbolizes death, whose I do not know." Stated the shopkeep as he collected the money from the Proffesor who also looked at the boy with mild alarm.

"Death?" He murmured to himself, how very fitting.

Staring up at the half giant Hitsugaya felt truly very small. The train ride had been uneventful, he had shared a compartment with a few of the other first years and watched the scenery and much else go by slowly and boringly. Standing with the other first years, Hitsugaya could not help but notice that he was the smallest of the year by a clear margin. He was forever going to be stuck looking up in this world.

He had not seen any of the other Grimmuald Place bunch on the train at all, but that may have been due to the sheer number of students. Not many of the parents had chosen to take their children out of Hogwarts, it was one of the safest places in all of Britain. He had yet to really talk to any of the others after the outburst of one Harry Potter, but he knew that they still talked about him. He could sense the dislike from the younger generation but the elder people acknoledged the decision he had made and did not condemn him for it. Even Ron had agreed that, whether or not the act was terrible, there wasn't much choice that was afford to HItsugaya. It was at this point that the youngest male Weasely began to have nightly chess matches with Hitsugaya, something that Hitsugaya did appreciate.

He was happy though to get out of that house that was now wrought with tension. Bill had been very vicious in keeping most things between them the same as before. Bill tied not to pity and kept his anger under control most of the time but Hitsugaya could tell that he wished to tear Voldemort apart at the moment. But now he was going to be at Hogwarts, with its magnificent library and new environment he felt slightly more content. And looking up at the view of the castle from the lake, he could see why so many people revered Hogwarts, it was a truly magnificent sight.

The Golden Trio had not seen much of Hitsugaya in the remaining two weeks or so of the holiday. Shockingly enough, Ron had scolded the other two for going on and on when they didn't know anything of the situation. He had then explained slowly and in detail exactly what the Court of Beasts was, what they had done last time they were on earth, the cost of sealing them away and the threat of them returning. He had taken one of the childrens books that was in the Black Library, after all, every wizarding family either own one of the childrens books or knew the story by heart. The pictures and tales of what the Court was able to do , what they had done, weren't pleasant but they were true. Ron had then explained exactly what would become of the world in general if they were to be released, and why it was such a horror tale in the Wizarding World. Then Ron brought in a few other books that explained more in depth of the history of the Court and their powers. He placed the books in front of the other two and told them to read it and that he was going to aplogize to Hitsugaya for being an arse.

After the two had researched the books, they did feel slightly guilty for doing that, but they still felt that they were right in their judgement. So while they decided to call a temorary truce, Ron was still somewhat unhappy with their stubbornness and wanted smack them for being far too strict and narrow-minded in their views. It was at this point that Ron chose to have friendly chess matches with the young prodigy, something that Hermione and Harry weren't too happy with. Hitsugaya understood that Ron was giving his support despite what his friends thought. Hitsugaya even explained to the frustrated wizard that the reason they didn't understand the threat of the Court was because they didn't deal with the threat looming over their heads constantly. Ron accepted the reason but did not like the hipocritical ignorance that the two were showing for the time being; Ron knew that the two would understand sooner or later.

The night before they were to board the Hogwarts Express, Ron offered a hand in friendship regardless of what house he would end up in, even, Ron had said with a very visable grimace, if Hitsugaya had ended up in Slytherin.

It was his turn to put on the Sorting Hat, (Matsumoto would have loved the singing hat to pieces) and he was curious as to where he would be placed. He had heard all the rumours of the diffret houses, and read what Hogwarts: A History had said, he couldn't decide between being placed in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. There was no way that he was trusting or noble as Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs. Walking past Proffesor McGonagall, Hitsugaya placed the hat on his head and readied himself for his sorting.

'What have we here? Never in all my years have I ever come across a mind such as yours! It's all so intriuging! Your lifestyle, your views of the world, your philosophies are so very Slytherin, but your self-sacrficing traits peg you as an automatic Gryffindor! And your knowledge, why I have seen someone as intellegent as you in centuries! No where to put you... Hmmm... This is difficult, so very difficult. Ah! Your ambition is truly striking! As are your leadership skills! I haven't seen a Celestial Being such as yourself since the time of the founders! Do you have any preferances as to where you would like to go?' The hat asked.

'Not Gryffindor' Stated Hitsugaya.

'I see that their 'leap first, question later' lifestyle does not fit to your liking? But the house could benefit from your leadership, and your morals!' The hall was beginning to get restless and anxious, there had not bee anyone that had taken this long to get sorted before. They wondered what exactly was going on and how much longer it was going to take for the small boy to be sorted.

'They are too naive. They have too much of a romanticized view of battle and victory, I would not fit in. Not with my views, and personality.'

'If you wish. Then I shall place you in SLYTHERIN!!' That cried out for the entire hall to hear.

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