Disclaimers: my first FF fic...*rolls eyes* Belongs to Squaresoft etcetera...despite the fact I'd love to own them and do all these lurvely ebil things to them...mwuahahhahah..... I'm no insane...read it, you'll see. Seifer x Squally, or a Squallfer, or something...

Squall sat down, his silent resolve motioned across the length and breadth of his face. Grey eyes remained shut, blocking any access or retreat for his conservative mind, as his silent thoughts continued silently onwards.

Dainty, carefully moving hands laden with material to glide slowly up and down the chipped blade of the silver weapon. A downward motioned signalled the end of the silence, as Squall slowly opened his eyes to observe the worn through material, and the perfect streak of blood that run down over the once clean, polished blade.

Moving his bloodied hand to hold both sides of the material, he stroked away the blood from the blade, and tossed the material to one side, moving his hand slowly to his lips and licking away the remaining blood on his hand delicately, as a cat would.

Moments later, a shadow was cast over the sitting boy, causing him to raise his eyes to lie on the predominate view of Seifer before him.

'It's very amusing,' Seifer mused warmly, 'To see ones enemy licking their wounds.'

Squall's eyes momentarily reflected daggers, but his mask returned, hiding him instantly from any perseverance the other boy would show in his dedication to showing severely annoying attitude problems.

Seifer kneeled down in front of the other, then moved his blade out slowly from his shoulder to rest under the sitting boy's chin. 'I believe you should reply with a witty remark...?'

Squall snorted, ignoring the blade tip on the gullet of his throat and closing his eyes to only a slit, observing his injured hand again then bringing up his blade with his right hand to slide over the top of the other boy's and slowly push it down.

'What...you're going to actually get up and fight me...?'

Squall moved his blade back down to his side, placing it down and gently folded his arms, hiding his injured hand away.

Seifer growled as yet again the other boy did not say anything, using his own blade to cut down in a motion over the other's hand, a gurgling stream of blood rising from the wound.

Squall's eyes widened back to their normal width, blue/grey orbs rising to look upon his aggressor.

But still he did not answer, so Seifer brought the blade towards his hand again...and Squall dodged.

'I'm not fighting you, Seifer, not today.'

Squall had finally spoken, but after his infuriation, Seifer was ~not~ going to let that boy go without a fight.

'Tough! You have to fight me! I...If you don't fight me I'll kill you.'

'Doubt it Seifer,' replied the dusky haired boy.

Seifer hissed loudly, but moved the blade back to rest against the side of the other's neck. 'And why wouldn't I hurt you, Squall?'

'Because....' Squall looked down, thinking over all his thoughts that had been interrupted bythe gorgeous blonde. 'Because I love you.'

To be continued: